Yesterday I had a meetup with some parents who are suffering with the child tranny stuff in British Columbia. One of them told me that they were enthusiastic about me writing up their nightmare experience with the school system, and I’ll be doing that later on this website. For now I’ll have to be sparse on details, as that will come later.

Earlier in the day, NJP threw a protest against the latest anti-White court ruling by Judge John Irby in the murder of Jupiter Paulsen by Arthur Prince Kollie. You can read up all about that here.

Even John Doyle got out there. He showed up at something called the Dallas “Children’s Drag Show.” This was aimed at children, and there were plenty of them in the audience, and this was on the wall.

And no, we’re not exaggerating when we say that this was aimed at children. Here’s a still from some videos I found courtesy of Taylor Hansen, the same account as the images above.

It’s even more disturbing in motion, and I’ll be uploading the videos to Odysee as soon as I can. I think YouTube would just delete my account if I uploaded it to them, since it’s such great propaganda for our side. After all, they did something similar with my BLM Twatter Spaces video.

Screencap in case the original twitter account gets censored.

There were of course, some detractors.

Speaking of which, while all this was happening, what was the Serious Guy Great Optics TradCath Ambiguously Hetero Mestizo Champion of the Aryan Incels doing?

Well he streamed a show and apparently he’s “ratioing,” Joe Kent. That was the entirety of his work for Saturday, June 5th. While the normal sized heterosexuals in the NJP were protesting against an anti-White court ruling, and the snack-sized but earnest heterosexuals in John Doyle’s APU sphere were protesting against suspected pedophiles, Fuentes was whining about Joe Kent.

Apparently the sitting congressman who doesn’t care about Fuentes got owned because some manlets who spend all day on twitter liked a reply to one of his tweets more than his original tweet. I didn’t know that we still cared about twitter likes in 2022. This was news to me. How will the sitting congressman ever recover?

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Spicolas Juan Fuentes, the ManChild saviour of the Mestizo Race had his telegram channel a bit light on the subscriptions, at least according to my memory. Well it turns out there’s a site that tracks just this information. It’s called TGStats, and you can see the page on Juan Fuentes here. Little Juan appears to have lost over 1k subscribers this past May. Poor Juan. Everybody pray for Juan.

There’s no actual foundation to the manlet cult. Fuentes is a fag who never primaried any Republicans, and he’s too narcissistic and stupid to even shut his mouth and endorse Republican candidates like Joe Kent without bad mouthing them. Moreover, it’s not like he or his incel freak crew are ever running for office themselves, so there’s no reason for anyone to pay attention to him except for when he’s vomiting all over himself. He’s in that thing that e-celebs go through where they can’t just be boring for a while, because there’s nothing solid and real about them.

Richard Spencer, a fellow narcissist, had the same problem. He toiled in obscurity for a long time until the media found him, recognized him as an anti-social LARPer that nobody really liked, and started promoting him as the leader of the alt-right movement which they hated. Once that fag got a taste of exposure to millions of people, he couldn’t make himself stop taking interviews, since then he’d go back to the tiny audience he actually deserved. You can see just how small his natural audience is if you look at his twitter and substack, which I didn’t even know about until I wrote about it a few days ago.

Because Spencer didn’t want to admit that about himself, long after it was obvious that there is no reason to let enemy propagandists around you, let alone give them interviews, he was still giving interviews. This fanned his narcissistic supply, and allowed him to pretend that he was truly popular, instead of just a temporarily fad that people didn’t actually like. But eventually the media got what they wanted out of him and it was all over.

Those are Appolonian tears…

Once upon a time Fuentes could reasonably pretend to some people that he was a legitimate political actor, but those days are long gone. If he gets no publicity for a while nobody is going to give a shit about him. So he’s in that spiral stage where he needs to be a LOLcow and do dumb shit to maintain fake relevancy. Because once he stops entertaining people with this shallow, short term bullshit, his popularity will collapse, like Spencer’s did, to what he actually deserves, which is something like a 50 viewer streamer. 

This is the problem when your entire thing is about “I’m relevant and you’re not.” Once people start to figure out you’re a loser, it’s over fast. But all of this got me thinking, how the hell would I describe Nick Fuentes to these parents, if one of them asked?

This almost came up in my conversation with them. I shilled my site a bit, and we talked about what I do. I realized that I didn’t have the vocabulary to describe my beatdowns of the e-boys. How exactly do you explain this to some middle aged parents who are there because of the abuse and grooming of their children?

Well the site catalogues stuff like the Rob Hoogland trial. I cover some daily news. I also make fun of this guy who is basically if the KKK was gay and Mexican, but also even more retarded than that. It’s hard to explain.

I’m not one to exaggerate generational gaps, and “you just don’t understand,” is one of the most annoying things that can come out of the mouth of young people. Having said that, I’m not sure this is even explainable to someone over the age of 50 who isn’t intimately familiar with weird internet semi-political grift operations. 

Yeah there’s this guy named Andrew Anglin. He runs a site called the Daily Stormer, and he really hates Neo-Nazis. No, no, the problem is that he isn’t really a nazi, he’s just a sperg. Anyway he really hates White Women because he’s a 5’5 facially hideous sperg, and he also does vaxx conspiracy stuff. He wants you to vote Republican, but while doing terrorism against children.

As a result, I ended up basically just saying “I cover Canadian politics and some other stuff, the site speaks for itself.” I realize that I should probably have figured out a way to speak more succinctly on this issue, but it wasn’t so much that I even lacked the words to describe “I make fun of retards on the internet,” as I realized how odd that would sound to parents who are concerned about 13 year old children being given permanently sterilizing hormones after a made up diagnosis of “gender dysphoria.”

The juxtaposition of a real issue, the systemic abuse of children, with a fake issue, the Manlet Cult, could not have been more clear. I think everything I’ve written up until this point has been more than justified, and there’s a bit more to come. But when it’s done, it’s done. I am not going to be a guy who makes entertaining content on the internet, I am going to be a guy who gets policy.

We live in a World where the people who lie us into wars bloviate about “disinformation,” online, and demand more censorship. Where we have a state propaganda agency in the CBC that is so anti-White and petty that they refuse to capitalize the W in White People. We have a disappearing middle class, people crushed by student loan debt, trillion dollar multinational conglomerates engaging in mass censorship, rising sexless rates amongst young people, and the list goes on.

There are real issues that need to be solved, and what is needed is the formation of a political party, and people who have the balls and charisma needed to run for office. This site exists to support that, and as the best revenge is good living, the best chirp of the Manlet Cult is running for office and winning. I’m not going to be doing this kind of thing five years down the line. 

Someone on Poast said that it’s a shame I’m moving past e-felting stuff, because I do it so well. Kind words, but to the extent that it’s true it’s because I have such utter contempt for these grifters, as well as actual desire for real political change. The Manlet Cult is run by grifting losers who capture impressionable but troubled young men, send them down a path of inceldom and turn them into paypiggies. All so that they can continue to be such irrelevant losers online that I can’t even describe myself making fun of them to normal people without getting secondhand embarrassment.

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  1. If the manlet cult is anything but vague memories in five years then we will have made serious mistakes.

    Not to constantly harp on events from a century ago, but in 1922 the NSDAP was a fledgling party experiencing decent growth, in 1927 they were serious players on the national scene. I would hate to see what it looks like if we’re still on about petty e-drama in 2027.

  2. Thanks for covering the Jupiter story. The family really appreciates the coverage especially now since it has gone international! Love you guys.

    Also, glad Doyle did what he did but Me and my guys countered an all ages drag show 5 years ago. Doyle is playing catch up. In another 5 years maybe he’ll be man enough to get off the GOP kHazzar milker tit.

    1. Hey Peter, great to see you here, and great job with the Paulsen tragedy. I’ve never done any interviews for this site, or really for anything, but if you’d like me to publish statements of any kind, or get some message out WRT this case or others, send an email to “”.

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