MINOT, N.D. — I’m sure that many of you, like me, have watched disturbing videos of racist demonstrations, have seen the men, women, and even children holding signs with bigoted slogans, and wondered how it was that people could have their minds and their hearts turned to hatred.

North Dakota may be getting an up-close view of how that evolution happens.

So glad that somebody is finally standing up against BLM, an organization that features people saying things like “whiteness isn’t humxness, in fact white skin is sub-humxn,” and has followers who unironically believe that White People need to steal Black People’s stem cells in order to reproduce. It’s refreshing to hear a mainstream propagandist echo what we’ve been saying for years now.

How do people become twisted by hate and bigotry?

It starts from an abyss filled with ineffable pain.

Mr. Kollie is Black, if you hadn’t guessed that by now. Jupiter was white, and her father is white. The skin colors of the victim and the accused shouldn’t matter. Except people like Mr. Paulsen, and Mr. Tefft, and a majority of the Fargo City Commission, say it does.

Robert Paulsen, the father.

Oh, my bad. He was actually whining about Robert Paulsen getting too uppity about the anti-White discrimination he has faced through the Fargo courts. How dare this Whitey demand equal treatment by law. How dare he not meekly go along with Judge Irby’s plan to have the man who tortured his daughter to death get away with a slap on the wrist.

Peter Tefft, our man on the ground.

Above we see our goys Robert Paulsen and Peter Tefft. Below we see the author of this propaganda piece, Rob Port.

Here’s something you should know about Mr. Port(ly).

Mean Read:

Last year, conservative blogger Rob Port wrote about the “ratings slide” of “left-wing” KFGO Radio, Fargo’s most popular radio station.

Hey Whitey, this is what the people telling you to throw the fight here look like. And of course they’re conservatives, because their job is to get out in front of what you want and, when it matters most, stab you in the back.

Let’s return to his article. In fact, let’s circle back to something he said earlier.

Mr. Kollie is Black, if you hadn’t guessed that by now. Jupiter was white, and her father is white. The skin colors of the victim and the accused shouldn’t matter. Except people like Mr. Paulsen, and Mr. Tefft, and a majority of the Fargo City Commission, say it does.

Robert Paulsen, the father of the murdered 14 year old White Child, said that Arthur Prince Kollie had a history of attacking White People. I believed him, but I couldn’t find any corroborating evidence for that claim, because that’s not something the WMD Liars would like people to know. And yet, this conservative accidentally as much as admits this to be true. The majority of the Fargo City Commission believe this was a racially motivated murder targeting a White Child. But the conservative is trying to Wow, Just Wow this away. No evidence is provided other than chubster’s “trust me.”

Fargo is one of two North Dakota communities that, bowing to modern political convention, have implemented a hate crime ordinance that allows authorities to layer on an additional charge onto a criminal proceeding if authorities can prove a crime was motivated by racial bigotry.

The policy, and others like it, insert fraught racial politics into places it needn’t be.

The misery of those touched by violent crime shouldn’t be politicized in that way.

We’re all humans, and sometimes humans do awful things to one another, and it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

I’m getting Waukesha flashbacks, where Republican Senator Ron Johnson demanded that Whitey not “politicize,” the anti-White terrorist actions of Darrell Brooks. And here we see another conservative desperately trying to pretend that there’s nothing to see here, goy. 

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  1. Fuck that fat piece of shit. Let’s see his other articles where he said the “hate crime law” isn’t fair when it was against a white person.

    He has other shitty articles you could have quoted as well to pile it on. If you have a “disquss” account go link your article to his readers so they know there is a better way than listening to fat fag here.

  2. Physiognomy never lies. Ever.

  3. All right-wing politics is a psyops to politically defang Whites.

  4. […] Soyim Whines that Jupiter Paulsen’s Father is Getting too Uppity About his Daughter Being Tort… […]

  5. This is why we invented rope. It’s reusable so after you string up a fat shabbos goy you can still use it on the nigger. Why the shabbo first? Always kill a traitor before an enemy, Jim Jam.

    1. Might want to do the nigger first this time though. If the shabbos snaps the rope you won’t be able to reuse it on the nig.

      1. That’s very practical! Good White thinking!

  6. That guy looks like a kike.

  7. I read this when you first wrote it – but I was so angry that any potential Fed Posting would have gone BRIGHT Code Red. I will not continue lest…

    1. I would be on board. Death to traitors. Kike or not, acting like us and not being us is definitely being a traitor.

  8. Rob Port is a Iraq/Rathergate era “War Blogger” alum. (e.g.,

    His columns and podcasts are republished to his blog “Say Anything”. There, he deletes comments which are too challenging and snipes back via a sockpuppet called “Kenny”

    Here is the full text of the column in which he defamed Robert Paulson.

    I’ll describe it. He begins as if he had a provocative think-piece to present, but only because the form permits him to use charged words without specifying an object. He then recites an impatient account of the crime as if it were tertiary to the “political hay being made of it”, as it were. He names the actual crime he’s interested in: Robert Paulson associating with Peter Tefft and demanding hate crime charges be applied. Then he quickly depersonalized it to present his bona fides as an opponent of the Hate Crime ordinance when it passed. Then he says some meandering things about murder being bad, but murder has no race and so forth, and that’s the end of the column.

    Port had indeed presented this “bothsides are wrong about race” argument against the Fargo ordinance as it was passing the Council. At that point, the BLMer who drafted and pressed for the ordinance shit-tested Port and invited him to explore the issue in a series of streamed discussions on Facebook. Of his agreement to do so, he wrote another column in which he said shit like:

    Wess Philome, who helped organize the Fargo-based protests after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and continues his activism through the OneFargo group, decided to make me live up to my arguments against ideological bubbles. He asked me to be the first guest on what he plans as a series of discussions, broadcast via live streaming, on policy and politics.

    I was happy to oblige and feel our conversation, though passionate to the point where you could almost call it heated at a few moments, was a worthwhile endeavor.

    Many of Wess’ commenters wondered why he would bother talking to me at all.

    I got a similar reaction from some of my readers.

    Americans have grown too comfortable with dismissing any argument originating from the “other side” as inherently invalid.

    As if the source of the argument were sufficient rebuttal for the argument itself. And I’m not exempting myself from that statement. I’ve been guilty of this too, though I’m trying to do better.

    We all must work harder to get away from the habit. We have to burst these bubbles around us.

    I don’t think I changed Wess’ mind on much of anything last night, and I don’t feel differently about the issues we discussed either, but that wasn’t the goal.

    I’m glad we did it, if only so that we should show one another, and all of the people who tuned in, that we respect one another’s point of view and care enough to listen.

    When challenged to extend the same “bubble-bursting openness” to Peter Tefft, he balked.

    Apparently, in the past week, this human obstacle’s initial column was discovered by White advocates online and he received an email imploring him to imagine if it were his daughter who had been murdered by a negro who he then had to watch powerlessly as the system forgives the crime in the name of “equity”. From this, this obese pig has lied, spinning it into a tale of having received a “violent threat on (his) family”, despite which he is bravely soldiering on his role as a shill for GOP incumbents writing for a corporate media outfit.

    1. Good comment, although I’ll remind everyone that links automatically get your comment put into the spam folder, so use them sparingly.

      1. Thanks, and thanks for digging it out of the bin.

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