I was forwarded this message in the NPP_Canada chat on telegram.

This is Peter Smith aka Baldurs Run. He is an investigative journalist for the Anti-Hate Network in Canada. Peter has been exposed as an infiltrator in multiple groups on the dissident side of things. He has included himself in many open public chat groups. Be on the lookout for him. 
Telegram ID: 766851243
Username: @Baldursrun
Name: Baldurs Run
His stories (excuses) never line up, he changes it for whoever he is speaking with. He does a lot of travelling around Southern Ontario.
You can listen to an interview he did on Municipal World here (https://www.municipalworld.com/podcasts/peter-smith/) talking about infiltrating groups. He also notes how its harder for him to in-person infiltrate due to becoming recognized by groups, so he’s been more taking the cyber-literature path. 
Be sure to share this to everyone you know, in groups etc. OPSEC needs to be practiced consistently, because your enemies watch you more than you watch them.

This is actually quite the big deal. Peter Smith is a propagandist for the anti-White hate group “the Canadian Anti-Hate network.” Here’s a list of their important members. 

Oh and BTW, they do get your taxdollars funding them.

(((Bernie Farber))) is a huge Israel supporter, if you’re curious. I’ve written a bit about these guys from two years ago, but I’ll have to write quite a bit more about them in the near future.

I thought that Kurt Phillips, one of the nastiest anti-White homosexuals around, retired from anti-White work, but I guess I was wrong. 


If you’re not sure what kind of human being we’re dealing with here, take a look at the above gem of their from the Finklethink Convoy. Here they’re basically saying that while the police brutality is good in and of itself, it’s bad because it’ll give Uppity Peasants more ammunition in the future.

Yes, this is what these disgusting privileged cunts are cheering on. 

Peter Smith.

Anyway, getting pictures of that guy is fantastic. I can’t find pictures of him in the usual places. For instance, he doesn’t write with a profile that shows his image, probably because he’s trying to infiltrate various groups. He said as much on the podcast he was on that was linked in that telegram post.

If you listen to that, my goodness does this guy have a soy voice. He’s got a slight lisp, and a very high pitched voice. It brings to mind a sort of extremely weak person on the other end of the line. 

It’s only a 17 minute podcast, and it’s necessary content for me to cover, but I had to shut it off after just 3 minutes. Look, I know not every guy in our thing is an absolute Chad, and I’m not trying to voice-shame anyone, but seriously that shit’s really annoying. There is something innately offputting about a grown man with the voice of an effeminate 12 year old boy.

I’m not entirely sure how he was outed, but I got this message from one of our goys on Telegram.

Peter outted himself because he describes the one vetting interview he was at. He was the only one being vetted, and one of our guys and an AC leader was doing the vetting. This is how we confirmed his alias and identity because he showed his ID.

BTW, let me just remind you that one of the copes the antifa types had back when we started getting massive censorship was that the alt-right had “bad opsec.” The cope they had was that our goys didn’t have Intelligence Agency levels of security, which is why we could get censored. Of course, even at the time we had accounts that reported these anti-White pedos for various things, they just didn’t get censored because they’re the obedient soyim of International Finance Capital.

After listening to Peter Smith, I’m convinced he must look like this.

Nevertheless, we’ve got him now. If you’re doing any IRL activism, especially in SW Ontario, be on the lookout for this guy.

Peter Smith, Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

Credit goes to Active Club guys, who were the victim of some of this soyim’s “journalism,” but managed to catch him in the end.

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