I realized as I finished the Andrew Anglin is a Biological Failure series that something was missing. Seeing Anglin’s unhinged defense of Harvey Weinstein was great, but that could be passed off as a one time thing. I felt that a snapshot of the absolute state of the Stormer was needed. Unfortunately, not having read the site in multiple years, this was a challenge for me.

Luckily I have a forum post from July 2nd, 2020 on BANG, where I started a thread called “Anglin has descended beyond parody.” You can read that here if you’re a paychad. This will help give you a tiny slice of the mess that is the modern stormer.

My post starts out as follows.

I hadn’t read the manlets site in a few months, really ever since I wrote the rebuttals to his meth-fueled Weinstein pieces, but I wanted to see how the Catboi Fuckers were coping with getting absolutely wrecked by current events. You know, statues being torn down, supreme court rulings, Trump tweeting “law and order,” from his bunker. I wanted to see what the incels were up to.

I was not prepared.

The above image is actually from after Trump lost re-election. Back then, before I had a site, I never screencapped anything. But I made sure to save this image, because I couldn’t quite believe what a joke Anglin had turned into. To still be defending the King of Israel in 2020 seemed astounding, but Anglin never got over his girlcrush on Orange Zionist, despite him intentionally giving us L after L after L.

This makes sense from the perspective of a grifter, since Blormph really brought the pageviews. This makes no sense from the perspective of someone who actually cares about policy, but Anglin was ruining our legal cases all the way back in 2016. The methed up manlet never really cared for anyone other than himself. A trait he shared with Orange Fag.

In retrospect, one of the funniest parts of the Stormer was that Anglin would go on and on and on about how much of a fraud Blormph is. He had to. He had a daily news site, so he was forced to take the readers through the “Get really excited because Trump is about to do x,” to “Trump did not do x,” cycle about a hundred times in the Blormph presidency. Sometime around 2018 the site turned basically turned into this,

“Hey, Trump says he’s going to give us birthright citizenship oh LOL nevermind he just decided that he was in fact, not going to do that. But wait, he still says he’s going to build a wall, oh okay, LOL nvm. Okay but muslim ban – nope, not happening. But he did make sure to let out a bunch of negro crack dealers from jail, as well as pardon Israeli spies like Jonathan Pollard. So he does stuff, but only if it’s the opposite of what we want.”

On and on and on, getting the audience excited about Blormph doing something only to have him not do it. Anglin would explicitly say that Trump winning was terrible for us, and he wasn’t going to do anything for us. Then he would say that you should literally die for him. He would also say what you are about to read in this piece. I assure you, you are not prepared.

Once again, I start by quoting myself.

Before we sink our teeth into the main Daddy Trump Syndrome article, first a quick glance at his site. Okay, looks like the “white women are the cause of your misfortune, not jews,” article (Women are NPC’s), so check. That was to be expected. Okay another article “HOAX: Crowded, Dense Locations have lower Coronavirus Death Rates.” Skimmed it, doesn’t seem to point how how incompetent our government response to Coronavirus has been. Typical Cuckservative Conspiracy Theorizing. Oh jeez, “White Tits Matter,” an article written by Anglin himself. Yep, bashing white women again. Finally there’s one pretending that it’s “bizarre,” that a Trump appointed Federal Judge would overrule Trump on immigration, so Trump Apologia. The rest are just variations on the theme.

The biological failure known as Andrew Anglin had descended into full on impotent misogyny at this point. We also saw some of the Covid-19 conspiracy theorizing. That ended up getting a whole lot more idiotic as time went on. I read an article of his from February 2022, when someone linked me to yet another rant against women piece of his on Valentine’s day, and I saw another article of his where he explicitly said that women who have taken the vaccine will be incapable of reproducing, therefore civilization is totally lost and we’ll be facing 90% population contractions.

“Then the midget said that we couldn’t have babies anymore.”

I’ll only briefly touch on his insane Covid-19 bullshit. I want to focus on the Trump stuff. Once again, I start off by quoting my own forum post.

There’s one moderately nice article written by “Spartacus,” who points out that a referendum on not allowing migrants in Lampedusa Italy was passed with literally more than 99% voting in favour of. He also correctly states that a resolution banning immigration would pass in every single European Country, but isn’t allowed precisely because of the result. Actually, before I get into the depths of Anglin’s manlet fueled Trump Apologia, let me quote from this article, trust me it’s relevant.

Almost any right-wing government anywhere in the formerly-Western world to be elected in the past 20 years or so was voted in primarily for the promise of lowering immigration, and virtually every single one of them just spontaneously changed their minds for no reason after they won power.

Because when there are no real consequences for gaining power by lying, then your vote doesn’t really matter, and even when you get someone in power who at least tries to stick to what he said, there’s an amorphous blob of bureaucrats and judges to make sure nothing ever gets done. Hence, Donald Trump, the supposedly most powerful man in the world, literally can’t even build a hecking fence in his own hecking country.

His piece ends with some absurd Blormph copes, pretending that he’s weally twying hawd but he just has to not sign an executive order banning birthright citizenship for some reason. It was a great example of desperately trying to get young White Men back onto the GOP plantation, and is a testament to how far the actual population is from where the GOP is that they have to go with this.

But it’s still a decent article because he correctly says in no uncertain terms that your vote doesn’t actually matter. Until you have an actual populist political party this will always be true. I want you to remember that this piece was on Anglin’s site at the same time as what you are about to read.

Speaking of which, here we are. He starts off with this video from Tucker Carlson at the top of the article.

Daily Trump Apologist:

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday went over his bizarre Monday interview with Indiana Senator Mike Braun, a Republican who is pushing a Black Lives Matter agenda to punish the police in the name of Rayshard Brooks. Braun had no ability to explain why he is pushing a bill to support the “systematic racism” hoax with lawsuits, but incomprehensibly stated that he is worried about being criticized by Chuck Schumer if he didn’t get behind the black revolutionary agenda.

His basic point appeared to be that it’s a race to see who can make the most anti-white, anti-civilization laws first, and he is trying to beat the Democrats.

“Braun’s just weak, and doesn’t believe in anything,” Tucker said, accurately.

He then went into the hell that is coming down on us if we lose in November.

“People who supported Donald Trump will be punished. There is absolutely no question about that,” he said, accurately.

This piece of Anglin was written on July 2nd, 2020.

Apparently, people who support Trump might start facing consequences.

Yeah it’s this new thing that might start happening if Blormph loses. His supporters start getting punished because Daddy Trump doesn’t have their back. I know, it’s crazy, but call the guys at RAM and tell them that Trump supporters are in danger of jail time, for no reason. Call the Proud Boys and tell them that they might face jail time. Oh man, somebody tell guys with YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook accounts, this is hard to believe, but if we don’t have Chumpus getting our back, we might start to get deplatformed.

I met this one guy at a rally once, what was his name, James Fields, I think I need to tell him that he might have something preposterous like a 3 year prison sentence for a car accident or something. For all we know DEMONrats might start giving our guys multiple hundreds of years for made up crimes. I know I know, it’s hard to believe, but if Trump loses you might see guys getting 419 years for a car accident.

He then accurately went through my main point: if Democrats win, they’re going to legalize all the illegal Mexicans currently in this country, which will give them tens of millions of new voters, which will mean that a Republican can never again win national office.

If only that were true…

He noted that they’re going to make D.C. a state, they’re going to abolish the filibuster and make it so they can pass laws in the Senate with a simple majority, and they’re going to pack the Supreme Court. They will have awesome, total power.

By the way, none of this happened. It’s just another in the long line of Anglin’s ludicrous predictions. Also, imagine caring about approved political parties and what they’re doing.

That is what we are facing here: it is not about Donald Trump, it is about any future for white people in America, at all.

When I read that article back in 2020, I was thunderstruck. Donald Trump was literally passing DACA. Donald Trump was the president of “Most immigrants ever,” and proud of it. And I still chuckle at premise of (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP being the saviour of white people in America.

Can the manlet name a single thing that the GOP has literally ever done for White People? Of course not, but after 50 years of White People voting GOP and getting to a point where our statues are being torn down, and we have zero institutional power, we should try this hip new strategy of voting for the GOP. Genius.

“Hey goyim, vote for his political vehicle, so that he can get everything he wants and you can get nothing.”

This was also written in the month where the Supreme had ruled that you can’t fire gay people for stealing money set aside for literal orphans and using it on gay orgies. They ruled 6-3 in favour, and Blormph’s judges ruled against us 2-0.

But trust me, we haven’t gotten to the true insanity yet.

Tucker’s conclusion, which is my conclusion, is that we need to directly attack the Republicans. These are the only people with any ability to protect us, and we have to force them to do that, or we are very simply doomed.

“If you want to live … in this country, you will need a protector. That protector must be the Republican Party, there are no other options, but it must be a very different kind of Republican Party,” he said.

When the crises came, Tucker said, “they did nothing to defend the country, they were paralyzed; their so-called principles turned out to be bumper stickers they wrote 40 years ago. They had no clue what to do.

“So from this day forward, it’s very simple, we’re going to tell them what to do. And that will work. No matter what they may believe privately, politicians respond to organized groups of voters.”

If only…

One of the excuses that the manlet cult comes up with for weev sending insanely anti-social and cringe inducing terrorism threats aimed at innocent children, or promoting atomwaffen, or doing any other anti-social loser shit, was that they just needed to “push muh Overton window.” Some jerkoff on KiwiFarms was making this argument explicitly. Those e-midgets just needed to be creepy losers online, because that’s what’s necessary to start a radical revolutionary movement.

And the way this revolutionary movement manifests itself is by you sending them shekels and then obediently voting Republican.

It literally is the Babylon Bee article, “betrayed Trump voter vows to vote harder for Trump, just to show them he means business”. Contrary to his bullshit about having the election stolen from him, actual polling showed that Blormph and his team knew damn well they lost because 5% of White Men stopped voting for him. Those random guys are more revolutionary than the Alt-Republican midgets.

Tucker then gave three things that we must demand that the Republicans support:

  • Total equality under the law. Here he condemned both the ability of Jeffrey Epstein to evade prison and affirmative action, and hinted at the new Democrat plan to put black people above the law, and the systematic anti-white racism generally. He said America must be a colorblind meritocracy.
  • Freedom of speech. Tucker explained that speech control is thought control, and people who want to control what you are allowed to think know this. If you are not allowed to articulate an idea, you cannot think it.
  • Defend normal people. He said the GOP must be the party of the middle class, and defend our rights to exist and live normally.

The context for this article was that in the summer of 2020 we were in the middle of a borderline race war, where “Shoot a White on Sight,” signs were being put up. Apparently the solution to this is to somehow, in the middle of a mass censorship regime that conservatives put in place to keep us out, make your voice heard by the GOP. And yet, as Spartacus pointed out, the GOP and their (((owners))) already know what’s popular, that’s why they don’t allow things like immigration referendums.

He said that if we tell them what we want them to do, they will do it because they want to win and they have no choice. I don’t really know that this is true. He also said that they’re not evil people, they are just sad and pathetic people looking for approval. I also do not know if that is true. There is some significant reason to believe some or most of these people are deeply involved in something deeply weird. If they’re not involved in something deeply weird, they are at the very least indebted to donors and people who otherwise made them rich.

Even the hideous manlet can see how retarded this all is. All you need to do is magically make your voice heard and then Sheldon Adelson says, “nah,” and the manlet goes back to his “Jared Kushner foils our God-Emperor,” copes again. But hold on, because this next paragraph is what we’re all here for. Strap yourself down for this.

It’s not clear how he expects that this will be done, this mission to send a message. I will support it, whatever it is he is planning, regardless of what the chances of it actually working actually are, because we do not have any choice. I have no actual plan on how to win this election, with Trump making it virtually impossible.

I know that we have to do whatever we can to win it, but the best I’ve been able to come up with so far is for people to go door to door and tell people that the blacks are going to come and kill them if they don’t elect Donald Trump. I still support that plan, by the way, and I think you should all be doing it, hopefully while also promoting your own runs for office.

I. Am. Thunderstruck.

Andrew Anglin has been reduced to telling his army of incel irony bro 45 year old zoomers who avoid “cringe,” at all costs, that you need to go door to door telling random people that you have never met that if they don’t vote for Donald Trump, blacks are going to come and kill them. Oh and also do this while you’re running for Sheriff office. I actually forgot about that part the first time I wrote this, but then again, I was thunderstruck. If this was written as satire it would be over the top.

Now that we’ve recovered from this Destiny type thunderstriking, let me count some ways in which this is retarded, from the top of my head. First, going around to random, presumably White People’s doors and telling them that they need to vote for Donald Trump, lest Blacks kill them, is one of the weirdest, most constantly-online things that I have ever heard of in my entire life. Anglin must have zero friends, or even casual acquaintances if he thinks that people are going to respond well to some random guy, who doesn’t even have GOP affiliation I might add, going up to them and telling them that blacks are going to kill them unless they vote for Trump.

When are you supposed to do this, Tuesday morning around 10 AM? Can you imagine minding your own business, when Andrew Anglin comes knocking on your doorbell, then informs you that you need to vote for Trump, or negroes are going to murder you? I’m having difficulty even processing how fucking retarded this is. What are people supposed to say, “wow, I feel really informed now, I had no idea.”

People are going to call the cops on you, and I don’t even mean Biden supporters, or antifas. This is one of the weirdest, most unproductive things you could possibly do. If you do this, people are going to start looking around and treating you like a potentially dangerous schizophrenic. Because the normal response to this isn’t, “great info, good talk, vote Trump or get eaten by cannibal negroes,” it’s “why the fuck did this schizo just show up at my door asking me to vote for Trump in the weirdest way possible? He’s not even a GOP member.”

Imagine this midget showing up at your door, dressed in that suit, and telling you blacks will kill you unless you vote for Trump.

Even if you thought that Blacks are going to come to their house and kill them, there are a million ways you could actually deal with that, none of them involving voting for Orange Faggot. You could tell people that you’re doing a neighborhood watch and give them your number. Then tell them that you are getting a group of guys together to practice at the gun range, and that you have their back if shit gets rough. You could even be an intense and kind of weird guy then, because you are actually offering a neighborly service, and not being a weirdo who wants President Bunker Boy to be his imaginary saviour.

Third, everybody was already sick of Chumpus at this point. He was revealed as a retarded clown, and if these manlets had actually tried to tell people that the GOP will save them from rampaging blacks, they would have been looked at like retards, which they were. Hell, people would have gotten pissed at them for even suggesting this, because it would have reminded them of how they were under attack despite Gorland Blormph, who they potentially voted for to not have this shit, currently being the president. And he was doing nothing for them while tweeting out “law and order.”

What exactly was the argument anyway? Trump was already president. So did he just need to be more the president, or something? Did Trump need to be president harder? Well that was basically their argument, that Blormph needed a second term so that he could finally do a single thing for us.

“Be a good obedient little cuck for (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP. People who expect to get policy from the people who their votes put in office are just normal sized heteros.”

I could write an entire article just on the above, and probably will at some point. We are trying to crush the GOP, not prop it up with the last dying promises to White People. But of course, “we,” refers to people who aren’t 5’2 facially hideous sperg grifters who don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves.

Imagine being such a cuckold that you go out and shill for a guy who has done nothing for you, and who you know is going to lose, and who doesn’t even seem all that interested in winning himself. And Anglin admitted all that. I’m not saying Blormph had no chance of winning, he was. But he also wanted you to humiliate yourself to give the King of Israel some moral support.

It really cannot be stressed how embarrassing Trump was by the end. Even cucks/whores like Cernovich had abandoned him by this point because they could see what a losing grifter he was, and didn’t want to be associated with him.

Mike ****ing Cernovich. This guy.

And he actually had a prescient take here as well.

Contrary to the constantly online grifters, it was known well in advance that Blormph was going to lose, by the people actually trying to get a ground game going. His retarded and self-contradictory takes on Covid-19, as well as his obviously impotent and pathetic response to BLM riots, sealed the deal for him. Normies aren’t retards, and they eventually figure out when someone is a full of shit grifter, and plenty of them stayed home.

BTW, Cernovich had some spicy takes on Blormph after the election. 

When you’ve lost Cernovich, you’ve lost Grifter-America.

But he still had Anglin though.

This is clearly a Hail Mary on Tucker’s part. But he is as deep in this as the rest of us. They’re coming for him too. If Trump loses, he’s going to have to take his family and flee the country. And to where? Russia?

I mean that very literally: Tucker Carlson will not be able to live in this country if Trump loses the election. He will be removed from the air, and he will be prosecuted for hate speech, or maybe for some random tax thing – you know, whatever. There will be no rule of law, they will just do whatever they want to anyone under whichever excuse they happen to come up with on the spot.

Cool so let’s check in on that.

So above us we see Tucker Carlson and his show, filmed in Washington, DC, which DEMONrats did not make a state BTW, from four days ago. It’s been two years since Biden won, when is Carlson going to be leaving the country? Because Anglin specified in no uncertain terms that he would have to flee the country. There wasn’t room for interpretation here. So when’s that happening?

Oh right, never, just like his loser incel audience never actually went out and knocked on any doors for Blormph. Because they’re a bunch of constantly online 50 year old Zoomers who will never do anything in the real World. And it’s not because “muh feds,” it’s because they’re pussies.

I haven’t read the LARPer in years now, but according to people on KiwiFarms, it’s somehow even more retarded than “go be a door to door salesman for the GOP and tell people that negroes are going to kill you if Trump isn’t re-elected.” Here’s a post from user Ionwhite.

What’s infuriating is they simply LIE WHEN ALL of those predictions when they don’t happen. According to Anglin? Crime went up a bit and it all happened just like he said! That’s what he meant by cannibal nigger rape gangs are going to kill everyone if Trump loses the whole time! The United States is going to be ceding power to the UN any day now! He even say a fake alien hoax is in the works!

I think the vast majority of these people end up making themselves into the miserable creatures leftists depict them as. They simply have to take L’s every chance they get.

As others have said, Anglin had some predictions that involved everyone starving to death during Covid-19, the entire economy completely collapsing, and taking along with it all of civilization, 90% death rates from vaccine injections, women being rendered completely infertile from the vaccine, and many other retardations of Anglin. 

I can’t attest to that, because I haven’t read his site in years. But even in this article above he predicted that Tucker Carlson would have to flee the country, that didn’t happen. He predicted that Democrats would pack the supreme court. That didn’t happen. He predicted they’d give total amnesty to all illegal immigrants. That didn’t happen. He predicted that Washington, DC would be turned into a state. That didn’t happen.

It reminds me of when he predicted that Weinstein losing his case would result in every single rape accusation leading to a conviction now. That didn’t happen either, and I’m sure that actual readers can remember many more objectively false predictions that this queer has come up with in the past. It’s yet another reason why he removed the search bar from his site. Being able to look over his old articles would make all but the most schizo of cultists realize that the guy was completely full of shit.

Even still, there’s only so many times you can be do this before people get that you’re a dishonset retard. That’s why he’s catering to the schizo Q-Anon crowd that gets really invested in “muh vaxxx genocide, microchip vaccines” garbage. Those retards can be easily kept on the plantation, because their brains don’t work properly.

It’s also why he desperately tried to go for a younger audience, although I doubt how well that worked. Being young they wouldn’t remember what he was saying 5 years ago. They might also find his incredibly stale content new enough to be entertaining for some short time.

As for myself, I popped over to the Deadmeme (Weinstein) SIMPer to get a screencap of the site in its current form. What stood out to me is just how utterly tedious it is. It’s a site utterly without edge and humour, only spergery.

Well apparently that was, in part, a conscious decision.

I realized I needed to write something about his removal of the “Race War,” and “Jewish Problem,” sections, and I looked around and stumbled upon this. It’s a post on his dead forum “Gamer Uprising.” Transcript below.

I’m changing the site, because I have to change the site. No one is fighting against this lockdown, so no one is going to be fighting against the abolition of freedom, the forced vaccines, the forced poverty, the computer-chipping and everything else that comes after this lockdown.

Computer chipping! I’m so happy I went and added this part to the piece as an afterthought. This retard predicted computer chipping. What a joke.

The fact that no one is doing it means that I have to do it. We’re still going to talk about Jews and immigrants and everything else, but the main focus of this site is now going to be on resisting these insane programs by the government to destroy the population.

That is something I’ve already decided and that I think most people will agree with.

However, I’m still figuring out how to do this. Probably, it is going to mean removing much or most of the incendiary speech.

From spergery to spergery. That sums up the Andrew Anglin Experience. He was always way over the top with “WE’RE GONNA BE GASSING ALL THE JEWS,” posting. Then he went and removed the “Jewish Problem,” section of his site.

Having a rational, sane, middle of the road take is something Anglin is incapable of having. And yeah, the site has no edge anymore because he tried selling out to ensnare the boomer Q-Anon crowd, and failed.

I think we should probably kill the “Race War” section as a first step. We can still cover stuff related to the blacks and so on, but the daily updates on every specific crime seem unnecessary.

This post was from May 15th, 2020. This image is from June 2020.

Sure picked a great time to remove the “Race War,” section of the site.

I don’t know about the “Jewish Problem” section. Mostly, the Jewish agenda is now focused on this lockdown, and I don’t think we’re going to continue seeing the tranny insanity or the mass immigration agenda for the foreseeable future.

Let’s take a look at how that’s going. Below we see screencaps from the far distant past of yesterday.

“I don’t think we’re going to continue seeing the tranny insanity for the foreseeable future.” – Andrew Anglin

What do you think?

To quote WhiteNoize, a commenter on one of the first AABF articles.

As the good Dr. N Shekelstein suggested in his previous article maybe Andy was off point from the get-go, and it was the sheer force of the tidal wave of engagement, optimism and idealism of 2016 that swept his mediocre and misguided blog to the heights that its been falling from for the past 3-4 years. Anglin is whats holding Andy back, so I don’t feel sorry for him.

Long after anyone was divorced from the notion that Anglin is some sort of serious political commentator who is part of a really serious political movement, his site could still have held some small amount of entertainment value. The Stormer also served a news aggregator, so you could go there and find him copy-pasting articles from all over the internet. Well if you want to be entertained, you could do literally anything other than read his shitty blog. And if you want to be informed, you can do far better by looking up the Colon Report.

I was one of their earliest promoters, talking about them as early as March 25th of this year. You can find their Poast here, and the telegram here. Really though, you should just set that site to be your default page, so you check it every single day. I’m serious when I say that, set the Colon Report to your homepage in your browser, unless you have good reason not to. Do the same for the New Tab Page, depending on your browser. It’ll help remind you what’s going on in the World, and what we’re fighting for.

The Colon Report fills a void that we’ve needed ever since this e-boy trooned out. The Hyphen Report had some promise, but a simple news aggregation site is best. What’s more, it brings back some of that old Stormer feel, where they have outreach to all the other guys who are in our thing and fighting the good fight at the bottom of the page. It brings back that communal feeling, as opposed to the Manlet Cult’s walled garden, which you are supposed to enjoy in isolation. I’d do the same for this site, I just don’t have any technical expertise to do so.

For a few months after getting banned, I visited Anglin’s shitty site every week or so, just because it served as a decent news aggregator. But his content was so annoying, being this combination of misogynistic spew, doomer posting, weird conspiracies, fake Christian LARPing, “Vote Republican,” shilling, and everything else, that it became intolerable. Nevertheless, I did step back in after Blormph lost the election, because I wanted to soak in the precious cope. I think I overdosed.

Yes, this is from AFTER Trump lost the election.

I never got any other screencaps than this, but I remember staring at the page almost in shock. It was like he’d been doing parody, but he was serious. All about “save our beautiful president,” and stuff like that. And then he went and promoted the Jan 6th retard rally on behalf of the King of Israel and Ali Ackbar’s bank account.

Ali Ackbar on the left, Fuentes on the right.

Sometimes I wonder. If I made up Andrew Anglin, weev, Fuentes, and all these other e-hobbits, would anyone believe me? Or would people say “that’s too ridiculous, it would never happen.”

Hard to say.

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