You may recognize this site as the one that the Delectable RadFem Anna Slatz created. She’s the smart and extremely breedable woman who did the takedown of the pedo origins of “gender identity.” You can see her politics here.

It’s basically what you would expect. These broads have to fight off their own equivalent of the manlet cult, always trying to drag them down.

But Anna’s a good girl. Or at least that’s what she told me in private correspondence. I believe her exact words “it would please me to be a good little girl for you Dr. Shekelstein.” This was accompanied by the following message.

What a sweetheart. Let’s take another look at her political beliefs.

Now that’s a message I can get behind.



Amazon employees staged a protest outside of the e-commerce giant’s Seattle headquarters yesterday, just as the company was kicking off its “pride month” festivities.

Approximately 30 employees draped themselves in trans pride flags and simulated being corpses, laying flat on the sidewalk in front of Amazon’s “Glamazon Pride 2022” event stage, which would host pride-related festivities for staff and the public. “Glamazon” was initially formatted as GLAmazon, to emphasize Gay and Lesbian Amazon employees, but was rebranded “Glamazon” in 2017 to place “more emphasis on all the letters of LGBTQIA.”

A photo of the “die in” went viral on Twitter after it was posted by Business Insider reporter Katherine Long. She later explained that protestors were accusing the company of “rainbow-washing” its image while making money off of the sale of content that “harms transgender people.”

How is it possible for one group of people to be so whiny and intolerable? Amazon was already fully committed to their “we love anal fetishists,” celebration. But no, that wasn’t enough for the gender LARPers. They were forced to protest this by enacting the worst possible punishment on society they knew how; pretending that they were all dead.

I mean imagine how awful it would be if you never had to deal with these people again.

According to Long, the employees were specifically protesting the sale of “transphobic books,” an extension of earlier Amazon employee efforts to have the retailer remove Abigail Shrier’s 2020 bestseller “Irreversible Damage.”

Earlier this year, over 600 Amazon employees signed a petition demanding the corporation give staff more say over which books are allowed to be sold in on their digital platform. In March, one trans-identified tech employee penned an essay for Business Insider stating he quit the company specifically because of what he deemed “anti-trans practices” at Amazon, which included selling Shrier’s book.

But while Amazon has resisted pulling the plug on a few books critical of gender ideology, in 2021, employees and LGBT activists successfully campaigned to have Ryan Anderson’s work “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” removed from sale.

In addition to presenting facts on biological reality, the book sought to bring attention to the narratives of detransitioners — people who regretted their gender transition and sought to reverse it. At the time, Amazon claimed the book violated its policy on selling media which “framed LGBTQ issues as a mental illness.”

If these trannies wanted to bring more attention to their plight, maybe they should to a die off in real life. That would really show us.

I can’t get over the insane coddled arrogance of these people. Like they seriously believe that them all dying wouldn’t be something people quietly celebrate, but instead would be this horrible tragedy that leaves the same sort of psychological scars on the national psyche that they leave on the children they get handsy with. It’s truly mindboggling.

While activists at the “die in” suggested trans lives were literally in danger due to the sale of “transphobic content,” Amazon’s digital shelves are fully stocked with a wide range of content many would consider to be far more dire.

A quick search of Amazon’s catalogue will find titles such as “Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity,” by controversial former professor Allyn Walker. Walker came under fire last year after appearing on a podcast hosted by Prostasia, a notorious organization which frames pedophilia as a sexuality similar to homosexuality to lesbianism.

“Allyn” Walker

I covered Allyn Walker here if you’re interested.

Amazon also sells dozens of primarily digital-books which feature heavy themes of child sexual abuse fantasies, which often include references to forcibly transitioning or “sissifying” male children.

What the fuck is this? Let me go ahead and quote the story synopsis of “Turning My Son Into A Pretty Little Girl!” by Nora Anderson, who is probably a tranny.

Naturally, my goal was to help my son understand girls and women better by experience[sic] life as a girl himself. I also wanted him to discover just how fun it is to be a girl. At home with me, he easily confessed that he enjoyed dressing up – he was just afraid of what the boys at school would think.

I told him that having guys notice your pretty outfit isn’t always such a bad thing. Of course, I was hoping that my son would readily embrace his new identity as a girl. I really wanted him to be a daughter. 

Sometimes boys need to be put in their place in order to learn the rules. It wasn’t always easy, but I am delighted to say that my son has never acted more feminine than he is now.

I have no words and I must scream.

Earlier this year, many feminists raised concerns about a book being sold on Amazon titled “Manhunt,” the plot of which was centered around the brutal murder and torture of females, and celebrates the death of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

A book centered around the brutal murder and torture of women, specifically JK “Hermoine is a fag now” Rowling. That sounds like something a tranny would write.

Written by trans-identified male Gretchen Felker-Martin,

the novel followed the story of two trans-identified males attempting to navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland in which anyone with high levels of testosterone turns into a zombie. Along the way, they hunt down women who are depicted as “TERF soldiers.”

This a Sam Hyde sketch?

In one of the first chapters, one of the transgender protagonists gets an erection while attempting to kill one of the “TERFsm” and towards the end of the novel, Felker-Martin pens a particularly grotesque scene in which a Black woman is killed by having her womb removed while still conscious.

Is. This. A. Sam. Hyde. Sketch?


Honestly ripping out the uterus of a pregnant Black Wahmen while she’s still alive sounds like something Sam Hyde would do. As is getting an erection while murdering a woman, apocalypse or otherwise. I mean he did both during the idubbbz documentary.

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