A long time ago I wrote here begging for subs, so that I could get over 300 and therefore qualify for syncing my channel to a new Odysee channel. It’s a bit of a long story, and I had plenty of technical issues, but I have the channel now. You can find it here, and you should definitely subscribe. 

Our YouTube channel is currently sitting at well over 400 subscribers. And there’s no question that YouTube still provides a larger audience, as well as access to a potentially new members. Were it not for mass censorship, I would honestly not be bothering with an Odysee channel in the first place.

In contrast, Odysee is basically like YouTube circa 2004. The technical side is just fine, especially compared to BitChute. They’ve made great strides recently in terms of lowering buffering times, and in a myriad of other ways. Having said that, there’s no question that the audience is far smaller.

But considering how tiny my channel is, and how completely unadvertised it has been up until now, I consider these to be promising numbers. The NJP channel regularly gets around 10k views, sometimes more, for all of their content, and that really shows how productive Odysee can be, without even a constant pro-Odysee push.

This is very encouraging, and shows that we should be giving this platform more respect and attention. I’m still having some troubles embedding Odysee videos into my articles, but I’m sure we’ll be able to figure this out one way or another.

Every which way I try doesn’t seem to work right. 

If anyone has any suggestions in the comments, or on Poast or Telegram, let me know. For now I’ll just say make sure you subscribe on Odysee, because eventually I’ll be making regular video content over there. There hasn’t been that much point up until now, seeing as I’m already on two strikes with YouTube, and video content is a huge time investment. But that’s the way of the future, so you might as well subscribe now.

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