Some of you who follow this site regularly are aware that I was begging for subs in the article that I wrote on the NJP speech given by Warren Balogh. Odysee has a feature that lets you transfer all your videos to them if you have 300+ subscribers, and I was around 260 or so on my YouTube channel. So, ironically, I needed to get bigger on YouTube just in order to leave YouTube without having to spend tens of hours re-uploading my old videos one by one. Weird, but that’s just the way it is. 

I was going to head on over to BANG, the TRS forum of which I am a paycuck, and start my own thread begging for subs. However, when I clicked on the channel I noticed that my subscriber count was already at about 285.

The channel passively picked up a new sub every five days or so. Getting almost thirty in one day was certainly unusual. I chalked this up to me mentioning that I needed subs in the NJP article, and you guys doing the rest.

But when I got to TRS I found these comments on the forum necro’ing an old thread and doing the work for me. Due to privacy, I won’t give the username, but you know who you are. And for that I have to say thanks. I also appreciate the kind words from various commentators, such as this one. Again, I have removed the username for privacy reasons.


Daily rake is our best wn mag.  It’s everything the stormer used to be but better.

Years later we understand the shit about hating White women and wanting to keep them as slaves really wasn’t ironic or a joke.

Today we know Shekelstein really wants to bang Emma Watson… and maybe cats too???.. probably isn’t ironic or a joke.

Either way the guy always has pussy on his mind.  Hmmm maybe this is the stormer….

Shit I lost my own analogy.  Doesn’t matter, Murrica is over people.  All hail the victorious Leaf!

Much appreciation to all paycucks. We couldn’t have done this without your support.

Before going to bed, and when I was at 295 subscribers, I posted the above on my Poast account. This received plenty of support, as you can see from the comments, re-poasts, and upvotes. To the various poast users who supported this, thank you.

The YouTube channel is currently at 323 subscribers. You should still subscribe if you haven’t, but that’s more than enough to transfer over to Odysee. This process takes many hours, and I’ll write another article, as well as making a video on YouTube, where I explain what’s going on and how you can follow my new Odysee channel when that’s up and running. So don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on that.

As for the YouTube channel, I hadn’t uploaded very much recently, which you can see in the dates of the videos above. I think video content is a great way to reach people, but the channel was already on two strikes. I didn’t want it to get deleted before I could transfer over the videos to Odysee, which also contributed to the channel’s slow growth.

Two huge spikes in views and a third smaller one. The green spike in views is from Patriot Front videos and NJP speeches, uploaded on the same day. The Blue is one random Google tranny ad. The red is Waukesha stuff.

Beyond that, YouTube served a very useful niche of embedding properly on WordPress, as well as having the potential to go viral. I had a few videos get 2-5k views. One of them, this one showing Google’s new Tranny ad, got over 4k views seemingly out of nowhere, since I uploaded it as an afterthought.

NOTE: Now, weirdly, I’m getting embedding issues from YouTube. Below is a still from the vid, and here is the article.

Sorry that I made you see that.

The Odysee channel will be up and ready to go tonight, barring any unforseen technical issues. When that happens I’ll make most of the content there, and far more original content, and I’ll be posting some choice selections on the YouTube channel, taking advantage of the potential to go viral that doesn’t exist so much on Odysee.

As the recent NJP speeches have shown, getting thousands of views, provided you have solid content, which I most certainly do, is feasible on Odysee. And unlike BitChute, the site actually works properly. It’s not YouTube of course, but it’s like going from Gab to Poast, where you’ve gone from assclowns to a competent team with a limited budget.

Thanks to all, and I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. You speak big about glowies and go straight into a glowie platform. Fucking retarded.

    Use Entropy.

    1. Entropy is good – but you can’t see what’s going on with other Channels. Entropy is one at a time. With Odysee – I can channel hop super easily.

      1. I’ll have to figure out what the differences are between the two. In any case, I’ll be creating the Odysee channel regardless and posting about it tomorrow. There were some small technical issues that I wasn’t prepared for, but it’s fine.

  2. I’m glad you have an Odysee Channel! YAY! Screw Jew Tube!

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