I’ve been told that rock ribbed Fox Jews is the number one promoter of family values in all of America. Let’s take a look at some of that in action, shall we?

Anchor: Pride month continues as we highlight the story of Ryland Wittington, whose journey of transitioning at age five has been seen by seven million people on a family YouTube video.

Based Fox Jews showing us how crucially important it is to continue to vote Republican. Liberals absolutely owned, and revealed to be the real trannyphobes.

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  1. That Stonetoss didn’t even get it right. Republicans rolled over on the rhetoric SO QUICKLY they never even had time to go buy the blue hair dye.

    1. Yes of course. Our Lord and Saviour Stonetoss underestimated the sheer servitude of the servatives.

  2. I think this is disgusting. Of course. It’s sickening to see (alleged) White people being degenerate and tragically insane. I’m going to add one “but” – though – and I know that when a “but comes up” (and yes – I am being pun-y) it’s big red flag – but here goes…

    American kids get upwards of 26 ((((vaccines))) before age 5 – and there lots of weird stuff in the (((jabs))). Never mind the Cohen 19 (((jab))). Jabs are made with Human HORMONES. Jabs for chickenpox and hepatitis A are 2 of ’em. A male child may get a jab with female hormones, and vice versa. Almost no one is discussing this but there is a possibility that the jabs are causing a lot of the gender insanity. “Science” has no idea of the long term effect of the ingredients in these jabs – and doesn’t care anymore, as long as the shekels are rolling in. So this is what I’m putting in the table for your consideration.

    1. I think it’s far-fetched. More likely it’s simply the latest fad pushed down the throat of the public.

      1. No one is talking about it, though. Study the composition of assorted jabs, when you have a free moment.

        1. It’s so foreign to White people to even consider that others aren’t as altruistic or sincere, they can’t even fathom that scientists are often sociopaths and psychopaths. They would, without a doubt in my mind, be this deranged. They experiment some of the most bizarre and disturbing things, inflicting damage on trusting and unwitting people of all walks. Blackpilled does a good episode called, “Trust the Science” and everyone needs to give that a look.

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