A few days ago I wrote about the Bristol Family Sex Show. At the time I knew that I didn’t have all of the worst details, but what I had was bad enough. I decided to go ahead with the first article, and promised that I’d have more later.

It’s now later, and while the boy hungry pedophiles responsible for this production deleted some of the most disgusting parts of their website, some of this trash is still up. For instance, their glossary of terms that five year olds really need to know the meaning of.

I wonder what kinds of things these perverts get a kick out of showing to innocent children.

Well it starts off creepy enough. Children don’t really need to know what abortion is. And “Allyship,” is a dead giveaway that this is some pervert indoctrination/grooming garbage.

But of course it quickly gets better. Here we see the perverts introducing five year olds to kinky sex that often involves strangulation and bondage. That’s definitely something that children should be psychologically scarred with.

“Play Parties?” That’s funny. I’ve heard them referred to a little differently in the past.

“Fisting children tend to stay over in this corner.”

Other things they feel its important for children to know are “squirting,” “masturbation,” “handjob,” “oral sex,” and of course…

Plus terms like “misognoir,” where black wahmens be extra oppressed.

They’ve also got some workshops for the children. It’s really cute how they’re getting them involved. Let’s see what they want them to be doing.

The School of Sexuality Education is not an actual accredited teaching institution. It’s just a collection of perverts, who want access to your five year olds. But they’ve already anticipated your objection, bigot.

Why so young? Five is young…

Sexual development and behaviour in children starts from birth. It’s important that children are supported in their exploratory development, safely and comfortably. You can see the common stages of sexual development layed out by the NSPCC here.

If this is giving you a serious pedo vibe, you’re not alone.

We are hoping the show offers an alternative to porn. We can’t (and no one else can, no matter what locks you put on your devices) control how or when young people get access to porn. It’s normaly as fast as the fastest in the class.

A recent article by the BBC suggests that children as young as 11 are learning about sex from porn. Research (2021) by the British Board of Film Classification has found that children as young as 7 encounter porn, their study also shows more than 60% of children aged 11 to 13 who had…

Actually you can 100% stop young people from finding pornography, by banning pornography. I guarantee you that these perverts are all censorship activists, but they’ll pretend that you just can’t ban pornography for some reason. It’s just impossible, hetero. They’ll also pretend that five year olds are getting hardcore porn streamed into their eyeballs as an excuse to try grooming them. 

There is nakedness, yes. At one point in the show, everyone on stage takes their clothes off to the level they feel comfortable to. For some people, that’s taking off all of their clothes and being completely naked. For other people, that means taking off bottoms but leaving underwear on, for others it’s not taking anything off at all. This moment lasts approximately 5 minutes. For more information on exactly what happens in the show, see our pre-show document here.

It’s sure got this Dachshund down.

And of course it wouldn’t be a family sex show appropriate for five year olds without masturbation.

You hear that you prudebigots? Nothing wrong with telling five year old children to go lookup animals masturbating, and then tell them to draw what they find. These are the people who are really concerned with pornography and are looking to be a “positive alternative.”

I’ve run out of jokes. What the fuck is this shit.

Even more than simply wanting to rape children, these sick fucks get a kick out of inflicting psychological scarring on them. You or I see adorable children, and want to preserve their innocence for as long as possible. Try not to swear around them. Try not to make dirty jokes in their presence. And shield them from the unpleasantness of adult life.

These groomers get a kick out of grossing out children and giving them low grade psychological trauma. That might be as important to them as the actual rape that they’re going for.

It really perturbs my petunias.

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  1. These deviates NEED to be publicly executed. They are attempting to wreak deliberate trauma. I read through that site. Not the pervo stuff. I was looking for names. I only found the first name of some female, “Josie” (Jewsie?) allegedly running everything.

    FYI I’m an adult and I don’t know what a lot of those terms mean. And I don’t want to know.

    This needs to be STOPPED.

  2. I’m going to grammar sperg for a second.
    Allyship isn’t a fucking word – the word these retarded faggots are looking for is allegiance. You’d think a group who have pledged their allegiance to Schlomo would know this.

    1. They do this kind of thing all the time. Just make up new words when existing words do the trick. It’s a way they can signal to each other that they’re in the club together.

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