Yesterday as I was doing research on twatter I looked at the trending tab on the sidebar. And what I found was this.

Well clicking on that article gives us this.

And it’s honestly not worth it to me when the tweets are enough.

Normally I transcribe this stuff, but I’m just going to assume that the pictures are clear enough.

I hope I’m not giving the game away by saying that I absolutely love seeing this kind of thing.

“White gay privilege is often invisible.” Remember, the more invisible the oppression, the realer it is. That’s why trillion dollar multinationals engaging in mass censorship of White activists doesn’t count as oppression. It’s because it’s visible, and therefore not real.

Me when seeing this.

Apparently “White Fag Privilege,” isn’t even a new thing, according to these people. MSNBC ran the story I used for the cover of this piece in 2019.

In any case, seeing these people being so anti-White that they’ll happily cast aside the most anti-White non-heeb group of people on the planet, disgusting boy hungry faggots, brings me no small amount of pleasure.

The Anti-White/pervert/zionist coalition truly hangs by the slimmest of threads. Don’t ever listen to any retards doing damage control for Globo Homo Schlomo by telling you that you shouldn’t be strategically forming alliances with various people fighting against these people.

Play racial politics the way that Schlomo does, and you’ll win.

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  1. Fagbros got too cocky. Sodomites are next. You are White and are using your cock to penetrate a mans asshole? Nope, you had to cut it off at least.

  2. The divisions within the “inclusion” community are real. A house of mentally ill cards, just waiting for a well-placed tap to knock it all down…

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