What is it with koshervatives and doing the whole “they weren’t unmasked,” bit? It’s so easily debunked. We have the footage of them doing it, and we’ve had this footage since June 11th, the day of their arrest.

Alt-Lite sexpest Gonzalo Lira took this line, as did many others, and it’s just objectively not true. The cops unmasked each and every one of them right in front of antifa “journalists”, and then released their names and faces publicly. Once again, I pixelated this image, not them.

Two days after it was even plausible to pretend this never happened, retarded e-weasel Theodore Robert Beale, who goes by “Vox Day,” found that he had an incorrigible urge to get in on this easily deboonked slander.

Vox Day:

First, I expressed my opinion on Gab.

He links to a Gab post of his from June 14th, three days after video evidence of them all being unmasked was had by all, and two days after the police released all of their names and faces. Well let’s quote the rat himself.

Vox Weasel’s Gab Post:

Fake and Gay and Fake some more. Patriot Front couldn’t glow any harder if you bathed each and every agent in a nuclear reactor for 24 hours. No one, in the entire history of government enforcement, who has ever been arrested has ever been permitted to keep wearing their hats and sunglasses, much less their masks.

This is pure theatre.

He even includes this heeelareeyous meme, just to really hammer home his point. 

Great point Vox. How utterly damning to the feds known as Patriot Front. That’s it, the smoking gun. There’s no possible –

Oh right, they were all unmasked. Each and every one of them. And then their faces and names were broadcast to the public in order for them to face consequences, at least some of which I’ll be writing about later today.

Literally all the comments on his own Gab post are people calling him a pathetic loser. I can’t screencap most of them because they show the PF guys faces, not like that matters much at this point, but he is uniformly getting felted in there.

I’m not exaggerating. I didn’t see a single pro-Vox response. It’s a never ending stream of people calling him a gay retard.

While the comments here are spicier, much the same sentiment was found in the presumably more normie tier commenters on Fox News.

Not content to be factually wrong and spiritually nutless, Theodore doubled down on spreading this disinformation. Here we jump back to his original blog post.

Someone sent me a DM, to which I responded in what everyone here will regard as an entirely predictable manner.

“You should really remove that post about calling Patriot Front feds. You are losing massive support and getting ratio’d remove it and all will be atoned.”

He quotes his next Gab post where he responds, but doesn’t link to it. I’ll go ahead and do that for him.

Teddy “I’m too smart to believe the truth” Beale’s Gab Whining:

I repeat: Patriot Front is fake. It is OBVIOUSLY fake. It’s not even as legitimate as the Tea Party, which at least was a genuine grass roots organization before it was subverted and corrupted.

If you want to believe otherwise, that’s fine. I am aware MPAI. But I have never cared what anyone thinks about my opinions and I am not about to start now. So, if you wish to stop following me or supporting me over this, that is absolutely 100-percent fine with me.

And about that “getting ratio’d”: I note that the current ratio is 1.5k UP and 56 DOWN.

If you’re wondering what MPAI means, I was in the same boat. The Free Dictionary defines it as “Most People Are Idiots.” This is what the guy who spreads easily debunked conspiracy theories about Patriot Front thinks of you. You’re just too much of an idiot to not believe retarded nonsense that’s objectively false.


Predictably, he’s getting abused in the comments section of that post as well.

Who could have seen this slanderous idiocy coming out of the mouth of a guy who looks like this?

Hold on a second. Is Milo like 6’4 or something? Did Cernovich miss his opportunity to play in the NBA? Well apparently not so much.


Vox Day is the same height as his wife (the blonde woman), here she is next to Cernovich (in blue) whose 5’9″, in the bottom photo Vox’s wife is crouched down a bit, but you can see in the left photo, when standing straight, they’re the same height. So Teddy Beale is at most 5’7″.

Cernovich is actually 6’0 even. Internet person lies in shocking and unbelievable twist.

Someone said that the picture on the left is from a gay pride parade. I have no idea if that’s true, and I don’t care enough to look it up, because this should be the last I ever write about this repulsive creature. 

I’ve been calling these people servatives for a while now. Others call them cuckservatives. Some call them the kosher-right. I’m going to start referring to them as koshervatives from here on out until I can find a better term. Whatever they’re called, it’s always nice to put a face to the weasel stabbing you in the back with malicious slander when you go out and protest antifa child grooming events.

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  1. I’m so glad you included the comments where people pointed out that Teddy Sperghetti was a QAnon plan truster. He fell for it so completely, he wrote a fucking comic book about it.
    It never ceases to amaze me that somebody who has said so many retarded things and been hilariously wrong so many times can still boast about being so very very smert. However, when you read up on his father and the escapades that landed him in prison, you very quickly realize that delusions of grandeur run in the family.

    That being said, his followers are even more retarded – Vox has a clique of his most diehard fans that he has named the Vile Faceless Minions – Vox calls his most dedicated supporters NPCs and they actually see it as a badge of honour.

    1. He wrote a comic book on QAnon. Dear god.

  2. I read Vox Day for laughs. All his predictions turn out to be wrong. He was an adamant Q supporter and bought into all of it. I was banned from his comment section for calling him stupid. He really does believe he is the smartest man around which I find rather amusing.

  3. Anyone who still sticks up for Milo and Cernovich is not to be trusted and this guy still does. It’s all so tiresome with these grifters.

  4. I call them kwkservatives from the Greek kwkutos (cocytus) . This is the frozen lake in the lowest ,ninth, circle of hell reserves for traitors liars and oathbreakers. The most famous inmate being Judas Iscariot.

  5. You should give this guys Kiwifarms thread a read. He’s another of these Cluster B headcases that have festered among the right in prominent positions like black mold behind the wallpaper.

    He’s associated with sketchy af people like schizo grifter Owen Benjamin (got his followers into drinking turpentine, thinks the trinity is a metaphor for gay sex) or manosphere/PUA gurus like Ivan Throne or Andrew Tate who’re busy milking lost men by making them sell “courses” in MLM schemes and buying pennystocks and shitcoins.

    He’s a compulsive liar, his public position is that lying, even to ones own supporters is good akshuhually as long as you “win” in the end.
    He has lied about:
    – Living in Italy,
    – Getting one of his “trolls” doxed and dragged out of his home by police,
    – Suing Gab to give up user data on people who called him a pedophile after he advocated baselessly calling people pedophiles
    – A lawsuit where he attempted to shake down Patreon for a 3 million USD payout for Owen Benjamin by abusing Californian arbitration (nearly got his followers he used to do this deep into debt)

    This guy is as much of a trashfire as Atomwaffen Andy and Nicolas “Catboy Fuhrer” Fuentes.

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