The following collection of screencaps was found by someone and sent to me through my telegram chat. Out of concern for their privacy I’m keeping the username private, but thanks for this. And yes, I went to the two articles these could be from and independently verified that BoomerWaffen is indeed supportive, or at least not attacking PF.

The above is from this article. Below is from this one. If you want to see those yourself you have to disable your ad blocker, which is kind of annoying, but it’s there.

I can’t verify which Fox News article the below screencaps are from. As I said, there are two pieces relevant to Patriot Front’s arrest in Coeur d’Alene. But it doesn’t matter which one you pick anyway, as the comments are enthusiastically against their bullshit arrest, even if they aren’t always completely supportive of PF themselves. If anything, these snippets below might undersell the anger people have with the Coeur d’Alene police.

What struck me about this, and again, you can go click on those articles yourself, was that I didn’t even see that faggot, backstabby QAnon type stuff. I said that conservatism and populism are two different things because conservatism isn’t popular, and I stand by that. These commenters, on Fox News of all places, don’t have this skittish cuckservative instinct to whine about Patriot Front and call them feds. Instead, they instinctively get pissed off, as they should, at the politically motivated arrest of these brave men for fighting against antifa groomers.

Since these are the highest rated comments, this is representative of a much larger audience. I’m sure if I sorted them lowest rating to highest, if there was such a feature, that’s when I’d see the “PF are feds,” and “muh bad optics,” types.

It’s heartening to see, and another repudiation of the constantly online LoserNats. Our challenge is not to become popular, as our views, being what normal people believe, are already popular. Our challenge is mostly infrastructural. We need to get political parties that represent us. We need them doing activism for us. And we need them contesting elections on behalf of us.

Unfortunately NJP appears to have been compromised, so maybe all is lost after all.

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  1. I’m not now and never havve been a member of Patriot Front, but these guys are doing solid work and it’s good to see the information control isn’t so complete that the truth can’t get out there.

  2. We love our cops our law enforcement our fbi is important 😄🤣

  3. Patriot Front has been around for several years and as far as i know they have no history of rioting so what is this bullshit charge?

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