Last night I wrote a brief story on Patriot Front being arrested by the Coeur D’Alene police for peacefully protesting a “Pride in the Park,” event. I said at the time that this was a tried and true tactic of the blue antifa. They arrest someone, or some group, detain them until after the event they are supposed to do is over, and then release them without charges. This ruins their event, while exploiting the cops relative leeway to arrest people on suspicion of crimes. As someone who isn’t a lawyer, I can’t say whether this is legally actionable.

What I can say is that the pervert parade in the park these creeps did was so disgusting, that if I didn’t loathe them as much as I do I’d get secondhand embarrassment for them. Above we see a biological male pretending to be a woman and singing Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl.” 

Making the performance even creepier, he doesn’t even have a typical girly gay voice. He uses this clearly masculine voice to say “alright you’ve got to get it little one,” starting around 1:15. And then he does some suggestive weird “sexy” hip rolling thing after that.

While it wasn’t known that this exact thing was going to happen, the local residents of Coeur D’Alene knew this type of thing was going to be going on, which is why there were so many protest groups at this event.

Let’s zoom in on that.

Boy, these people sure do want access to children.

This “@AllisaAzar,” account gives us a firsthand report from what is essentially an antifa member at the park.

It’s basically the typical whining we’ve come to expect from these people.

The counter protesters had the audacity to sing and play guitar. The gall of these peasants.

Trespassing in a public park?

I don’t know what “verbally pushed out of the park,” is supposed to mean. I think it means that some antifas whined a bit and then declared victory when, at some point in the future, the groups they were whining at moved their location. 

The mentally ill antifa manages to find the one guy in Patriot Front who isn’t in decent shape. 

Fed infiltration confirmed…

And here we see some pictures of the other protest groups.

As well as this tweet, initially capped by Hyphen Report, where this cunt brags about doxxing Patriot Front guys.

This is odd, because I was informed that Patriot Front were feds, and the police were taking great care to make sure they weren’t unmasked.

Erm, yeah. About that…

I blurred the face of this PF member in the video, but you can clearly see him being unmasked by the police within sight of antifas. Don’t worry, I won’t even force you to watch the video.

Wow, it’s almost like he had a mask on, and then the police removed that mask. Let’s take another look at that poast.

Sure is strange and unusual, ain’t it?

Of course, Patriot Front not being unmasked meant that they’re feds. Now that we have video evidence of them being unmasked, I’m sure this will be construed as the cops making the op more believable. Or maybe the local cops and feds aren’t on the same page. Or perhaps PF is all an elaborate fed honeypot, where the purpose is to have these men doxxed.

What’s important is that we start from the premise that PF are feds, and then work backwards from there. After all, Tim Poole thinks they’re feds, and if Tim Poole thinks something, then it must be true. What other possible explanation could there be? That an actual patriotic group was mad about disgusting perverts who want access to children shitting up their local park? Not possible.

It’s crucially important to attack the people who actually confront antifa. Our political movement will simply not survive without constantly online people who will never actually do anything IRL making sure to snarkily dismiss people who fight against antifa as feds. No evidence is required, other than them being “suspicious,” in some vague way. 

I deleted all these types of comments on YouTube, because I’m tired of these fags. This is all the remaining evidence. It was a guy who was doing the whole “any group that has a uniform is feds,” line, and I oven’d it almost immediately.

There were a few other comments of that nature, but most people get it. I myself have said that I don’t appreciate Patriot Front’s aesthetic. I think their rallies are fine, but I’m much more impressed with NJP doing protests to further an actual political party. Nevertheless, when they’re arrested for bullshit reasons by the cops, I’m not going to tolerate faggots online doing the whole “bruh they’re feds, they’re all in shape,” routine, or some other variation on this.

I’m long past tired of this tendency for random retards on the internet to come out and criticize/denounce a right-wing group if it suffers abuse at the hands of the state.

You people are cowardly, neutered do-nothings and your constant attempts at demoralization and Monday-morning quarterbacking make you worse than antifa. – Alex McNabb

I didn’t support the Finklethink Convoy. Yet when four of them got run over by an antifa member, who called into the cops and made them explain their bullshit for why there were no hate crime or terrorism charges?

Similarly, now that the organizers are being lawfared in court, do I pretend that they’re feds, laugh at them, or countersignal them in any way? Of course not, because that’s pathetic loser garbage. And I do the same for Ashli Babbit and the Jan 6th protesters, even though I 100% disagree with Blormph’s Grift the Steal movement. I’ll stand up for them, unlike the grifting orange faggot who is directly responsible.

I am beyond tired of these whiny faggots who will never do anything that requires even the slightest amount of risk, and have constructed excuses for why they’re secretly the intelligent ones for sitting on their asses and doing nothing.

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  1. Whenever I see somebody saying “Patriot Front are feds!”, all I see is a worthless faggot who has been completely demoralized into accepting the fate that ZOG has laid out for them. These people are to be ignored.

  2. I’m hoping that Patriot Front will be feds… because when we take over we’re going to need a bunch of guys with balls to clean house, and these guys have balls.

    If they “accidentally” throw some of these blue antifa in a federal pen when we take power… we’ll all understand.

  3. Shit’s been so glowie lately that I jumped to conclusions before looking into it. As said on Poast, gotta admit I was wrong about them not being unmasked.

    Keep up the good work Dr. S.

  4. If you do something then you’re a FED.

    If you do nothing then they win.


    Funny how the idiots screaming FED at everything have no plans themselves on how to fix things other than do nothing.

    If you can’t come up with a better plan then don’t criticize the current one (there are some exceptions – this is not one of them).

  5. […] covered the Coeur d’Aline demonstration many times on this site. From the fedjacketing of Patriot Front, to a look at their (((law enforcement))) to debunking […]

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