First, a little backstory.

Buffalo News:

A center in Eggertsville operated by an anti-abortion group was “firebombed” early Tuesday in an apparent act of political violence, officials with the organization said.

CompassCare said graffiti scrawled on the building ties the attack to the “abortion terrorist group” Jane’s Revenge.

“Jane was here,” was written on the side of the building at 1230 Eggert Road, off Main Street, where several windows were shattered and offices were extensively damaged by flames and smoke.

Jane’s Revenge claimed to be behind a fire set last month at an anti-abortion office in Madison, Wis., but the group has not formally claimed credit for this latest apparent arson.

Jane’s revenge is the kind of militant feminist LARP that’s quickly going out of fashion. It consists of a bunch of hideous women that you’d never fuck in a million years all pretending to be revolutionaries who are just mysteriously uncensored by trillion dollar multinationals for no particular reason. 

What’s more relevant here is the open celebration of political violence done by antifas on twitter. They’re not trying to hide how flat out giddy they are about this anti-abortion center being firebombed.

These two tweets, still uncensored, were put out the day of. But the human filth had nothing better to do, so they circled back to this about a week later, and added ACDC’s “thunderstruck,” to the video taken in the aftermath of the firebombing. Video editing takes a while for a normal person, so for these mutants a 17 second video works out to a solid week of work.

The response by Mike Cernovich, a man curiously uncensored after all these years, is pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

Personally I think it should stay up.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Thank goodness we have the Gorilla Dick Energy of Mike Cernovich to support antifas right to free speech. Who else could whine about free speech impotently online?

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  1. Cernovich truly is a gorilla nigger brained moron. I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty certain that criminal acts of violence are not considered speech.
    How people still listen to this lispy queer is beyond me.

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