I was forwarded two videos of the Groypers being tradcath family values promoters. I dutifully uploaded them to YouTube and Odysee. After all, we’re big fans here of traditional relationships between grown men and adolescent catbois.

The first video starts off nice enough. There’s some whining that one of the cohosts showed up late. Then they break out the kitten videos.

That’s adorable. Who could possibly hate some cute little kittens. I’m sure that the heteros over at the Catboi Cult are going to keep this nice and wholesome. After all, these aren’t just a bunch of terminally online queers who –

Nevermind, they immediately start watching men “twerking.” No really, there’s even a line where they say “this video was called men twerking.” And it only gets gayer from there.

Oh well, let’s check out the next video. Maybe they’ve gone back to the kitten videos.

Well if by kitten you mean cat, and by cat you mean catboi, then sure.

I can’t recognize which one of them is speaking from the sound of their voices, since I’ve thankfully never watched either of their content before. Whomever it is, one of the two says explicitly:

Femboy tiktoks is what it’s called.

Well that’s certainly how I’d enjoy spending my Friday night. Who hasn’t watched repulsively perverted content made by “femboys,” and posted to TikTok? And who hasn’t “ironically,” taken a dick in the ass like Juan Fuentes before? All the cool kids have done that, right?

I’m not going to subject myself to that in order to get more screencaps, I’m sure you get the idea. In addition to the revolting content they’re watching, one of the hosts keeps trying to do some unasked for ASRM. I mean he’s practically deepthroating the microphone and it’s incredibly irritating.

Since I’ve just about had it with the Manlet Cult, I’m going to double up and post this screencap someone found of Weev from Gamer Uprising. Yes, his handle is Inane Retard, and he’s fedjacketing TRS, while making apologies for Fuentes cozying up to Milo. I’ll transcribe this below.

I don’t think this fact is irrelevant at all. Anyone that has anything to do with Milo now that he is a known federal informant will be shunned by me and anyone worthwhile, just as TRS should be shunned for promoting and chumming around with Chris Cantwell after he was a publicly admitted federal informant.

Figuratively dunking on Weev is as easy as literally dunking on the 5’2 leet haxxor who is too incompetent and schizo to not get oven’d on Poast of all places. You can see my dismissal of the TRS slander here.

But to focus on the littlest e-terrorist in the catboi harem, if taken at his word AryanRaceHaxxor1488 really hates people like Cantwell who send incriminating video of antifas committing crimes. He hates them so much that he’ll slander anyone tangentially related to him as feds, no matter how tenuous the relationship. These are deeply held beliefs that he very much will never contradict.

Anyone who willfully hangs out with feds is unwelcome here. I will ban anyone that I find out has cooperated with federal authorities on any case involving political dissidents, period.

I never noticed how tiny his feet were before…

No really, he will. In fact he’ll even ban people like myself for defending TRS. That’s how much he hates people who are seven degrees removed from a guy who sends videos of antifas committing crimes to the feds. God, if there’s one thing that the little e-terrorist hates, it’s people with any communication at all with those dang feds.

If Fuentes did another interview with Milo now I would definitely be sternly against him, and advise other people to stop promoting him online. But historical contact with a federal snitch before their snitching becomes known does not make you a willful associate of federal snitches. DS promoted Chris Cantwell’s legal defense fund, and I personally donated to it. I don’t regret that — I support all white guys who are facing charges. But if you talk to the feds to get out of them, I will hate your guts afterwards.

Weev hates those damn feds almost as much as he loves promoting fed honeypots like Atomwaffen. Hating on the feds, and everyone who works with them is just in his DNA. It’s inseparable from who he is. You talk to the feds, you can expect the personification of “I’m so much cooler online,” to dedicate the next few years of his life to attacking you for that.

Fuentes has not been involved with Milo after it became known Milo was federally informing. He did an interview over pizza a while back. This is in direct contrast to TRS, who continue to associate with and promote Cantwell after it became publicly known that he wore a wire to Charlottesville and gave all the footage to the pro-antifa fed Agent Dino.

Thanks midget. It’s so nice to see Fuentes having no contact with a fed informant in Milo Yiannopoulos. Boy, would Weev ever get real worked up about Fuentes if he ever had the slightest amount of contact with confirmed fed informant (on pro-White activists) Milo.

Why, if that happened then he’d be forced to start banning all the catbois on Gaymer Uprising if they ever so much as tepidly defended Fuentes. Not only that, he’d probably have to shut down the Deadmeme Honeypotter. Anglin constantly sucks Fuentes’s dick, and if Fuentes ever had contact with Milo, that means Anglin is a fed or something. However it shakes out, that’d be a bridge too far for the totally serious little gremlin named weev.

So it’s a good thing that Fuentes cut off all contact with Milo, and never –

Whoops! Looks like he gave him a spot on his shitty streaming platform, and bragged about doing this just recently.

Imagine bragging that you have a fed informant streamer. This is from April 24th, BTW.

I covered this before, but it’s fun to dunk on the catboi cocksuckers, so why not do it again? Fuentes’ last repost of Milo was from less than two weeks ago. You can find Fuentes’ telegram account, now having lost roughly 1.5k followers in the past two months, where he constantly reposts Milo and always in a very favourable light.

So how has the tiny but serious political actor Andrew Auernheimer taken this? Boy, he sure must be angry at Fuentes. He sure must be banning people on Faggot Uprising right left and center. He sure must be publicly putting out disavowals of Andrew Anglin and the Daily Weinstein Simper. He sure must be –

No, he isn’t doing any of that, because he’s a nasty little mutant who invented a hoax that TRS were feds. He’s a joke, and his persona of being some sort of hardcore prison inmate who hates snitches is as real as his tales of using French Poetry to seduce supermodel tier virgins and banging them while their husbands are at the same party. It’s been seven months since this loser promised to LEET HAXXOR Hyphen Report, and by extension the Daily Rake. Said leet haxxoring has yet to occur.

I’ve been asked by weev himself to warn you that if you keep doing what you are doing, he will not hesitate to hack your website and yes d0xxing of you fed shills is also on the table, because we do not consider you part of our movement. So yes you shall quiver in fear because we are a legion.

I wrote about that at the time, and forgot about it. Because these people are just tiny little losers who have found a sympathy club online. And the Manlet Cult barely even pretends to be politically serious these days, so what’s the point in writing about them?

This was put up by that guy. This isn’t an edit someone made making fun of them.

Two more tranny porn watch parties and then maybe Fuentes will get around to primarying his first Republican. And maybe two more reposts of Milo and Weev will suddenly remember how much he supposedly hates fed snitches. 

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  1. Since the Covid shit isn’t anyone’s main concern anymore what exactly are people going to spuriously accuse TRS of?

    oh wait, they’ll just go back to calling them jews.

    1. That and “they do things IRL, they must be feds.”

  2. [mere seconds after clicking play]
    “This is already terrible”
    And it’s only going to get worse, isn’t it?

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