Early on in the War in the Donbass, I made the editorial decision focus only on the stories that were actually productive. My opinion on Russia, Ukraine, Putin, and even Zelensky had little bearing on the World. This was a military conflict ten thousand kilometers away, so I would only write about it when it was actually relevant.

Collecting the utterly idiotic “Ghost of Kiev” tier propaganda that was emanating from our propaganda organs remains productive work. Cataloguing these idiotic lies can only serve to further discredit these propagandists in the eyes of the public.

I’d actually forgotten how dumb some of this propaganda was.

And I couldn’t miss making fun of the Reddit Dilation Brigade. That was fun while they were still alive.

I’ve also written the occasional update on the war itself, with the WMD Liars moving from “Russia is doomed,” to admitting that it is essentially over. As well as the occasional bit of backstory

Don’t worry, it’s only redditors. No real people died.

As I said earlier, covering the minutia of the war itself would be of little productive use. I’m trying to start a political party here in Canada, and support the NJP in America. Spending hundreds of hours pouring over news reports and tracking troop details is of little utility. That’s time that could be spent on anything else.

In addition to that, the Russia-Ukraine war was always a highly controversial issue. Not just among the constantly online, but in real life as well. Since I have no reasonable way of affecting change, it didn’t make any sense to start cheerleading one side or the other. Cataloguing NATO, and our propagandists lies is one thing, but I have always wished for this war to be over as soon as possible. In this sense, I think the original statement by the NJP is quite excellent, and I wholeheartedly support it.

Oh no! Moike caught watching Doogin! Cancel everything I just said.

I’ve also had to fend off some attacks by e-boys like Shultide. Who knew that there exists a World Government that controls everything, and their only goal is to get another World Government that controls everything. It’s some of the most pants on head retarded schizo nonsense ever.

Credit to NJP Propaganda Dispensary

Speaking of e-nonsense, having dealt with some AZOG Battalion e-fangirls polluting my chat, in late March I penned the article “Just to Remind you what Azov Battalion is Fighting For.” There were some minor grumblings from that crowd at the time, and then they got over it.

In late May I wrote “Hebrew Heroes: 40 Israeli Super Soldiers Fighting at Mariupol Steel Plant Alongside Le Based Azog Battalion.” That piece got no comments from these schizos. Probably because “literal Israeli jews are all fighting on our side,” interferes with their Hardcore Natzee LARP.

Then, a few weeks after this, I wrote “TardFight: Azov Battalion Fangirls Dox Anti-White Pajeet Fascist E-Boy and his E-Wife on Behalf of Antifa.” One of these guys popped into the chat, and I came back from being AFK to find about a hundred and fifty comments due to the sperg fight that had erupted. I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt, but eventually I just had to oven the poor fella. 

He was going on about how if, theoretically, Mexico was invading America and raping White Women,we should all just go fight for Joe Biden and his zionist controlled cabinet. He also kept doing the “Moike is a Koike,” routine, which really wears out my patience. I promised I’d write the guy a response, and so I did.

To whom it may concern, this concern trolling hypothetical about how “if Mexico invaded America, would you support White Men fighting against the rapist hordes,” is just that, a hypothetical. Guess what, Mexicans are already invading America, and the people who send tens of billions of dollars for AZOV retards to LARP like they’re actually getting to fight against “muh rapist Asiatic hordes,” completely support that, and would send you to jail forever if you fought against it.
You also appear to have this weird simultaneous obsession with crossing a border, while also falling back on race. The NJP just did a protest where they drew attention to the torture and murder of a 14 year old White Child by a black career criminal, who probably had a history of violence against White People. And yet, you’re saying that TRS aren’t Teh ReAl RacE WarRiOrs because they don’t support Zelensky, like George Soros does, and they don’t think that Azov retards are fighting for anyone other than the people who send them money.
Which is what they are actually doing. Globo Homo funds Azov. And you work for the people who employ you. You want to LARP like you’re fighting some glorious race war against Russians (what?), and Schlomo and the Rabbis of Zion are happy to indulge your fantasy. That’s all that is, a fantasy. You think if Zelensky managed to somehow win that war that you’re getting your nice Ukrainian state? Of course not. You’re getting your country flooded with third worlders, and when they rape your women far more than the mythical and debunked false rape accusations that a Ukrainian Official just resigned for, the very same people who funded Azov and Zelensky are going to pass hate crime laws preventing you from doing jack shit about it.
That’s reality. It’s an actual tangible thing that we live in, and NJP and myself have only ever wished for this war to be over as quickly as possible.
Now fuck off with this “Moike is a Koike,” and “TRS are talmudic subversives,” garbage.

I stand by what I wrote, but since there are people who read The Daily Rake who are Azov Supporters, let me go ahead and add some nuance. If you are a soldier in the US Army, you fight for ZOG. You don’t fight for your people. In fact you fight against their interests. That doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve better, but it is what it is. 

I don’t dislike the guys behind Azov Battalion, at least originally. Rob Rundo seemed to like them, and Rob’s a great guy. There are plenty of people in the DR chat who like Azov. Some of them claim to know guys inside, and in at least one case, I believe him. And I believe him when he says that he thinks they’re great guys. 

That’s all well and good, but there are plenty of great guys in the US Military. After a certain amount of time, you have to admit that you work for the people who write your cheques. And the people who write Azov Battalion’s $40B cheques have bank accounts as big as their noses. 

Azov Battalion now…

And what they’re actually fighting for is this.

I’m not saying this to gloat. I wish it were otherwise. I also wish that the US Military went over to South Africa and helped out the Boers. Wishing don’t make it so, and wishing that Azov is anything other than a neutered tool of NATO don’t make it so either.

But while the actual men in Azov Battalion at least deserve the respect that all soldiers deserve, their fangirls online are an entirely different story. Fast forwards to yesterday, and my chat is suddenly full of gore pics. Placed courtesy of these retards.

NOTE: The gore pics come later. I’ll have a warning before then.

When they first started posting I deleted the gore picks. I considered just ovening them and moving on, but I realized that I wouldn’t mind some article content. 

If it looks like the conversation is rather one sided, that’s because I took these screencaps after I oven’d them from the chat. 



Originally it looked like this.

If you, like me, were wondering what “zigger,” meant, I think it’s some sort of weird ethnic slur against Russians. Since the Russians have been using the Z as their symbol, these low IQ gore posters started going around calling everyone “ziggers.” 

I can’t remember which of these Zelensky shills hopped into the chat first. I think the very first guy I completely oven’d, then this G1zm0 tard came on, and started posting about how “when the fighting starts, I’ll kill you.” He was then such a brave little keyboard warrior that he deleted that post.

Why? Trust me when I say that I do not give a shit one way or another. Retards who are probably halfway across the planet, or the purest of LARPers here in the Americas, do not bother me when they post about how they’re going to kill my entire family or what have you. 

They’ve also pattern matched me as a “NazBol.” It’s always cute when these online communities incorrectly identify you as their One True Nemesis Other E-Community.

Apparently Russia is about to get 40k dead soldiers in another two weeks tops. This is kind of the Zelensky Shill version of “fifteen days to flatten the curve.” Any day now we’ll get Total Zelensky Victory and the Russian Rape Machine will be destroyed once and for all.

Also, Putin is a cryptojew who wants the USSR back. This is very real, and also why it’s okay that these cucklets are big believers in dying for Soros and Zelensky.

If this all seems a bit jumbled and out of order, it is. Just sort of let the autism of Zelensky’s Bravest Keyboard Warriors wash over you. 

The video Patriot Front’s most recent release. It’s good. You should check it out.

Yes, very good goy. Make sure to die for “your ancestral land.” That’s definitely what’s happening over there in the Donbass. The reason why the US Congress gave Zelensky $40+B is because they are big believers in your fight for your ancestral land. That just so happens to be directed by International Finance Capital.

I also got some weird stuff like the above. I guess the Zelenskyite was saying that Russia == Not Based because they jailed a monk for disobeying public health orders. I mean, I don’t agree with that. I also never said that Russia == Teh MoSt bASeD cOUnTrY EvAH. But I think I’m going to have to rush to the aid of Vladimir the Badimir here.

ABC News:

 A rebel Russian monk who castigated the Kremlin and denied that the coronavirus existed was convicted Tuesday on accusations of encouraging suicides and given a 3½-year prison sentence.

The monk, Father Sergiy, was arrested in December 2020 on charges of inciting suicidal actions through sermons in which he urged believers to “die for Russia,” breaching the freedom of conscience and making arbitrary moves. He rejected the accusations and his lawyers said they would appeal Tuesday’s ruling by Moscow’s Ismailovo District Court.

Russia doesn’t let schizo priests encourage their followers to commit suicides. Shockingly evil. Zelensky hat back on.

They also posted this picture of Lenin. No explanation given. Just… Lenin. I was baffled then and I’m baffled now.

In fairness, one of the Zelensky shills did in fact make a good point. Lampshadocaust fact-checking laws are bullshit, and it’s good that these serious guy nazis have found a country that –

As always, these retards are entirely unable to simply say “well this is a regional conflict, so I’m not picking a side, and I hope this war is over as fast as possible.” Instead, they’ve sided with Zelensky, but it’s because Putin is a puppet for the jews. It’s too stupid to really engage with seriously.

Anyway, they’re big haters of Putin. 

I’m pretty sure I was called a Dooginist at some point.

I was also called anti-White. A very believable claim for readers of this site, no doubt.

They also simultaneously claimed Russians aren’t White, yet are promoting race-mixing.

At some point these queers started upvoting each other. I had already told them multiple times that I was letting them post because they entertained me, and banning them after. But I guess they felt the need to give each other some moral support, as if the psychologically healthy people couldn’t figure out that the weirdos posting decapitated heads weren’t interlopers into our Nice White Neighbourhood.

They didn’t like Putin. They also didn’t like Russia. They didn’t like Russians because they weren’t White. I mean just kind of let it wash over you.

NOTE: I’ve delayed it until now, but this is where the gore starts. I also edited out 90% of it, but I can’t not show any of this.


“Just a normal Gamber,” was far from the first of these schizos to post a severed head, or other gore picture. I can’t remember the monikor of the guy who got the ball rolling, but one second the chat is normal, the next second there’s multiple mutilated dead bodies abound.

By the way, yes. Killing animals is absolutely psychotic, if you go and mutilate their bodies afterwards. Also Russians are in no way animals. They are People, specifically White People.

I didn’t edit anything out of this little exchange. No matter what the context, I can’t make heads nor tails out of what he was even trying to say here. Either there’s a serious language barrier, or we’re dealing with some real schizos. Considering the copious gore posting, I’d say the latter.

Mahungee and MTR are not amongst the retards. 

Since I had better shit to do than humour these clowns, I wasn’t completely on top of deleting the gore posting. It remained up for a while, and we had a second wave. But I pretty much oven’d that immediately, and that was that.

Well apparently the gore-posting Eternal Zelensky Shills over at AZOG E-FangirlsAreUs were assblasted that I banned them from my chat. You would sort of think that they would just move on, but they turned their channel into a shrine to me. Well, after explicitly saying that they want to kill as many “Moskals,” as possible. I actually don’t know what that means, but I’m just going to assume it’s some group of White People that their zionist owners don’t like.

Look, this is kind of an incoherent mess, but they upvoted my article. I don’t know why they did that, but that’s very sweet of them.

They also interpreted my enjoyment of their Lenin-flavoured schizo posting as an endorsement of Lenin himself. My deepest, darkest Dooginist plans have all been foiled. I’ve been exposed. I’m a secret NazBol Dooginist Lenin-Appreciator.

They were also extremely butthurt that I don’t approve of working with antifa.

They were so obsessed that they even went into my chat, and posted pictures of me chirping them to their own audience. And then they upvoted me chirping them.


This one I really don’t understand. 

But then finally they went and they posted my doxx. Nooooooooooooooooo. How can I possibly cope with people knowing my real name. This is it, this is the end of me. Noooooo. But at least they didn’t get my beautiful face. At least there’s –

Internet people are some of the funniest creatures known to man. Patting themselves on the back for finding info I never bothered to make private. I used to put my videos of myself, mostly calling in to police, up online using my real name. I even had my phone number in these videos and I put them up on 4chan. 

I learned that Raging Troon put my face on the internet more than a week after he actually did it. The entire time I carried on as if nothing happened. Actually, nothing did happen. That’s the thing when your enemies are a bunch of constantly online weirdos who are only there to be part of a social club for losers just like them, they don’t actually do anything. 

I could not imagine anything more ridiculous than cowering in fear of the “I’m so much cooler online” crowd that doesn’t even live anywhere near me. These wannabe-intelligence operatives are so embarrassing that they didn’t even catch something any actual Canadian would catch. Take a look at this again, and look specifically at the province.

Surrey, Alberta? Apparently I live in a town that doesn’t exist. I don’t live in Surrey, British Columbia either, although that’s at least a real place. And I’ve never bothered hiding the fact that I used to live there. If you wanted to scare me, maybe ask me how the weather is like in Kelowna. You know, the city I actually live in. Which you could have found out using the publicly available info that I put right here on this very site

And if they wanted to get a picture of me all they had to do was simply look up “Timothy Coish,” and one of the first results is this. It’s my Chess.com profile. You can feel free to like me on there. Maybe hit me up and we can play together. 

I never kicked anyone out of anything for supporting Azov, even though I didn’t. It’s idiotic for a Canadian dissident to make supporting or not supporting one side of a regional conflict central to their identity, since it doesn’t matter anyway. But imagine a group of fags who get so assblasted that someone wrote an article critical of Azov Battalion three months ago, that they make it their personal mission to go post gore in a public chat and doxx this man.

That they could not have picked a target that cared less is besides the point. It’s not about the result, it’s about the intent. Same for the gore. I’ve been around on the internet long enough to see some shit. I’m not affected by it, although I was outraged at these subhumans celebrating the mutilation of the bodies of what are clearly White Men.

But I have a lot of people in my chat. Some of whom are parents who are in this because their children are suffering through the transgender abuse right here in British Columbia. I’m pretty sure that they don’t deserve to see some decapitated bodies just because some subhuman Zelensky cocksuckers are assmad that their favourite group that wears cool masks are being criticized for being pawns.

Sebastian Gorka with the correct take. – Azov E-Fanboys

Like I said, I found out they posted my doxx some time around 5PM. Around 8PM, we got our next wave of assblasted LARPers.

Apparently this wasn’t the guy himself. It was just some guy he was a fan of.

He came in hot and heavy by posting yet another dead Russian soldier pic, which I will not repost. He then absolutely felted us by calling us ziggers.

The logic is impeccable…

We had some fun for a while. He offered to send me a pizza.

I am quite the cook. We’ll be having some BBQ’s in Kelowna soon.

I never actually ovened the pizza ordering guy. I’ve never wanted to have a chat purely full of people agreeing with me. This guy eventually calmed down and stopped sperging, so I let him stay.

The restraint it took not to oven this guy…

There were some who were not so charitable.


There is a fine line between a stifling echo chamber, and just letting the e-tards run rampant in the chat. While I personally don’t care about my face and name getting out there, as I put them out there myself long ago, I can’t speak for everyone else who has a pseudonym. Hypersensitive spergs who flip out when someone writes an article critical of their idiot fan club and start posting gore everywhere and doxxing people are far beyond acceptable.

These are not productive comments from productive people. These are e-fights that have no relevance to the real world. Say what you will about the Azov Battalion guys, and I’ve said my bit above, their fanclub is just about the worst thing on the internet.

Sikh volunteers with the Wehrmacht

These easily manipulated tards might go around LARPing as nazis, but if we transported them back to 1939, they’d be bloviating about how Adolf Hitler wanted to work with “muh brown hordes,” and how Polish nationalists absolutely need our utmost dying support. And how the English empire was based because it ruled over brown people or something dumb like that. Then they’d go on about how the “Germanic Hordes,” weren’t White, and were raping Polish women constantly. 

OMG! Is Hitler working with a Brown Person? Duginist White Genocider confirmed!!!!


They’re either dumb, or simply bad actors. Being dumb and falling for tricks online is defensible. Doxxing a committed and hardworking pro-White activist is not. But I guess it’s for a good cause. ZOG needs Ukraine to be continue being a great money laundering corrupt country where Ukrainians live in poverty. So they’re just forced to go attack actual pro-White activists. Just like they’re forced to share videos of mutilated Russian bodies. It’s for the pro-White cause, goy.

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  1. Never understood the trolling community let alone dealing with these crazy arseholes. Keep up the great work. We need more people like you in Canada. \o

  2. Every day, it’s gotten increasingly improbable that the few remaining aZOG e-shills aren’t just literal paid agents or extremely schizophrenic tards (probably with FBI handlers). This article seals it.

  3. Why would someone who thinks that Russians aren’t white be offended by the idea of a bunch of jews in the USSR killing Russians?

  4. There are probably some bad actors on both sides but honestly I think much of this confusion and angst is due to the fact that this is a White vs. White war, as opposed to the usual Middle Eastern shenanigans, and many WN’s don’t know which side to take, if any.
    On one side we have Russia with its communist iconography and multiculturalist authoritarian leader Putin, who is very close to Chabad Jews and has based much of his propaganda off of retarded shit written by Jews in WW2, and on the other we have the Jew dictator Zelensky and his NATO backers who started the war by terrorizing people in Donbass.
    Both sides are basically two different arms of ZOG and as usual only Whites are being killed.

  5. […] Azov Ukraine Supporters Telegram Group, A Case Study of E-Spergery […]

  6. There are zero MAGA conservatives, paleocons, populists or moderate ethnonationalists who support gayZOG fagtallion. The gayZOG shilling is coming entirely from the rump skinhead/NS/criminal/hooligan/hollywood nazi movement that has been drifting away from mainstream white nationalism for twenty five years. At this point, most WNs just see all of these groups and people as system agents, which is what they are. This scene is dying out and the war is isolating these people further from the real white nationalist movement, which was always anti-ZOG.

    Interestingly, e-grifters, mainstream trump supporters and euro-nationalists are not pro-jewkraine. They all lean towards Russia. It shows that the pro-ZOG NS movement is moribund, with no pool of young ZOG lovers with nazi fetishes to recruit from. They get people from prisons and gangs and psychopaths and agents who are informing under pressure because their own criminal charges. The more distance we can put between ZOGnazis and white nationalism, the better.

    Note that ZOGnazis are mostly in Europe now, but they have no support from any nationalist parties or leaders there.

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for writing. This site has become a daily visit for me.

  8. Appreciated all the kind words from everyone here.

  9. You know you’re in for a wild ride when you login to telegram and the daily rake chat has 200+ unread messages

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