Bloomberg Government:

Several House Republicans are ratcheting up pressure on Senate colleagues to take action on bipartisan immigrant farmworker legislation the chamber passed last year.

Republican Reps. Dan Newhouse (Wash.), Jim Baird (Ind.), Doug LaMalfa (Calif.), and Mike Simpson (Idaho) joined the American Business Immigration Coalition and agriculture groups outside the US Capitol on Tuesday to push the issue as a matter of economic security.

The lawmakers and their allies argued that overhauling the US agricultural guestworker visa program and offering a path to green cards for some farmworkers would help combat inflation and reduce domestic food costs.

Economic arguments for migrant labourers are so transparently self-serving propaganda for billionaires and big corporations. We’ve had plenty of restrictive periods of migration, and it is not characterized by skyrocketing prices but rather a happier, healthier country. They do the same thing with tariffs and other historically proven economic policies.

The House Republicans and others at Tuesday’s event pointed to a new study to buoy their arguments. Inflation decreases as numbers of H-2A visas increase, Texas A&M International University researchers found. The H-2A program is also associated with less unemployment and higher minimum wages, their analysis says.

Experts say that bringing in a flood of foreigners specifically as day labourers lowers unemployment and raises wages. It’s funny because every study ever has shown the opposite, but now these shills supposedly have one that says the impossible. I can’t tell you how excited I’m going to be voting for Republicans.

I really feel like they represent me.

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  1. Could we just hurry up and get Hitler back?

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