We begin with the story of “Alex,” and her horrifying experience with the Tavistock “child gender clinic.” This is quite the long piece, so feel free to skim and read the bold.

The Times UK Archived Link:

Alex* was a girl who desperately wanted to be a boy. From the ages of 12 to 16, “he” embarked on four years of experimental treatment, in a desperate bid to transform from female to male. Now 18 and trying to catch up on a chemically delayed adolescence, he feels the Tavistock treated him like “a guinea pig”.

The gender clinic that sent him into the medical unknown has no record of the outcome of his case, he says. It does not know the impact of those experimental drugs on his body, or the repercussions of this supposedly pioneering treatment on his life, he claims, because no one ever asked.

Alex is not her real name, and they refer to her as “he,” throughout this piece, because the child still “identifies as trans.” I’m sure she’ll grow out of that, but more relevantly this supposedly World famous “Gender Identity Development Service,” didn’t bother recording the results of their own child experimentation. This doesn’t make sense from the perspective of a serious scientific or medical program, but since their job is to destroy our children while profiting, recording the horrifying results would be counterproductive.

The Post Millenial:

A report by the National Health Service has found the Tavistock clinic’s gender identity services are “not a safe or viable long-term option” for children and youth.

Retired pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass was commissioned by NHS England to investigate the services in question at the Tavistock clinic, which has been sending children as young as 10-years-old for experimental hormone treatment.

As for Tavistock itself, in May of this year the English government had to step in and explicitly say that their actions are not safe for children. That’s a partial victory at best, as the child experimentation ring is still up and running.

Now back to The Times original article.

He was one of the very few young people who jumped off, deciding after four unhappy years on puberty blockers not to make that final, irreversible leap to cross-sex hormones. The vast majority of children referred by the Tavistock for hormone blockers continued with their transition once they became eligible at 18, but how they are getting on remains unclear as the clinic did not collect the data – a fact that High Court judges in the Keira Bell case noted was “surprising given the young age of the patient group, the experimental nature of the treatment and the profound impact that it has”.

The article implies that puberty blockers, specifically Lupron, are reversible. To some extent this is true, but misleading. There are many long term problems with Lupron, a drug used to chemically castrate violent inmates, and giving it to children for years is irresponsible at best.

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Alex and his mother travelled to north London for the first consultation around 18 months later. “It wasn’t like CAMHS[Child Adolescent Mental Health Services] at all. They didn’t ‘discuss’. They kind of just accepted [from CAMHS] that you were trans” – as if the act of referral were confirmation of transgender identity itself.
“They said, ‘Oh yeah, you’re definitely trans.’ See you in a month.” At the end of the first session, before Alex had shared any personal history or discussed his feelings in depth, exploring for example, why he might not want to be a girl, he claims he was given forms for changing his name via deed poll. “It was like, ‘Have you done this yet?’ ” He was 12. “It was insane.”
“I was tremendously anxious about looking like a girl. They said, ‘We think you’re the right age and you should try hormone blockers.’ They sell the drugs very early, very hard.

It goes without saying, but this is not medical care. Doctors have a responsibility to do no harm. Instead, these doctors and psychiatrists are simply trying to turn as many children into trannies as possible. They don’t keep records of their experimentation on children, and they don’t even delve into the child’s history before they diagnose them as “tranny.” That’s because the purpose is to find some reason to say “you’re a tranny, take these drugs.”

But what could you expect? Transgenderism and gender dysphoria are fake. If they were real scientists and doctors they would diagnose 100% of kids who showed up as being the gender they were at birth, but with some mental health issues.

It’s like Tiamat Medusa, probably not its real name, who identifies as a trans-dragon. Or that broad who identified as a “human-avian hybrid,” specifically a blue jay. These people identify as things that they aren’t. That’s the medical diagnosis.

He hoped that artificially halting the development of his female body would help him fit in more with the male peers whose lives he so envied.

Instead, what [puberty blockers] did was keep him in a child’s body while his friends grew up. While the boys grew taller and hairier, Alex’s growth slowed and weight ballooned, with the weight going to the hips and breasts, accentuating exactly the female form he was trying to escape. The sudden weight gain also created angry, itchy stretch marks and a new anxiety about eating, which still remains. His little brother overtook him in height. “I felt even more depressed and isolated.” The hormone blockers also did exactly that – blocking hormones and keeping Alex in the asexual state of a child while his friends were having their first kisses and sexual relationships.


He claims the clinicians failed to explain the possible side-effects or gain his informed consent as a minor.
Alex claims the only psychiatric evaluation during this treatment consisted of occasional form-filling, which wasn’t followed up. “Tracking? There was none.” If they actually gave a crap over what it was doing to my body, they would not have let me continue. If they had read those forms, they would have known I was not feeling any better. They just kept giving me higher doses.”
Alex claims he was also put on beta blockers during this time, until one day he collapsed in the school toilets, heart thumping in his chest, after running 1,500m in athletics. His mother called the clinic, demanding a review of the treatment. Alex came off the beta blockers but continued with the hormone injections until, aged 16, tired, overweight, depressed and increasingly lonely, he decided to walk away from the Tavistock altogether.
In his last consultation, aged 16, “I said to [the therapist], ‘I’m not doing it any more. This isn’t helpful. This isn’t what it says on the tin.’ I’m fed up being sold snake oil. It’s ridiculous.”
At that point, Alex and his mum claim the clinician invited Alex to step aside to make space for other young people on the waiting list – others, he allegedly implied, who were willing to continue to cross-sex hormones. “That’s when he said, ‘Well, we have hundreds of other trans people who want to talk to us…’ ”
“When you stop the drugs, they ditch you.”

Once again, I need to hammer this home. Tavistock, and the tranny industry more broadly, have the singular goal of destroying as many children as possible while profiting bigly. They tell these children that they care so much about them. In fact, they tell them that they’re the only ones who care about them and understand them.

In reality, this is an industry. The middle management is just there to push tranny product, and the capitalists, like the Pritzkers, are malicious and ideologically motivated.

“I’m a realist. I know, there’s nothing I can do that will change how I was born. I know that if they dig my skeleton up in years to come, it will be recognised as female. But the Tavistock could not deal with that. They wanted trans people who were young, who they could mould into their idea of what trans is.

In what can only be described as a brutal oversight, I don’t have that great “that’s a female skull,” meme. For this I am sorry.

He realised that “just sitting down and having a good chat with my mum” provided more comfort than pills and injections.

Earlier in the story they detail Alex’s problems as a twelve year old child. He was having a tough time of it, and reading between the lines she might be a bit butch. Shockingly, having a heart to heart with a loving parent did more for her than the Tranny Industrial Complex. Who could have predicted this?

His mother now believes the Tavistock’s approach was deeply unethical. “They were pumping Alex with an experimental drug, then beta blockers, then talking about surgeries. So to come out of that system without any follow-up – that is negligent.
“When you’re doing experimental treatment, you take literally every single scrap of data you can get and you analyse it. You don’t just ignore it.”
She also believes the blockers were pushed “too early”: “They are experimenting on our children with absolutely no knowledge about how that’s going to affect their growth or their brain development.
“They had no idea what that was going to do to Alex’s body. Why not allow all these normal developments to happen, then make a judgment? They are far too quick to dish it out.”

It’s amazing, isn’t it. Turning your children into trannies is the most experimental of experimental treatments. And yet the people doing it record less information on their victims than real doctors do for regular patients.  

He is now catching up on adolescence and is relieved to have regained some height. The period he had been so dreading arrived when he was 18, but he now regards it as merely “a monthly inconvenience”.
Relationships remain a puzzle. Two years on, since coming off the blockers Alex has still not experienced any sexual feelings.
“When you watch shows and there’s, like, a fit girl, you say, ‘They’re fit,’ but you have no real understanding of what that means.
“That can really backfire, because you don’t know what is the correct way of checking people out. I don’t know how this works.
“You don’t really feel anything towards anyone. I imagine you’re supposed to get some feeling? I don’t know how to explain it really. But there is nothing. I feel like I can’t recognise what love feels like. Being in love and knowing you’re in love… I can’t even comprehend that concept. Because I don’t feel anything.”

They put this child on “puberty blockers,” for over three years. And while the child may not be officially sterilized, they are so hormonally damaged that they aren’t sexually attracted to anything or anyone. They are truly asexual.

Hopefully this eventually fixes itself, but don’t ever let these people get away with claiming that puberty blockers are these innocuous things in and of themselves. They are very much not.

It has been almost three years since his last consultation and he finds it astonishing that there has been no follow-up.
“I could have been in a mental hospital after really hurting myself. Worst-case scenario, I could have ended up killing myself.
“I never got a phone call asking, ‘How has it been to come off the drugs?’ From their perspective, it would be useful for them to know what happened,” says Alex.
More than 10,000 distressed young people remain on the waiting list for the service, which is currently being reviewed.

They don’t say exactly what cocktail of drugs poor Alex was put on. But let’s take a closer look at Lupron, the drug most likely used as a “puberty blocker,” for child experimentation.

Christian Post:

Pediatric endocrinologists, whose voices are being stifled, are sounding the alarm about a “diabolical” push to put children confused about their bodies on puberty suppressants and hormone blockers like Lupron to change their physical sex.

According to Drs. Paul Hruz, Michael Laidlaw and Quentin Van Meter, all of whom spoke recently with The Christian Post, Lupron — a hormonal agent that’s employed to fight prostate cancer in men and is sometimes used to treat sex offenders — is now being injected into children who suffer from gender dysphoria.

The drug has never been green-lighted by the FDA for that purpose, nor have there been any peer-reviewed studies done on the drug’s long-term physical and psychological side effects on children.

Lupron and synthetic hormones are ravaging their developing bodies, altering their psyches, and putting them on a pathway to permanent sterilization, these doctors say. Many of the long-term repercussions will not be felt for years. At present, endocrinologists who refuse to back these experimental treatments struggle to be published, and many in the medical field remain unaware of what is going on in dozens of transgender clinics at children’s hospitals across the nation.

It’s also claimed that it’s completely safe and reversible. But among the many problems with that approach is that a normal developmental process is interrupted. Even if the hormone treatment is stopped after administering it for a few years and the normal signals for puberty resume, it’s impossible to go back in time, [Dr. Paul Hruz] explained.

Clear evidence exists that the drug influences bone density, he continued. During adolescence and teenage years, youth accumulate bone mass, which is important for the rest of one’s life.

“And there is conflicting information about how much of that bone density can be gained back” after going off the drug.

These same LH/FSH hormonal signals from the pituitary are released in adults to maintain testosterone or estrogen levels. Lupron, also known as Leuprolide, blocks the release of LH/FSH, thereby stopping testosterone from being produced and released from the testes or estrogen from the ovaries. It is used to treat prostate cancer because testosterone will grow prostate tissue, including prostate cancer tissue. The therapeutic idea is that when the hormone is decreased to a very low or undetectable level, cancer growth is prevented. The drug is also used to treat endometriosis in women by lowering estrogen levels through the same pituitary mechanism.

There has never been a single study looking into the long term effects of Lupron, a drug that blocks sex hormones from being produced, in children. Nor do the child abusers who are pushing this on all fronts, including refusing to publish endocrinologists critical of child experimentation, seem all that interested in producing their own study, as Alex’s experience showed. Instead they simply pretend that shutting down the natural production of sex hormones is just like no big deal, and any scientific validation of that premise is simply unnecessary.

As for the bone damage, I’ve got another piece on just that. 

Stat News:

For years, Sharissa Derricott, 30, had no idea why her body seemed to be failing. At 21, a surgeon replaced her deteriorated jaw joint. She’s been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. Her teeth are shedding enamel and cracking.

None of it made sense to her until she discovered a community of women online who describe similar symptoms and have one thing in common: All had taken a drug called Lupron.

There has never been a better time to be an investigative journalist, since there are so many outrages that are just there, out in the open. This article is from 2017, and I wonder if it would be published today, what with Lupron being so important to the Child Abuse Lobby.

In interviews and in online forums, women who took the drug as young girls or initiated a daughter’s treatment described harsh side effects that have been well-documented in adults.

Women who used Lupron a decade or more ago to delay puberty or grow taller described the short-term side effects listed on the pediatric label: pain at the injection site, mood swings, and headaches. Yet they also described conditions that usually affect people much later in life. A 20-year-old from South Carolina was diagnosed with osteopenia, a thinning of the bones, while a 25-year-old from Pennsylvania has osteoporosis and a cracked spine. A 26-year-old in Massachusetts needed a total hip replacement. A 25-year-old in Wisconsin, like Derricott, has chronic pain and degenerative disc disease.

“It just feels like I’m being punished for basically being experimented on when I was a child,” said Derricott, of Lawton, Okla. “I’d hate for a child to be put on Lupron, get to my age and go through the things I have been through.”

Lupron has been used to prevent “precocious puberty,” in children. That’s when a child is going through puberty early, so doctors give them Lupron. It’s also used when kids are really short. However, there are serious issues.

Meanwhile, pediatricians and industry researchers are criticizing doctors for using Lupron to help kids with normally timed puberty grow taller, an “off-label” practice that was shown more than a decade ago to cause harm. Off-label prescribing is legal and common, but means doctors are using drugs in ways the FDA did not determine to be safe and effective.

AbbVie Inc., the company that now makes the drug, said Lupron safety studies were submitted to the FDA before it approved the medication for Central Precocious Puberty in 1993. The drug’s label defines the condition as the onset of sexual characteristics before age 8 in girls and before 9 in boys.

In other words, for extremely early onset puberty, where seven year old girls are going through puberty, it’s widely considered that the negatives of Lupron are outweighed by the positives. In contrast, there is no evidence that Lupron can be safely used to delay normal onset puberty in adolescents. And the perverts who claim otherwise do so literally without a single study supporting its usage in this manner. Not one. Not even a highly flawed study to deboonk the neo-natzees. Not even a Snopes Fact-Check.

Regardless, we should not oversell our case here, nor do we need to. We have these child abusers giving double masectomies, which is the removal of breasts, to thirteen year old girls. We personally know girls as young as sixteen here in BC who have undergone this mutilation, and that’s just what we know of. As you can imagine, they hide this, for the same reason they put publication bans on the Rob Hoogland case.

Puberty blockers do not necessarily leave the child sterilized, although the cross sex hormones most certainly do, as well as the surgeries of course. Best case scenario the kids can go off of Lupron no worse for wear. Worst case scenario and they end up like Alex, asexual and slightly disfigured.

Even in the best case scenario, it’s still experimentation on children, and the people doing said experimentation have no scientific backing for their claims. Nor do they actually care, as Alex shows through their complete indifference to the actual results of their “care.” Instead, they view “puberty blockers,” purely as a stepping stone to full on child mutilation through surgeries, cross sex hormones, etcetera. 

The goal is to groom the child as long as possible, and puberty blockers are just a part of that.

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  1. “but more relevantly this supposedly World famous “Gender Identity Development Service,” didn’t bother recording the results of their own child experimentation. ”

    I wouldn’t even deign to call this experimentation – if you are actually carrying out research towards some sort of well-defined goal, then record-keeping is absolutely essential, especially if you plan on publishing your results. This is child abuse masquerading as medicine.

    1. Furthermore, the notion that they don’t know what Lupron does to a child’s brain is completely false. Multiple studies have shown that Lupron stunts brain development and lowers IQ. You could quibble about “muh sample sizes”, but the doctors touting waiting lists in the thousands of patients (and are thus in the perfect position to settle the question) aren’t even trying to bring their own evidence to the table – instead, they’re just using their institutional clout to silence their opponents.

      And ultimately, that’s how you KNOW that what they’re doing is wrong.

      1. Excellent comments Jimmy. I have to do more research on the link between Lupron and IQ. I’ve heard that before, but it’s truly shocking stuff.

        And yes, it’s not even experimentation. Just child abuse.

        1. Another thought occurred to me while I was toiling away in my wage cage – surely there
          are some sort of state-mandated record keeping requirements for medical practitioners? I find it incredulous that a clinic has zero records for Alex’s case. I’m neither a doctor nor a lawyer, but this sounds like criminal levels of malpractice to me. If I were that kid’s parents, I’d definitely go to a lawyer.

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