I’ve never watched Baked Alaska’s content before on account of not having brain damage. I vaguely remember him being a guy who did livestreaming at Charlottesville before cucking and getting out of the alt-right. Then apparently he got into the Caboi Cult just in time to get felted by weird English bugcreature Louis Theroux.

Let’s see what the little guy’s up to these days.

I could honest to god turn this one post into a mini series all of its own.

So hyped for this meal! 😉 😉

You can eat this good too at Bistro MD fresh meals delivered to your door.

Bistro MD may not be getting their money’s worth with Baked Alaska. First of all, he didn’t even write the sentence properly. It should go something like this.

You too can eat this well with Bistro MD‘s fresh meals delivered to your door.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the box itself.

Forgive me for being curious as to what “Chef-Prepared,” means in this context. Are we really supposed to believe that some Michelin three star chef is cooking this frozen meal just for us? This garbage was obviously manufactured industrially and it insults our intellect to pretend otherwise.

I’ve also lost 8 pounds in the first week no cap!!!

Nobody loses eight pounds in a single week unless they’re grotesquely obese. Fatlaska is more pudgy than pre-diabetic, and he doesn’t bother providing any evidence on his telegram channel. 

I had to look up what “no cap,” meant. Sure enough it means “not joking,” according to Dictionary.com. And where does it originate?


In Black slangto cap about something is “to brag,” “to exaggerate,” or “to lie” about it. This meaning of cap dates back to the early 1900s.

No cap was popularized in 2017 when Atlanta-based rappers Young Thug & Future released the track “No Cap.” In the song, the rappers boast about all the wealth and swag they’ve acquired, no cap, including clothes, cars, and jewelry.

It sure is a good thing that these goofballs keep reminding us that we’re the wiggers. It’s real easy to forget.

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So it’s come to this.

Baked Alaska, once a grifter with a promising future pretending to be a serious political actor has been reduced to pimping TV dinners. I wonder where Fuentes will be in five years time.

Probably President of the United States of America.

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  1. The niggerisation/wiggerisation of the non-mainstream right is quite topic in itself.
    Just an example: The “dogpill” meme aka “White girls fuck dogs” popularised by Iron March-affiliated unhinged e-Christian Common Filth in both RW and incel spheres originates from the widespread belief among American nigs that White people are uniquely sexually depraved and constantly engage in incest, bestiality and sodomy (see also buck breaking).

    These people have a worse influence than 5000 overweight NSM guys in plastic stahlhelms in front of a television crew could ever have.

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