I was feeling quite under the weather yesterday, something that has only gotten worse today. I initially put this down to a long flight combined with recovering from a hard workout. Turns out one of the guys at our meetup came down with Covid-19. I haven’t been tested, but our symptoms are pretty much identical.

Having work that can be done sitting down is a huge advantage, so don’t feel like there won’t be any more original content today, but I’m mostly going to use the rest of the day to curl up and finish some political reading that I’ve been behind on for quite some time. I actually feel worse today than yesterday, but I’m sure this will clear up soon, and be behind us in no time. 

I don’t usually like whining in public, but I have to admit that it’s taking it out of me. Blame the plague rat.

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  1. Get well soon brother. I had it and was flu like for a few days and then fine. And I’m kinda old.

  2. A specific diagnosis of COVID depends on a test, either PCR or (probably much more common today) an antigen (not antibody) test, both of which are notoriously unreliable — e.g. Elon Musk tweeted about how a nurse administered an antigen test on him 4x in one day, where the result was 2x positive and 2x negative.

    I saw a lot of nonsense that, while not admitting the tests are unreliable, was clearly put out to push back against such COVID ‘misinformation’, e.g. once on the NHS website (UK) they said 1/3 of those with COVID had no symptoms — why say that unless many people with positive tests weren’t sick and didn’t actually have COVID?

    The whole pandemic narrative was created and held together by testing untold millions of healthy people, many regularly (another kind of mandate), and then counting every positive result, including large numbers of false positives, as a ‘case’.

    Gute Besserung.

  3. I caught it late last Sep. Knocked me on my ass for about 2 and a half months. Took about a year to get back where I was (i.e., until now) before I got sick.

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