It’s been a long time since I wrote about Destiny, the least insane member of the Globo Homo Worshippin Brigade who go by the collective term “Breadtube.” When we last touched off with the lispy cuckold, we learned that his Twitch account had been oven’d. Yesterday they came for his twatter.

Writing about him ovened off twitch was actually my first introduction to Keffals, but then I totally forgot about the guy until his neo-vagina got some sand in it and he went after KiwiFarms. Turns out he’s been a one man crybully squad on the internet for years, and even literal cucks like Destiny are getting oppressed by these creatures.

He’s got a few videos on his site that are multiple hours long where he goes into his beef with Keffals. I got about ten minutes in before having to call it quits, but this two minute video below shows him announcing his plans to sue Keffals for defamation. 

The video is from about ten days ago, and I can’t find any evidence of him launching any lawsuit in the meantime. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than me not being able to find it.

Roughly speaking Destiny’s complaint was that defamation, which Keffals has readily admitted to, was responsible for him losing his Twitch account. This cost him close to a half million dollars in lost income per year, plus additional expenses. Keffals has taken credit for Mr. Bonnell losing his Twitch account, which seems fairly plausible to me. Having said that, they did remove Keffals/Lucas’ account just two days later, so maybe he never really had all that much sway with Twitch.

Whatever the results of this lawsuit, Destiny represented something of the last line of non-insanity in the kosher-left constantly online sphere. Above we see him making fun of Hasan Piker for being a pussy. Below we see him making fun of some neckbeard loser who was still assmad that Rittenhouse got acquitted. 

He’s also said “I don’t need IQ tests to know that niggers are stupid,” as an exact quote. The video of him saying that used to be everywhere, but unfortunately I don’t have it.

I’ve written before about how the silver lining on censorship is that it delegitimizes the censorious institution. Reddit is the best example. In 2013 being big on Reddit might have been cool. I wasn’t on it even back then, but I could see that. In 2022 even being on Reddit makes you a big fag, and not being liked by (P)redditors is just about the greatest endorsement one could possibly hope for.

At this point, twatter is no different. Yeah, this site still has an account that I keep forgetting to post to, but I had a previous account that was oven’d, and the existing account won’t last past the next banwave. In the meantime all the cool kids are on Poast and Telegram, so hit up those links and give us a follow. 

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  1. Pretty darn funny.
    They say the eyes broadcast your character and intelligence (or lack thereof).
    When I look at the female in the first photo I see a neutral zone and hear bees buzzing in my head.

  2. >Destiny represented something of the last line of non-insanity in the kosher-left constantly online sphere
    Nah, desTINY is fucking insane too, he’s a open borders (neo-)liberaltarian cuckold after all.
    It’s just that he says edgy shit on occasion which is no longer tolerated by the astroturfed deradicalization program he was part of (willingly or not). The whole point of his fame (and that of Hasan and Vaush) is to get brain-damaged zoomers and late millenials to “Vote Blue no matter who” and present milquetoast ideologies like RadLibs-LARPing-as-communists as “edgy and transgressive”.
    It’s like Chapo Trap House with even less intellectual pretenses.

    I honestly hope he and pus-holed fart fetish kween ruin each other with lolsuits and both end up destitute under the same bridge.

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