Al Jazeera:

Sudden and unexplained gas leaks detected in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines from Russia to Germany have prompted investigations by European countries into the cause amid fear of possible sabotage.

Denmark’s armed forces on Tuesday released video showing bubbles rushing to the surface of the Baltic Sea above the pipelines, and said the largest gas leak had caused surface disturbances of well over one kilometre in diameter.

The former Polish “Defense Minister,” Radek Sikorski is positively gloating about this act of sabotage that he attributes to the US. I’m sure he, his warmongering wife, (((Anne Applebaum))), and her boyfriend are all equally giddy right now. This is almost as important to them as regime change in Iran.

But why not celebrate this crucial victory over Vladimir the Badimir? After all, this was the very same pipeline that GAYTO was claiming Russia was sabotaging in order to deny gas to Europe, so it makes perfect sense to sabotage this ourselves.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either. On multiple occasions we’ve had our “leaders,” whining about Russia not delivering gas through the Nord Stream pipeline. Apparently the solution is to… blow it up. I’m trying to come up with a more logical explanation and I’m grasping at straws.

An energy standoff over Russia’s war in Ukraine halted flows through Nord Stream 1 and prevented the onset of flows through the parallel Nord Stream 2.

Plunging Russian gas supplies have caused prices to soar in Europe, where countries have struggled to find alternative supplies of energy used to heat homes, generate electricity and run factories.

The bizarre schizophrenia displayed here is unreal. It wasn’t abstract forces that caused the flow of gas to be halted, it was a deliberate decision by Russia. Here’s a CNN article from August 31st on the matter.


Russia has temporarily halted natural gas deliveries to Europe through a vital pipeline and cut off all supplies to a French utility, deepening an energy crisis that has sent inflation in the region to a record high of 9%.

Russian state energy giant Gazprom cut all deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline on Wednesday in what it said was a planned shutdown until Saturday for maintenance work.

In recent months, Gazprom has slashed flows through Nord Stream 1 to just 20% of capacity, citing maintenance issues and blaming Western sanctions on exports of technology imposed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has also cut off supplies to several “unfriendly” European countries and energy companies over their refusal to pay for gas in rubles, as the Kremlin insists, rather than the euros or dollars stated in contracts. European leaders say Russia is trying to blackmail countries over their support for Ukraine.

Trudeau was whining about this exact thing on multiple occasions. The claim was that Russia was just pretending to have maintenance issues in order to deny gas to Europe. This claim was almost certainly true, especially since they kept having these vague “maintenance problems,” whenever they felt like putting pressure on Europe. I guess this eventually caused Gayto to ragequit and go and sabotage the already shut down pipelines. 

Back to the Al Jazeera piece.

“But I think if we look at who would actually benefit from disturbances, more chaos on the gas market in Europe, I think there’s basically only one actor right now that actually benefits from more uncertainty, and that is Russia,” Puck Nielsen said.

FFS I don’t think I can take this retarded propaganda anymore. They’re claiming that Russia decided to blow up their own pipelines, which they had already shut down I remind you, in order to “create uncertainty.” Either Vladimir Putin has turned into Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, or the WMD Liars are lying, like always.

It’s funny to think about, but come on now.

What caused the leaks?

It is not yet clear. Analysts and experts say such leaks are very rare, and Nord Stream AG has called leaks on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines “unprecedented”.

Possible causes range from technical malfunctions to a lack of maintenance, to even possibly sabotage.

The Swedish National Seismic Network recorded two “massive releases of energy” shortly prior to, and near the location of, the gas leaks, Peter Schmidt, an Uppsala University seismologist, told AFP.

Ukraine said the leaks were likely the result of a “terrorist attack” carried out by Moscow.

“The large-scale ‘gas leak’ from Nord Stream 1 is nothing more than a terrorist attack planned by Russia and an act of aggression towards the EU,” Kyiv’s Presidential advisor Mikhaylo Podolyak said on Twitter.

I just can’t take it anymore. The (((Ukrainian Government))) ought to be a case study in how to make extraordinarily stupid propaganda. Nobody believes that Russia committed a terrorist attack against their own pipeline for absolutely no reason, least of all the (((globalists))) celebrating said terrorist attack.

Quick everyone, let’s get this secret Russia Shill and his zionist wifey off of twatter. They’re blowing our cover by celebrating too openly working with the Kremlin.

I wrote that as satire before finding some fag doing this bit pretty much verbatim. It’s getting more and more difficult to satirize ClownWorld.


But President Joe Biden promised on February 7 to prevent Nord Stream 2 from becoming operational if Russia invaded Ukraine. “If Russia invades,” said Biden, “then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

Reporter: “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?”

Biden: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

And Sikorski is no Putin apologist. In a May debate with Univeristy of Chicago political scientist, John Mearsheimer, Sikorski accused Russia of being in violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, under which Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons. Following the debate, the Chairman of the Russian State, Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, said “Sikorski is causing a nuclear conflict in the center of Europe. He does not think about the future of Ukraine or that of Poland. If his suggestions are fulfilled, these countries will cease to exist, as will Europe.” Sikorski is also married to Anne Applebaum, a journalist known for her hawkish views toward Russia.

More like hawk-nosed views, but leave it to Forbes of all places to point out the absurdity of all of this. Gayto sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines after they realized that Russia was content to not sell any gas to Western Europe. Some zionist cunt on twatter celebrated this, but this is bad optics so we’re now all supposed to pretend that Russia did this to themselves for no reason, just like when they attacked their own nuclear power plant for no reason. At this rate Russia is going to top Germany feeding all the jews they were trying to genocide for years and years on end when they could have just starved them all to death in terms of ridiculously illogical things that the enemies of Big Schlomo have done purely to be mustache-twirlingly evil. I’m just surprised they didn’t turn their own pipeline into a bar of soap.

As for the February 7th video of Biden promising to take out the Nord Stream Pipeline, you can watch that below.

The military implications of this are difficult to forecast. Russia had already shut down their pipeline, so this negates any possibility of them starting it again. It also doesn’t help their military to ship out gas in the first place.

They probably weren’t going to restart shipments to Western Eurpor over the winter regardless, this just makes it official. So now Western Europeans will freeze because our parasite class hates Putin with a passion because he shuts down groomer pride parades. 

If you’re still on twatter make sure to stick a Ukrainian flag on your profile to make sure everyone knows how much you support Zelensky and George Soros.

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  1. I guess Ukraine is ths pretext for sending Europe back to the 18th century; while climate change is the pretext for doing the same thing here.

  2. Explosions confirmed on seismic detectors. Magnitude 2.3. Serious stuff. I wonder how many gay op punches Putin will take before he “gets up and tears the shit out of everything”? I know , I know, Putin is a liberal by Russian standards, but he is STILL a Russian.

  3. When, Vlad? WHEN?

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