Indian Express:

Two people were killed and five injured — including two police officers — when a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle and wearing tactical gear began a seemingly random attack in Phoenix on Sunday night before killing himself, authorities said.

Phoenix police identified the man on Monday as 24-year-old Isaiah Steven Williams.

They said he was found to have a single gunshot wound to the head, consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound although the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the cause of death.

The man was seen firing his rifle into the motel then turning the rifle on a car pulling into the parking lot.

A man and woman inside that car died on the scene from gunshot wounds, according to police who have not released the victims’ names yet.

The suspect also was seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at a restaurant window.

It’s nearly impossible to find a picture of Isaiah Steven Williams. The still shot of him leaving the motel, decked out in his tactical gear, and the above picture of him, from his time as a film student at ASU, are all I can find. And yet on August 28th of this year he murders two people and injures five others in a seemingly random shooting spree where he fires over 200 rounds.

12 news:

The FBI is helping out local police to better understand the motives behind a Phoenix shooting that killed two people and injured multiple officers.

The FBI isn’t doing anything other than covering this up. But please, continue.

However, in 2020, friends told police that Williams started to make anti-police and anti-government on social media. The friend claimed he called both systems “systemically corrupt.”

Anti-government eh? So what is he some kind of libertarian?

His parents told officers that their son was not anti-police but anti-capitalist. According to his parents, Williams recently graduated from Arizona State University with a film studies degree. However, he wasn’t able to get a job. They told officers their son became upset over several issues, including the pandemic, racial tension, police violence, and the economy.

I can’t tell you what was on his social media page, because it’s been deleted. They also don’t mention “BLM,” or “Black Lives Matter,” in this article, or any other piece I read on him. But then again, most other pieces don’t get into his politics at all, because an anti-White terrorist attack by a BLMer doesn’t fit The Narrative.

In April, Williams’ parents said they took away his AR-15 and a handgun because they were concerned he may hurt himself.

I guess I lied earlier, because I did find another picture of our killer. This reddit page gave me that picture, as well as some other secondhand information on the guy.

But first even the Redditors raise the obvious question of “why the fuck did I not hear about this from the (WMD Liars)?”

User “Significant-Basket-7” leaves the following comment.

Me and my kids live way too close.. close enough to where I was casually passing by a few hours before the incident, gave some money to a few homeless people out in front of the Ampm/Waffle House… And I’m glad I’m not the only one who is baffled at the lack of coverage of the story and why they have not shown this person’s face? As I type this , I’m having trouble going back to sleep because of the series of I’m hoping fireworks that just went off about 20 minutes ago…. I’ve been through a lot my life and survived someone trying to take my life on two separate occasions …one was almost successful and have PTSD and watching that video gave me such anxiety.. those poor people just pulling in doing absolutely nothing wrong just to be met with a barrage of bullets… Apparently he was from Gilbert… And that is the extent of what I can find.

Late on in the thread one of them posts to his LinkedIn account.

It’s not that interesting, save for confirming that this is indeed the same guy. It also confirms that there are plenty of easily obtainable pictures of him, but the Epstein Killed Himself Liars don’t want the public to see them. Might ruin their White Mass Shooter narrative.

Other Reddit Page:


I have seen his social media accounts (which I urge users not to link to them, out of respect for his family). His Instagram is a bunch of posts about the films he produced. It does show that he followed a bunch of communist activist pages. His Twitter is a lot of posts on activism, particularly about police brutality and criminal justice reform. His Letterboxd shows that he likes highbrow films.

Criminal Justice Reform and kosher-left (fake) anti-police sentiment are just good optics anti-White hate propaganda. These social media corporations scrubbed BLM Waukesha terrorist Darrell Brooks’ social media, but luckily autists on the internet got it before they destroyed it. Isaiah Steven Williams probably had a lot of explicitly anti-White rhetoric on his social media, and went out to murder White People. 

But even if he didn’t, this is exactly the kind of thing that Republicans would be all over, if they were actually there to do anything on behalf of the people. What we know is that he was an antifa/BLM type, one way or another. What he did should be considered an anti-White hate crime, or should at least be screamed from the top of the hills by cuckservatives as a good example of left-wing terrorism. It’s also a great example of the FBI doing absolutely nothing on a clear cut example of politically motivated violence.

But these people exist purely to get out in front of us and make sure that we get nothing, so rest assured, they aren’t going to be saying diddly squat about this.

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  1. Enraging

    Sometimes it is amazing how thoroughly in control of the narrative they are, there isn’t some enterprising reporter out there saying “hey this is a big story, it’ll make me famous!”. Nope, just silence until you picked it up.

    It’s like the NJP, there are millions of white people staying within the rules the wmd liars set, but nobody is out there “doing something”

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  3. Great write-up. It makes zero sense how this story disappeared without people within a few miles of the incident even hearing about it. Change races and political ideologies and the jew media would never shut the fuck up about it.

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