Jordan Peterson is bad enough. Catch our exclusive interview with him if you don’t think so. But as bad as he is, he apparently decided the world needed more of his whore daughter and then some random knockoff Ben Shapiro to give us the 3,000 IQ takes on the “new left.”

Mystery Meat Guy: There was the birth of this new strand on the left. That started to say “well, it wasn’t quite just economic injustice or just poverty that we need to address, it’s also racial injustice, and misogny, and bigotry, and climate change, and that’s when wall street woke up.

No doubt wall street had their hands entirely off of “the left,” until they started spontaneously being super anti-White and pushing global warming catastrophism. You see wall street was just standing there, totally with their hands off this entirely organic thing that happened in the judeo-left, and then they were like “yeah, we can work with this.”

Mystery Meat Continued: This is the opportunity of a generation to say “okay we can do that. We’ll talk about systemic racism if you stop talking about systemic financial risk. We’ll talk about news about the racially disparate impact of climate change after we fly on a private plane to Davos. But we expect the new left to work with that old left and we’ll come to a bargain where you agree to look the other way and leave our game intact. As long as we use our game, our power, to advance some of the game, the agendas, that you all love.

So it was this cynical arranged marriage between two bedfellows who didn’t really love each other, closer to mutual prostitution than an arranged marriage.

I can’t take it any longer. I don’t know who this fag is, but his Shapiro-lite analysis is so annoyingly wrong that I have to respond to it.

Anyone know who this guy is?

As is the MO of cuckservatism, it describes something that could theoretically be plausible, but isn’t actually reflected by material reality. Yes, to some small extent there are relatively apolitical parasites in big corporations who are totally happy to push out some anti-White groomer garbage even though they personally don’t care, but the idea that they are doing this to get the kosher-left off their backs laughable. The Kosher-Left is totally impotent on economic issues. They are totally impotent on anti-war issues, and they don’t actually give a single fuck.

Lockheed Martin

Furthermore, when we look at the (((backgrounds))) of many financiers we find out that their pro-war (for Israel) and pro-corporate (so they can loot the country) schemes are totally compatible with their anti-White “racial justice,” programs and their HIV Positive “progressive,” social agenda. And many of these (((people))) are willing to spend millions, maybe even billions on their politics. 

The Jew George Soros is the best examples of this. He wasn’t bullied by “muh left,” into supporting some anti-White pervert shit. He isn’t bribing these people politically, he owns them, and they’re his golems. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz describes himself as a “Democrat [war] Hawk.” In other words, “please kill more Brown People in the Middle East while cynically pretending to care about Brown People here in order to hurt Whitey.” And no, he wasn’t bullied into doing this by some easily censored pink haired troon on twatter.


But luckily for all of us, Juden Peterstein is quick to interrupt, and lay down the 

Jordan Peterson: Just call it fascism.

Uhm excuse me. Did I hear that correctly Mr. Peterson?

Mystery Meat: You could call it fascism.

Peterstein: Yeah you could, because that’s what fascism means. It’s the union of people at the top.

I did a review of CJ Miller’s excellent compilation of Hitler’s speeches. I found the book great, but in my last review I had to say the following.

I’m enjoying the book, but the speeches are a little underwhelming. The problem is that Hitler just keeps saying “fascism is the union of people at the top,” over and over, and it’s getting a little tiring. Like, there’s that one part with Goebells where he’s like “aren’t we supposed to be fighting against international finance capital?” and then Hitler’s like “no, because that wouldn’t be people at the top holding hands and working together, and therefore not fascism.”

This is the sort of genius insight that you can get from Juden Peterstein. Fascism is truly just about people at the top working together. Save this video now, there’s no telling when he’s going to get taken down by the fascists at Jewgle.

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  1. He looks like he’s had a stroke lol.

  2. Another darn good one from the rake, I believe the guy who coined “Gorland Blormph” – btw- we need to see if there’s any new Blormph news so I can see that gumby potato head photo. I confess I have repeated the Blormph in comments which nobody ever reads on a couple forums. And I named my oversized rooster Blormph as well.

    WTH was my point? oh yeah Lordal Globing is nothing but a real good way to make shekels on sh*t street. It must be fun to invest and then write the laws. In the larger Picture, anyone who takes this economic prison jew world seriously needs their head examined. And when they do, they are in danger of contracting the cornholio contagious jew mind – good writings keep it up. This blog and specular effect, a little dispatches from the asylum…. pretty much all I have time for….

  3. Peterson should stick to genital hygiene (not that his advice about that is good either) and leave geopolitical analysis to the comedy podcasters and writers who actually get such analysis correct.

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