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Last month, between September 22 through 25, an annual gun show was held in Great Falls, Montana. Sizable crowds attended the event to check out the various firearms that were for sale. But the gathering was also attended by someone who raised eyebrows among the other attendees. As P. Garner Goldsmith at mrcTV reports, several people noticed someone in a car with Canadian license plates observing the comings and goings of attendees at the show. The man turned out to be a policeman, but not of the American variety. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The story was originally broken by Joee Taylor at MontanaRightNow. Taylor reports that local authorities were summoned and when Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter and some of his deputies arrived, the ongoing “operation” was terminated immediately.

Great Falls, Montana is not exactly just over the border. It’s three hundred kilometers to Lethbridge. Granted, this is North America, but this isn’t exactly a Windsor-Detroit type situation. If the RCMP is going 200+ kilometers into the US, that we know of, then at what point are they just flat out policing in America?

“According to Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter, local county employees and people noticed someone with Canadian plates watching people at the gun show.

Once deputies and the sheriff arrived, the operation was shut down immediately.”

“’It’s very dangerous to have an operation like that, and we should have been notified. So we told them the operation was over and to their credit, they agreed and they left that,’ said Slaughter.

RCMP, now with skateboard helmets.

Making this even creepier is that they left immediately after being confronted. I don’t know what to make of that. Either what they were doing was unimportant, or what they were doing was a terrible look for the RCMP. Frankly, if what they were doing was so unimportant that they just up and leave after being exposed by local law enforcement, then that’s pretty damning in and of itself.

The Canadian officer was part of the RCMP’s gun smuggling task force. It turns out that he was working in conjunction with the ATF, though there is no report of any American ATF agents being on the scene to supervise the operation. Compounding matters is the fact that Sheriff Slaughter said that the ATF had never contacted him or any other local law enforcement agencies to let them know that the surveillance operation was scheduled to take place.

As a brief aside, Sheriff Slaughter is a pretty awesome name.

Having a law enforcement agent from another country surveilling Americans at a gun show in Montana should be problematic at a minimum. If he had been there working at the direction of and under the supervision of American ATF agents, that would probably have been acceptable, particularly if there was a specific concern over potential firearms smuggling into Canada. But even then, local law enforcement should have been advised of this in advance to avoid any potential conflicts that might arise.

But the fact that we apparently had a free-range foreign law enforcement agent hanging around outside of a Montana gun showand conducting unsupervised surveillance of American citizens is very disturbing. Who at the ATF gave the greenlight to this operation and why didn’t they bring the local law enforcement agencies into the loop? Why didn’t they at least send one of their own ATF agents along to take charge of the operation?

Here’s another point to consider. The full name of the gun show in question is the “Great Falls Western Collectibles & Antique Gun Show.” As the name implies, this is a show that specializes in the sale of classic, antique firearms. You can see some of them in the video report embedded below. If some criminal was looking to find some really valuable, historic firearms to steal and sell to collectors on the black market, this would obviously be a tempting target. But the ATF is presumably more interested in keeping black and gray market weapons out of the hands of potential killers. Do you really think that many random gang bangers are drooling over the idea of getting their hands on a muzzleloader or an 1800s Colt Peacemaker to use the next time they knock over a liquor store?

None of this makes any sense. And given the way that the Canadian government has been surveilling their own people who engage in peaceful protests over the last year, we certainly don’t need Justin Trudeau exporting his muscle to Montana. If some of the locals had taken umbrage to the cross-border intrusion, things could have gone badly quite rapidly.

RCMP again.

At best the RCMP is being incredibly sloppy and unprofessional. At worst, there’s some extremely suspect things that the RCMP is doing here that they don’t want anyone to know about. I suspect that they’re spying on American citizens on behalf of US law enforcement, but I don’t really know. That the RCMP isn’t clarifying any of this is extremely weird.


Just two weeks before Ontario’s municipal election, Ward 14 councillor candidate Kojo Damptey had to pause his door-knocking and campaign efforts to clean off a racist sticker covering one of his ads on a Hamilton Mountain bus shelter.

“This is a reminder of the things that are wrong with Hamilton and Canada,” Damptey, who is Black, said in a video posted to social media Monday.

“Someone or some group of people take the time to put up an anti-Black and white supremacist message on the face of a bus ad. This speaks to some of the things we’ve been trying to bring attention to in this city. It’s unfortunate and we’ll see if we can find out who did it.”

Tell me more multi billion dollar state propaganda agency that is so anti-White that you refuse to capitalize the W in White People.

The sticker, on a bus shelter near Upper Paradise Road and Mohawk Road West, also displayed a URL to a group on Telegram, an encrypted messaging platform.

The sticker was placed on top of part of Damptey’s face.

Damptey is the former executive director of the Hamilton Centre For Civic Inclusion (HCCI) and a leader among all of those in the city who speak out against racism. 

Kojo Damptey

So he’s a professional anti-White then. That was my prediction before taking at look at this “Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion.”

And it turns out I was right. Sure doesn’t seem like they’re including a lot of White People, men specifically. 

Oh boy do I ever want to learn more about their “anti-Oppression Training.” I’m sure that’ll finally cure me of my cis hetero-ness of Whiteism.

They also have both the “Black Youth Mentorship Program,” and the “Safety and Well-Being Plan for Black Students.” 

The Black Youth Mentorship Program (BYMP) helps improve the emotional well-being of Black youth in Hamilton by connecting with consistent, caring adults, to increase their resiliency, and progress toward their goals.

Wait, but they said they were all for inclusivity. And yet here we see them excluding everyone who wasn’t born Black. That sounds pretty exclusive and discriminatory to me!

This is such a mystery that I can’t even begin to unravel it.


Hamilton police spokesperson Jackie Penman told CBC that officers are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

“The incident was reported this morning. We believe it occurred sometime between Oct. 9-10,” she wrote in an email.

“Hate crime in Hamilton is not acceptable. Left unchecked, hate crime can have a far-reaching impact on communities. This is an ongoing, active investigation. Hate speech and all forms of racism have no place in our community.”

After Damptey and the Equity Network, a local anti-racism advocacy group, posted about the sticker online, numerous responses condemning the vandalism poured in.

Cool, let’s check with Kojo Damptey’s “Centre for Inclusion in Hamilton,” or whatever organization again.

So apparently it is the principle of the Hamilton RCMP that anti-NonBlack racial discrimination is hunky dory. They’re big fans, in fact, they’d like it if you did it more. But if some White People say “well we should put White People first,” then that’s hate speech, despite the fact that hate speech must be directed at a specific group.

“There is a reactionary White backlash occurring in Hamilton where those who have perceived their power and privilege see any emerging non-white leadership as a direct threat to their white supremacy. The dog whistles from some candidates to this effect are clearly being heard,” tweeted Hamilton Centre NDP MP Matthew Green.

“This is unacceptable. White supremacists in this city continue to multiply and get away with racism and hate while we see little to no action to address this by city leaders and officials. Enough is enough,” tweeted HCCI.

NDP MP Matthew Green

Thanks Matthew, it’s so nice to see you sometimes capitalizing the W in White People in the middle of your anti-White screed. 

Peter Smith, a journalist and researcher with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, said there’s no clear data on if hate crimes and incidents are more common during election season, but said the far right is more active during this time as they try to get people elected into power.

He said the group connected to the sticker has no real hierarchy, but has a broad goal of spreading propaganda and growing the group.

Smith said the people in these groups are generally overt racists and neo-Nazis.

“When you look at their online spaces … it’s not a quest for social justice,” he said in a phone interview. “It’s an explicitly, openly racist group.”

Eyo wait a minute, Peter Smith. That’s this guy below. Always nice to have a face to put to this crybully behaviour, especially when it’s this fucked up.

I wrote about him before, and needless to say he’s a real goofball at best. It’s far more damning a commentary on the absolute clown fiesta that is the CBC that they put that guy out there as some sort of credible source.

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  2. >“This is a reminder of the things that are wrong with Hamilton and Canada,” Damptey, who is Black, said

    Akshually, I would say your presence in Canada is a ‘reminder of the things that are wrong with Canada’.

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