Elon Musk recently purchased Twitter, and with this purchase came a flood of n word enjoyers, along with more serious types. Amongst said serious types you can find yours truly, Warren Balogh, Jazzhands, Emily Youcis, Greg Conte, Justice Report, and probably many others. I’ll update the list when more of our guys get on.

And it’ll be nice to get more people on, as the 6%ers have gotten Nuremberg2 trending. Are these guys suddenly getting based, and demanding “Nuremberg kangaroo courts, but for zionists”?

No, no they are not and you can look for yourself if you feel inclined to. Instead we get more of the same tired old cuckservative bullshit about how everyone who is bad is a natzee, coupled with a fastidious avoidment of any decent anti-Covid bullshit rhetoric.

Are we going to point out that the very same propagandists who told us that we had to follow a series of completely arbitrary “science based,” rules also encouraged BLM chimpout superspreader events? Are they going to point out that Canadians entering the country had to go through arbitrary “self-isolation” quarantines, but fake refugees being flown in from all around the World never had to do any of that, and never got tested for Covid? 

Of course not, because conservatives are a bunch of faggots looking for a social club, not serious political actors. 

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  1. Muskrat – even his name is fake, you know, sorta like Bob Dylan.

    Connected Grandson of jewish “technocracy” man of canada.

    His “free speech” makes the social credit score much easier, and the n-word stuff is good divide and conquer, as usual with all those fake name “white nationalist” writers. Their job is to sound stupid and you know, they be breathin’ all the white man’s air.


    1. Thank you. I knew he was a kike. One allele is all it takes.

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