The recent Noticing that’s been happening on twatter has caught more than one ancillary celebrity in its grasp. While there have been plenty of housenegroes, there have also been plenty of others who have stepped up, embolded by the courage shown by /Our Wakandian/ Kanye West, a man I previously wrote off as retarded.

I’m in no way antisemitic but it’s clear jews are held to a completely different standard than other whites.

Well antisemitic simply means “uppity goy,” and I question how White a group of people whose closest genetic relatives are Palestinians can be. Nevertheless, it’s the thought that counts, so good for Jake Shields. And he wasn’t finished.

While there have been many brave souls holocausted in the past few days, Jake Shields’ account remains up, as of now. If you don’t know who he is, Shields was a former UFC fighter and high level submission grappler. The highlight of his career was challenging Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight title in 2011, a bout that he lost by decision. But another, more current grappler/fighter has taken up the mantle, and even more directly.

BJJ World:

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu black belt and top competitor Kyle Boehm needed up without his Polaris Heavyweight world title after commenting on NBA player Kyrie Irving’s post on Instagram in regards to the Holocaust.

Kyle Boehm denied the Holocaust in a post from Irving where the NBA player apologized for unintentionally posting an anti-semitic documentary “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” which landed him in trouble.

At least our boy actually did it, and doubled down. Good on Mr. Boehm, and bad on Polaris for stripping him of his title for his mean hate words of truth.

Jake Shields hasn’t competed since 2018, and doesn’t appear eager to hop back into the cage anytime soon. Kyle Boehm holds a 2-0 record in MMA, although his last fight was in 2012, and he appears to have put the sport well behind him in order to focus on grappling. However, just last month he did well at the most prestigious BJJ tournament in the world, the ADCC, winning one match and losing his next. 

Kyle Boehm

I used to be big into BJJ about a decade ago. I got almost to blue belt, before ultimately giving up the sport. At the time I could have named 10 of the best grapplers in the sport, back in the days when Marcelo Garcia was winning everything. I did a bit of research for this piece, and had never even heard of the guy they’re calling the “king of jiu jitsu,” Gordon Ryan.

One of the reasons I stopped being so enthused about BJJ was the slow erosion of the point, which is to win fights. The original Gracies certainly have a primitive form of BJJ compared to the modern upside down spider De La Hiva whatever guards they’re throwing out these days. But the purpose wasn’t to win BJJ competitions, since those didn’t exist. The purpose was to win fights, and the point was to train without strikes so they could train as hard as possible.

The modern version is its own thing, and while that’s somewhat interesting, it lost a lot of the appeal to me. I distinctly remember my last training session, at least before I went back to the gym just recently, and I was sitting in this guys half guard unable to pass, and he wasn’t even trying to hold me down. We had stalemated, and in any real fight I could have just rained blows down on the guy. At this point you’re supposed to invest time and energy, and of course money, since gym memberships aren’t free, figuring out how to pass this kind of half guard. I just thought it was pretty lame to be doing something you would never do in a fight, so I lost interest and quit.

But we have found our champion and his name is Mr. Boehm. So who knows, maybe I’ll get back into the sport. I’ll certainly cheer for Kyle if I ever get the chance. 

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