I was on Randbot’s stream last night. I try to go on every Saturday, although I only end up making it on roughly every third show. When I was on the topic of Thuletide came up. If you don’t know who that is, he’s a raging little e-sperg pretending to be a couple standard deviations more intelligent than he actually is. Somehow, whether through accidental retardation or deliberate subversion, he always manages to have a take on something that clearly misses the mark. However, in his defense, this fella who never shows his face is truly a HARDCORE ARYAN RACE WARRIOR because he refuses to support FILTHY BROWN PALESTINIANS not being genocided, unlike the rest of us Dooginists and also just normal people.

You can find the Shultide collection here. He came up again because Rand had encountered a particularly obnoxious shill in his twatter replies. User “Eternal Truth,” who has “Anti-Zionist Anti-Soviet #noziggersallowed” written in his bio  popped in under a shitpost by Randbot to make sure that everyone knew that the NJP were nothing more than Russian puppets.

His proof was a Shultide piece, because of course.

In said piece Shultide is absolutely DEMOLISHES the NJP/Dugin/Klaus Schwab connection. His evidence for Striker being a Kremlin double agent Dooginist is that he once went to a Golden Dawn rally.

I actually did a response to that particularly absurd line of attack when it happened back in April, so we avoided talking about it on the show and Rand replied to him with it afterwards. However, when searching his site we stumbled upon an absolute treasure trove of subversive dipshittery in his article titled “The Israel Question.”


My position on Israel has been consistent for years, so you may have heard it before, but this article features a ton of citations. In brief, the problem is not that Israel is “mean to brown people” but that it actively undermines White nations.

We should never criticize Israel from a Leftist perspective. It is not an “evil” or “illegitimate” state because it is a “settler colonialist” project. These critiques undermine our own nationalist claims, leaving us vulnerable to Left-Wing subversion. Whites cannot undo our colonialist past, nor should we want to. We should be immensely proud that we have founded civilizations on every habitable continent in the world.

Additionally, Israel has implemented many basic nationalist policies that White countries could and should emulate, from border walls to DNA-based citizenship. The same can be said of other countries’ nationalist policies, such as Nigeria’s ban on using foreign ethnic groups in television advertising. We would implement many of the same policies if we were to take power and can point to Israel as an example of these policies in action. Most conservatives love Israel, so it’s an easy sell.

There is a certain point where someone has Not Gotten It to a level that simply cannot be explained by naive stupidity. He starts off by strawmanning people doing real attacks on Israel as kosher-leftists who are doing fake attacks on Israel. Yes it’s true that you should never attack the Jew Ethnostate as a “settler colonialist,” project, because it doesn’t apply. We saw an extreme example of this in May of 2021, when Jews literally stole the houses of the goyim in occupied Palestine.

Settler colonialism is an anti-White term used to pretend that White People building and developing untamed land in North America is some sort of “colonialism,” with some imaginary victims. It’s anti-White slander, and has nothing to do with Jews stealing developed land and literally the houses of Goyim in the Middle East. So yes, that particular critique should never be used on Yidsrael, but only because it is fake.

However, Israel absolutely is an evil and illegitimate state, and you should make Jew Nationalists explain why them murdering thousands of goyim and stealing their land is in any way justifiable. After all, they’ll make up slanders of your people and deny the legitimacy of your country, even if it’s in Europe. 

Furthermore, the little e-fag talks about border walls and DNA based citizenship as good policies. Okay bud, what group of people is standing in the way of us implementing those policies? If I stand up tomorrow and say “I want a Whites only immigration policy in Canada,” what race of people who are controlling the media and levers of power in our country are going to attack me using abstract principles of anti-discrimination that they themselves obviously do not believe in as evidenced by their support of jew nationalist violent racial cleansings? What group of people would try to have me thrown in jail for this?

It’s like Shultide is trying to get the Goyim to forget that the very same Jew Nationalists in the above picture support mass migration of these Third Worlders into your neighbourhood. As Mike Peinovich of the NJP has documented Israel is the sole driver of fake refugees into Europe. They literally run the “refugee” camps in Greece. Anyone who is trying to say otherwise is just a liar, especially if they’re a turbo sperg who has the time to effortpost walls of text desperately trying to get the goyim to stop attacking Jews.

We could have positive relations with Israel and Jews, in general. I think most people, including myself, would prefer to get along. Discounting Leftists, nobody would care about Zionism if it was merely a nation-building project in the Middle East and if they (diaspora Jews and the Israeli state) minded their own business. But this is not the case. They actively work to destabilize White nations through harmful foreign wars, mass migration, and Left-Wing social policies, while being completely opposed to most, if not all, of these policies in Israel.

This begs the question: Why do they actively pursue these anti-White policies? This can be boiled down to two major factors.

What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Talking. About. You. Fucking. Faggot.

This is what I mean when I say that this shit is so stupid that it’s baffling. He does a decent job explaining how these Jew Nationalists, and indeed the policies of the Jew Ethnostate, are explicitly anti-White. He openly says that these people are parasites who have illegitimate power and are using this to hurt White People. Then he says that you shouldn’t attack them for being genocidal racial nationalists who squeal with joy when Palestinian children have their legs blown off with artillery shrapnel from the “Israeli Defense Force.”

First of all, this is the group that must be stripped of power for White People to have the ability to set policy anyway. But what Shultide is saying is that if we manage to wrestle control and power away from these genocidal anti-White parasites, the group of people who has opened up our borders and promoted every single anti-White policy of the last hundred years, what we should then say is “no it’s okay, you have your nationalist project over there in Israel and we have ours, tee hee.”

And he does all of this under the guise of you being a BeTA cUCk who wants brownies to sleep with your wife if you disrespect BaSEd JeW nATiOnALIstS. This all gives me flashbacks of Andrew Anglin’s simping for disgusting zionist rapist Harvey Weinstein, where he needed to go write 20k words defending the undefendable, and literally called us all feminist marxist neo-nazis, because everyone’s normal response was “fuck that disgusting kike rapist,” which was both the morally and politically correct take.

I couldn’t care less about what happens to the populations of the Middle East and North Africa, as long as they remain in the Middle East and North Africa, but the deliberate destabilization of these regions has had disastrous consequences for Europe. This culminated in the so-called “Refugee Crisis” of 2015 and beyond, which was facilitated and greatly exacerbated by the Israeli government and Israeli NGOs.

And by the way I’m going to pushback even on the idea that we shouldn’t care if some non-White group is being genocided or oppressed by some other group if this doesn’t affect White People. Israel is genociding the Palestinians. Even if that didn’t affect me it would still be bad, and I would never countersignal anybody who decided to embark upon a political mission of actual humanitarianism, as opposed to zionist fake humanitarianism. In the same way that if Malaysia was hit by an earthquake I wouldn’t attack people who want to donate or volunteer on behalf of people whose homes have been destroyed as BeTA CuCK DooGiNISt TuRD wORlDerS. This isn’t a “left-wing” position, it’s called being a normal human being.

But when it comes to Israel, we are supposed to avoid championing the popular position, which is that Jew Nationalists murdering Goy-children to steal the Goyim’s land is bad. Pushing hard on this position also exposes those very same zionist parasites who pretend to be open borders believers, which totally delegitimizes their arguments for flooding our country with foreigners and exposes them as malicious and evil parasites. So it’s the correct moral take as well as the correct political take. And it isn’t even like this hasn’t been done before.

But then again…

Jew Nationalists don’t only not support White Nationalism, they don’t even support civic nationalism for the goyim. Maybe these e-fags who want to defend the Jew Ethnostate can go tell David Frum and Ari Emmanuel to change their minds WRT the goyim and start giving us material support. Until then maybe they can just shut the fuck up forever.

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  1. Dementia from the jew jab is setting in. I’ve seen it in several “articles” this past week. People are saying things in a contradictory retarded matter with words and phrases typed sideways, the only good thing is the autoimmune neuropathy will get so bad they can’t use a keyboard so only the retards who refuse to read and only watch “Beedios” (mexican accent).. will be affected.

    I knew it was all over when our great blormph the recent marionette of the united snakes of Vespuvius, started twatting tweeting twerping dweebing his daily movements on the interwebz – How stately and refined !!

    Everything is in Order.

    Have trust in their self-proclaimed “jealous” god.

    1. Not going to believe that vaccines cause dementia now.

  2. Good one here on everyone’s favorite anti-semitic frapper, – You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll vomit. Who the Heh !!!?


  3. >His evidence for Striker being a Kremlin double agent Dooginist is that he once went to a Golden Dawn rally.
    Doogenist sisters, did we get too cocky?

  4. >Ctrl+F “Bausman”
    >0 results
    So you managed to write walls of text without ever addressing the main bombshell dropped in Thuletide’s article. What a waste of time.

    1. From this very article.

      “I actually did a response to that particularly absurd line of attack when it happened back in April, so we avoided talking about it on the show and Rand replied to him with it afterwards.”

      And in that response I linked to let’s Ctrl+F “Bausman”
      > 8 results.

      Oh noes Dugin Sisters. We’ve failed to respond to the totes for realzies bombshell that Charles Bausman owns a barn that NJP once rented out. Nooooooooooo.

      Lol. LMAO even.

  5. NJP literally does its conferences from a barn owned by a Russian disinfo agent. Why don’t you address that?

  6. I’ve let this article digest in my mind for a few days, before I hit what I think is a major (if not the biggest) failing that Thuletide types have in their thinking – their inability to grasp the concept of reciprocity, and how it applies to jews. It is my impression that Shuletide types seriously think that bargaining with jews for White sovereignty and self-determination is a legitimate strategy, and it simply isn’t. They forget that jews have been raised from birth to see all gentiles as subhuman beasts which are theirs to exploit and do with as they please. The jewish mindset literally does not permit them to see non-jews as equals with rights to be respected.

    Ceterum censeo Iudea esse delendam.

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