I went to a long planned concert last night, which didn’t leave me a lot of time to write the morning scheduled piece. But I thought I could tie in with something that was said on the latest Mike & Warren Report. They were talking about the supposed ideology of “idealism,” which is essentially a bullshit term that is used to justify endless wars for Our Greatest Ally And True Democracy Israel.

Of course they also support the openly undemocratic Saudi Arabian regime, which is responsible for a myriad of human rights abuses. And I don’t mean the fake and ghey “women can’t drive,” stuff, although I don’t support banning women from the road, but more serious things like the very credible claims of slavery, where they bring in migrant workers and essentially keep them as indentured servants. And of course they just openly murder people in Embassies. 

But I wanted to show this highlight that went around with “idealistic,” foreign policy experts.

This is the (((New York Times))). How’s Jeff Bezos’ blog doing?

In the long run, wars make us safer and richer. – Jeff Bezos’ blog

Let’s take another look at one of these “idealistic” foreign policy “experts,” David Frum. You may know him as the “expert” on “disinformation” who gave a talk in Vancouver, and in conjunction with Simon Fraser University, about “disinformation.”

You may also remember him as George W. Bush’s speechwriter.

Let’s take a look at the results of this “idealistic” and morally superior foreign policy.

Iraq road movie. 2003
Welcome to spring breack Iraq.
Us Marines going north on their way to Baghdad.Marines fighting their way into the outskirts of Baghdad to take the key Nahrdiyalah bridge leading to the center of Baghdad. Incoming Iraqi artillery fire kill2 marines wounded 4.
Iraq April 7 2003.

Boy am I ever glad that we are blessed with a Democracy Class that is so idealistic and starry eyed. Nothing makes me happier than seeing hundreds of thousands of innocent Middle Easterners, and almost 7,500 of our soldiers murdered by wars they lie us into. I mean, sure, the lying part is unfortunate, but they’re committing mass murder for democracy, so it’s all good.

Although on second thought, Democracy means “rule of the people,” and the Iraq War and Afghanistan Forever War was never popular with the American People, so I guess it couldn’t possibly have been democratic. Likewise, we couldn’t have been “bringing Democracy to the Iraqis,” since if they had been given a vote not to get invaded and have 600,000+ of their people murdered they would have voted against that 95+%. But these are just unimportant little details. What’s important is the moral superiority of the WMD Liars.

But the good news for the brave, idealistic defenders of (fake) democracy. The military is getting a shipment of precious tranny furries, so we’re right and ready to go HUMILIATE the enemies of international finance capital Democracy.

Democracy has been saved. Or maybe it’s going to be saved in the future. All I know is that I’ll be bravely cheering on our tranny furries as they fight their way through a nuclear battlefield. 

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