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A protester has vandalized a Balenciaga store in central London amid controversy surrounding the label.

Street artist Joe Bloggs—The Average Man on the Street—plastered the words “paedophilia”—using the British spelling of the word—on the window of a store in central London. Bloggs told Newsweek he used a vinyl decal to deface the store on New Bond Street, as part of his “Luxury Vandalism” campaign.

This was not the only Balenciaga store to be vandalized in the past two weeks.

Yahoo News:

Vandals in California didn’t hold back either.

Storefronts near a Balenciaga store on Rodeo Drive were spray painted.

According to The New York Post, there were “large stick-figure drawings of upset-looking kids. One side said, ‘Not 4 sex!’ and the other said, ‘children r not sexual objects.’”

My recommendation would be a brick through the window, but I guess this works as well.

At least three Balenciaga stores have been vandalized as a result of this scandal. While I disavow any illegal behaviour, if anyone deserves it it’s them. This is a luxury brand run by a Henri-Francois Pinault, CEO of the parent company Kering, who received a buttgoy of the decade award from the ADL. They pulled out of twitter because they couldn’t handle the kosher-free speech policies of Elon Musk. They also use hypersexualized images of children in their advertising, and all these things are related.

What should really happen is that politicians should ban them, and Kering, from operating stores in the country. That would be a popular campaign, and cause real damage to international finance capital. So rest assured, cuckservatives are not interested.

Fox News:

Actress Salma Hayek and husband François-Henri Pinault have remained silent on the uproar over luxury fashion brand Balenciaga’s controversial ad campaigns despite Pinault’s position as CEO of the brand’s parent company. 

Francois-Henri Pinault

Tone starts from the top, and this aristocrat creep probably thought it was funny that they were sexualizing children in their ads. Or maybe he personally liked it. I wouldn’t put it past them.

See that’s the thing about a world post-Epstein. Sure, the ADL gave him an award, but did they collect some dirt on him first? Sometimes they use the carrot, but you’ve got to wonder what kind of demon you have to be to work with the ADL in the first place.

NY Post:

Gabriele Galimberti, the photographer who shot Balenciaga’s controversial ad campaign that depicted young children holding teddy bears dressed in BDSM-like harnesses, now fears for his life as death threats are pouring in towards him.

“I get messages like ‘we know where you live.’ ‘We are coming to kill you and your family.’ ‘We are going to burn your house.’ ‘You have to kill yourself, f–king pedophile,’” he told The Guardian, adding that they’re almost entirely coming from America.

“I’m a documentary photographer. I photograph what I find there,” Galimberti said, claiming that he had little say in the ad campaign’s content. “For me, if the room is red or yellow, it doesn’t make any difference.”

I believe him, and so do others who have much more experience in the industry with these sorts of things. The common throughline is that an ad campaign has hundreds of hands and eyes touch it from conception to implementation. That’s especially true for a luxury fashion brand. There is no way a rogue photographer, or anyone really, could sneak in the CSAM legal documents, let alone a BDSM teddy bear.

The photographer, Gabriele Galimberti, is saying that he was responsible for little more than technical things, such as the lighting and supplying the camera, and everyone believes him. It’s disgusting that Balenciaga has refused to take responsibility for this, even going so far as to pretend to sue the production company they hired, North Six. I called their bluff at the time, since their Instagram page had only one post in which they explicitly say that they are not pursuing litigation. They just wanted to generate headlines to take the heat off themselves.

As a matter of fact, their Instagram still has just that one post as of time of writing.

NY Post:

Balenciaga is dropping its $25 million lawsuit against the producers of a controversial ad campaign that sparked accusations the luxury fashion house is promoting child abuse.

Attorneys for Balenciaga filed the notice of discontinuance Friday in New York, according to paperwork obtained by The Post. Balenciaga President and CEO Cedric Charbit said in a Friday statement the celebrity-adored company “decided not to pursue litigation.”

But now it’s official that they were only pretending to sue the production company. Again, I called it at the time. They knew they were responsible, and they knew that a protracted legal fight would be a disaster. This was purely to generate headlines and absolve them of blame in the court of public opinion.

It’s a sick company run by sick people who through pure coincidence the (((ADL))) are big fans of. 

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  1. I just wanted to call your attention to the spectacles guy new post – good one – before I read this one of yours on another contender in the “Jewier than thou” beauty contest whereby this italian mafia (jew blood throughout) guy decided to concentrate on just the bikini contest (pervert skills) and possibly ignored the money-laundering, media loudmouth, and other aspects of the contest.

    He writes good stuff – just gotta ignore his “women be dumb” fixation, probably married my ex-wife satan.

    The Thing We Expected is Happening

  2. Gee, I wonder who the “common enemy” rapper home boy greenblatt is referring to
    Their whole game so damn transparent now, “apocalypse” is unmasking, in greek.

  3. (((They))) think (((they))) run this jail – might be more of a case of (((them))) being locked up in here with us. The day of the bagel may be nigh…

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