Eight teenage girls have been charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of a 59-year-old man in Toronto, police say. Three of the girls are 13 years old, three are 14 years old and two are 16 years old, according to Det.-Sgt. Terry Browne of Toronto police’s homicide unit. Three had previous contact with police, he said.

Police believe the girls met on social media. None of their identities can be released under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Police have no evidence that suggests that the girls knew their alleged victim. Browne said police wouldn’t describe the girls as a gang at this point, but investigators are calling the incident a “swarming,” which he said normally involves selecting a target to victimize.

It’s now time for you to lock in your guesses. Black, or Abo? Which will it be this time? 

And don’t think that I’m asking because I know the answer. The police have not released the girls information, and, because they are minors, there’s a good chance they never will. What you can bet your sweet bippy is that these girls are not White, and the murdered homeless man is not Black or Abo, because then there would be hate crime charges, and their identities would be “accidentally” leaked to the public.

Police believe the girls came from various parts of the city, but don’t know how or why the met that night. Investigators also don’t know how long the girls have known each other, Browne said. “We really can’t see what the [connection] is with these eight young ladies right now. But our sense is, right now, that there’s probably some sort of social media component to it,” Browne told Here and Now.

The girls were also involved in an altercation before the stabbing, said Browne, describing their behaviour as criminal. The earlier incident is believed to be “similar in style to the swarming,” he said.

Officers from 52 Division arrested the girls nearby and recovered a number of weapons, Browne said. Police have not said what those weapons were.

On one hand you could discount this as the Toronto Police being extremely careful so as to not say something that might be incorrect, or have legal repercussions. You could also believe that they aren’t releasing too many details because there’s a whole network of scum that they’re rolling up on and they don’t want to spook them.

But you could also believe that there is an invisible army of secret troll who live underneath your porch and are waiting to stab you some day. Some beliefs are delusional and unsupported by evidence, and if you’re imagining the police in Canada to be anything other than a rancid mix of malice and incompetence you will be forever disappointed.

A resident of the homeless shelter at the Strathcona Hotel, who didn’t want her name to be used, told CBC Toronto she was smoking a cigarette with the man outside the shelter when the group of girls approached them. She said the girls tried to take her alcohol. The man told them to stop and leave her alone, she said. 

I’m leaning towards Feather-American. Wouldn’t be the first time. Even for girls.

The girls punched him repeatedly, she added. She walked away because she was frightened and one of the girls tried to follow her. “Bleeding, bleeding, bleeding. I didn’t know if they had a knife or what. I was just scared,” she said. “I think they stabbed his belly.”

She said she went into the shelter and brought him water afterwards. “I didn’t know he would die,” she said.

We have a group of girls who appear to have met online in order to go on a crime spree. They were involved in a prior violent incident. They had a bunch of weapons. And they murdered a man, probably with a knife. If that isn’t gang violence, then I don’t know what is. What should happen is they get charged as adults. But what should happen and what will happen are two very different things.

The death marks the city’s 68th homicide of the year. Toronto Mayor John Tory said in a statement on Tuesday night that he is “deeply disturbed” by the details of the case. “Everyone in our city deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. I am so saddened to know that a man has lost his life in this way,” he said.

Mayor John Tory

Toronto Mayor John Tory is real sad, is he? Well that’s nice to hear. I hopped on over to his twatter to see if he had anything to say about it.

Well he made sure to touch on the Vaughn Condo shooting that occurred a day before this stabbing, despite that being fourty kilometers outside of Toronto. But I guess he just tweets out every violent murder in the general area?

Well no. All the rest of his tweets are about trannies, global warming, and there’s about five menorah lighting ceremonies he appears to have starred in just in the past few days. He, or his handlers, tweet about ten times per day, but never about this. I guess a bunch of Teen-Americans murdering homeless people for alcohol is just ultimately not really that important. 

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  1. The seedy, social rot is getting harder for many to ignore. Also hard to ignore is the malevolent intent behind it all. Welp, buckle in – I’m sure 2023 is going to be a doozy.

  2. I’m going with NIGGERS on this one.

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