Last year I remember wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on Christmas day. I even came up with a pleasant little rhyme and all. Yet this time I’m doing it on the 23rd, so what gives?

What gives is that I’m back with my family, and it’s the entire family this time. As a result, I do not and will not have the time this Christmas to keep the site as updated as you might expect.

But besides that, I’m enjoying the time off, especially being spent with my family. Although I’m not going to post any pictures of them of course.

I know that there are many readers who are themselves enjoying their Christmas with their families. In fact I can see you right now, reading this while sipping on some hot cocoa, a small animal curled up on your lap, children occasionally running around in your living room and a stupid santa hat placed upon your head.

If you’re wondering how I managed to describe you so accurately, relax. I’m just throwing stuff out there and it happened to be true for you. Statistically speaking it had to work for someone, and you were that someone. 

For those of you experiencing a cozy Christmas, keep on keeping on. 

If not, feel free to bitch about it on this site. Remember, we’re in this together, and we care about you. This is like Alcoholics Anonymous but without the cult aspect.

As for myself, I’m going to enjoy this semi-holiday. There will be a new article or two every day from now through the new year when things pick back up again, but I’m going to be clocking in quite a bit fewer hours this Christmas season and catching up with the people who are most important in my life. I think I’ve earned a small break.

The rare wildlife shot

Merry Christmas.

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  1. You gotta shovel that walkway, my dude….

    1. But, yes, Merry Christmas! Thanks for all that you do.

    2. It was. We got a crazy amount of snow, and another two inches fell after I shoveled.

  2. Thanks for keeping up with the site. It’s a refreshing alternative to the Stormer and, these days, routinely funnier and more insightful.

  3. HAPPY SOLSTICE, and birth of the son, which certainly the Pagans knew of, and shoulda coulda nailed the christians to their trees of life were it not for their unpreparedness, living in Honor and Peace amongst themselves. If they were successful in continuing their own traditions the entire western world would not be living with the Joo-mind-virus, where everything of value is eliminated for the sake of shekels. And shackles. Shackles of Complacency cuz, you know, the “Lord” will take care of it. Though shalt not kill, so you gotta let the bastards in charge keep killing. It’s getting closer to the real holiday worth celebrating, the end of the “not good” months. “It begins with Samhain on November 1st, marking the new year, three months later we have Imbolc which finishes the “dark” or “not good” seasons of the year. May 1st brings Bealtaine which is a “light” festival that welcomes summer. Lastly, on August 1st, we have Lugnasadh which honors the God/King/Warrior Lugh of the Long Hand.”

  4. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I hope you have a Happy, Healthy, and Delightful New Year! Cheers! Sliante

    1. To CandyCane and her husband’s good health.

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