Longtime CBC radio producer Michael Finlay died Tuesday from medical complications following a random assault in Toronto’s east end, his family has confirmed.

In an email to CBC staff, Cathy Perry, executive director of newsgathering and operations, said he will be remembered as an exceptional storyteller, documentary maker and editor.

In the afternoon of Jan. 24, Finlay was assaulted by a stranger as he walked along Danforth Avenue, a busy thoroughfare known for its many shops and restaurants, Toronto police say.

Though they did not identify Finlay by name, police said in a news release that the victim in the attack fell to the ground and suffered serious injuries as a result. 

Toronto is rapidly decaying into an unlivable shithole. Public transit numbers are way down due to crime, and people can’t go jogging in their neighbourhood anymore, or even just walk around without risking getting shanked by the druggies. However, every now and then you get a beautiful story about a propagandist for the Democracy Class getting shanked, and dying a painful death in a sewer with his guts hanging out as he desperately begs for someone to save him. It’s these stories that make ClownWorld worth living.

The Record:

Michael Finlay died Tuesday, one week after he was assaulted by a stranger while walking along the busy east-end street in broad daylight on Jan. 24.

According to longtime friend Malcolm Morrison, Finlay, a cancer survivor, was hospitalized with broken ribs in the attack before being initially discharged. He was later readmitted after his condition deteriorated, Morrison said.

“His condition just went off a cliff,” he said.

Reached Wednesday, a family member declined further comment, saying the family is taking time to support one another while making funeral arrangements.

In a email to the Star, a representative for CBC said the broadcaster is “deeply saddened” at the loss of “an exceptional story-teller, documentary-maker and editor.” Every reporter Finlay worked with said their story was “made better because of Michael,” spokesperson Chuck Thompson said. “If you worked on a documentary with Michael, you were experiencing the pinnacle of the craft.”

Here you can see Michael with his “Einstein was a refugee,” shirt. He appears to have been the sort of “refugees welcome,” faggot propagandist that we’ve come to know and love from the CBC.

However, I can’t find any of his work specifically, so I’ll have to wait on actually cheering on his death, instead of just using that as a joke. If anyone is familiar with his work, positive or negative, please inform me, so I can either be outraged at his murder or enjoy extreme schadenfreude. In any case, the attacker is undoubtedly a piece of garbage, who may have had anti-White motive to attack him, and definitely did not do this as some sort of misguided political act of violence against the CBC.

More interestingly, I was looking for more information on Mr. Finlay, and came across this reddit thread. I was hoping the trannies there would start talking about how Finlay’s documentary about trannyism helped them overcome their fear of AIDS or what have you. Instead, all I found was this.

I’m not even going to bother making CaRBraIn jokes anymore. Even Redditors understand what an absolute nightmare pro-crime policies make for their lives. Well, some of them do. Others go full cuckservative.

Meanwhile transit in Japan is impeccably clean, and relatively crime free.

I guess this doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than Toronto is a hellscape, and this is a direct result of policies.

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  1. Finlay – those toothpick arms, his narrow shoulders and frame – wow! Not surprised he broke ribs falling to the ground, and then later died. Seems like TO is no longer a place for the weak and the frail; eapecially if you have a punchable face!

  2. Civilization is collapsing, or rather, being murdered. The Civilized are just beginning to feel the real effects They are largely oblivious. Awareness is dawning but Normies have no idea what to do. They’ll either learn or perish. The Age of the Warlord is upon us.

  3. Funny enough “Einstein was a refugee“ is the sort of slogan I would also use but only because it goes to show what evil you unleash by letting in refugees.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the “Einstein was a refugee” t-shirt tells youall you need to know about Mr Finlay. I’d like to think that the last thing he gasped before his miserable existence came to an end was “at least I wasn’t racist.”

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