We recently showed up and had a little fun at the Kelowna Groomer Fiesta in front of the Kelowna public library. Around the six minute mark a propagandist tried to interview us. We of course did not talk to her, and carried on without getting her name. 

But she introduced herself anyway without prompting as Jacqueline Gelineau of Kelowna Capital News. 

Jacqueline Gelineau

I decided to look her up to see what sort of propaganda she was putting out, and wasn’t surprised to see her pushing pro-Groomer content. 

However, her last article piqued my curiosity.

Yes, it’s exactly what you think.

Kelowna Capital News:

On the one-year anniversary of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, some participants joined forces with supporters of the hotly-contested Drag Story Time at Kelowna’s downtown library.

While some ‘Freedom Fighters’ prepared to head out on a convoy through the Okanagan, Robin Boostrom chose to attend the Jan. 28, Drag Story Time rally to support the queer community’s right to freedom of expression.

Credit where credit’s due. This is something I touched upon in my review of the event, but it’s said even more eloquently here. When the Groomers demanded access to the children, the Freedom Fighters literally vacated the area except for one guy who stayed back to support the erotic cannibalism fetishizing pedos.

Obviously that’s not really fair and Jacqueline is running an angle here. Most of the Freedom Fighters/Action4Canada group was on the other side. However, we definitely got the feeling that, while Graeme and David were good guys, and there were some solid people throughout, this wasn’t the kind of group that would necessarily have your back through thick and thin. People who are into QAnon adjacent stuff are neither serious nor brave.

“I am here on behalf of the Freedom Convoy to let everybody know that we are not about hate, we are not about stifling who you are, we are about love and acceptance and being exactly who you are in Canada,” said Boostrom.

“That includes vaccine choice as well, and includes gender identity.”

And, presumably, getting pissed on by hermaphrodites.

I’m sure most of their hearts are in the right place, but there’s a harsh limit on how much support you can count on from conservatives. It also shows that, while people had very reasonable reasons to be skeptical of vaccines, Covid bullshit was a deradicalization grift that was so awful that Grooming Enjoyers got in on it. The Honkocaust Convoy was run by a homosexual zionist Jew who mysteriously never got arrested or charged with anything.

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