Earlier today I wrote about Maxime Bernier and Erin O’Toole voting to throw you in jail for “misgendering” troons, while Pierre Poilievre, coward, abstained instead of voting against. Luckily, Vote Pro Life has kept an eye on this faggot for a while, and they’re not happy.

Vote Pro Life:

Rating CommentsIn the 2022 leadership debates, Poilievre flatly stated that he is “pro-choice” and “pro-choix” on abortion, in both official langauges.

In June 2021, MP Pierre Poilievre voted against pro-life Bill C-233, introduced by Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall, to outlaw the horrific practice of sex-selective abortion, in which unborn babies are killed for no other reason than their sex. In the same month, this MP disgracefully revealed himself to be an enemy of parental rights, and science, by voting to pass Bill C-6, legislation that will jail parents for up to 5 years if they dare to affirm their gender-confused child in their biological sex.

Poilievre used to be known as a solid pro-life, pro-family MP. However, he abandoned these fundamental principles when in January 2020, he expressed to La Presse in an interview, his full throated disagreement with the natural definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

So he’s a duplicitous little weasel who pretends to be against abortion to play to his base, then votes against anti-abortion legislature. Faggot.

And great find by Vote Pro Life on Bill C-6. That was sold as “preventing kids from harmful conversion therapy.” Only seven Servative MP’s went through the trouble of pretending to oppose it.

Here is the bill itself.

Government of Canada:

Bill C-6 would amend the Criminal Code to prohibit certain activities that relate to “conversion therapy”, which is defined as practices, treatment or services designed to change an individual’s sexual orientation to heterosexual or gender identity to cisgender or to reduce non-heterosexual sexual attraction or sexual behaviour. 

All children, including mature minors who might wish to obtain conversion therapy, are potentially vulnerable to its psychological harms. 

God forbid children be exposed to things that give them psychological harm. Or perhaps prolapsed anuses and HIV.

Remember, thirteen year old girls can have both breasts chopped off in this country. But apparently 17 year olds cannot consent to “conversion therapy,” something they never really define. Here they come moderately close. 

The proposed offences would be limited to practices, services or treatment and would therefore exclude purely private discussions between an individual struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity and those seeking to support that individual, such as teachers, school counsellors, faith leaders, family members and friends. They would also not include services relating to an individual’s gender transition or an individual’s exploration of their identity or its development. The offences would criminalize providing conversion therapy to all children and to any adults against their will. It would also criminalize providing conversion therapy in exchange for a material benefit. The offences have thus been carefully tailored to meet the objectives of the Bill.

Here’s a crazy thought. Maybe cuckservatives should pass legislation making it illegal to profit off of the sterilization and abuse of children. Why is it illegal to get paid to tell someone that they’re normal, but taxpayer subsidized to do the opposite? See Wallace Wong.

Oh right, because their job is to get out in front of people angry about this and make sure they get nothing.

Poilievre also gave the impression to the La Presse reporter that if elected Leader of the Conservative Party, he would allow backbench MPs to bring forward pro-life private members bills, but, disgracefully, he would also ensure the defeat of any such pro-life private member’ bill or motion.

I’m glad that Vote Pro Life has figured this one out. Our job is to make sure that everyone figures this out.

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  2. Now the government ( i.e. CBC) is pushing trans mentorship programs. What a great way to pair confused youth with elderly perverts.


    But God help you if you try to get professional help to beat back this pervert onslaught, however.

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