I recently went to a meeting with some parents who were concerned about SOGI and the agenda being unleashed upon their children. They had quite enlightening stories to tell, and I’m trying to get an interview with some of them as followup. Even if I can’t, the cliff notes will be familiar to just about anyone who has been following this stuff for a while now.

  • Parents are the last to know about anything.
  • Curriculum aimed at children ten years old or younger pushing tranny garbage (Gender Identity) hard. 
  • Also pushing anti-natal propaganda on girls especially, by pretending that childbirth is the worst thing to ever happen to anyone.
  • Teachers of all ages very encouraging of the child “transitioning”. This implies strong incentivization.
  • Social group/peer pressure keeps these mostly girls from simply quitting the whole thing.
  • School bureaucracy not simply unhelpful, but aggressively hostile to the parents.

They also, as you might expect, have collected a plethora of resources, some of which are intimately relevant to them, others not as much. My piece on John Money, as well as the two on the Bristol “Family Sex Show,” came from resources given to me by these parents.

While those are more international in scope, there was a letter from right here in BC that someone had leaked to them. The context to the letter, which I believe was actually a group email, is that some woman’s daughter was “transitioning,” into a boy. Imagine how you would deal with your child being abused by these perverts, and then get a load of this. 

Dear friends and family,

We would like to share some very important news.

Our child, who you know as H , shared with us 3 1/2 years ago that she didn’t feel right in her body. Since that time we have been on a journey together asking questions, exploring, getting support through therapy & our family physician, and truly listening openly each step of the way.

To put this in perspective, the child in question is currently fourteen years old. That means this child was prancing around as the other sex from the age of eleven, maybe even ten. And the parents went along with this. In fact by the sounds of things, they encouraged this.

What our child has come to understand is that he is transgender and identifies as male. He has chosen to call himself “U” a name he has given great thought to and feels reflects the person he knows himself to be.

When I think back to all the dumb things that I did between the ages of eleven and fourteen I’m not sure that I can I truly say that I gave anything great thought. Even if I did, what was the point? Only with experience comes wisdom.

Pre-teens and teens need to be metaphorically slapped back to reality, not coddled. An eleven year old, or even fourteen year old, is utterly incapable of making serious life decisions like this, which is why we don’t let adults have sex with them.

But remember, just because your child is too young to consent to giving a blowjob does not mean she’s too young to lop off both her breasts and have herself hormonally sterilized. I mean, according to this boastful mother of a soon to be destroyed child and the people at the BC Children’s Hospital that we will get to later.

We are so incredibly proud of his courage, self-reflection and conviction to live authentically. This has not been an easy process and his life, like any of ours, is still in the making.

This woman is so insufferable that it’s easy to forget there’s a child likely to become permanently sterilized and mutilated by end of this. Instead of caring about the health and future of their child, this parent believes that their job is to give in to every little temper tantrum honey boo boo throws, even if she wants to ruin her entire life because of a temporary fad.

Any real parent knows how destructive the urges of an eight year old can be, or even an eighteen year old. But this narcissist, who doesn’t really care about their child, instead sees that she gets upcummies and pats on the back from disingenuous people who laugh behind her back. 

While we see this kind of behaviour on Reddit, and elsewhere on the internet, there’s something about the internet that dulls the senses. It’s as if things that you see on the internet actually happened in a far off distant land with only some tangential relationship to our reality. Seeing this happen in a community that I am in relatively close proximity to hits quite differently.

U is now known by his friends, school and medical providers as U and has been living full time as a boy.

The child is pretending to be a boy. For all I know she’s already taken the hormonal treatments that will have her permanently sterilized. But she will never be a boy, let alone a man, no matter how many body mutilations she undergoes.

We understand this may be confusing. We too felt unsure of what to do or how to help.

What we have learned more than anything is that our baby is still, just that. He is still the most wonderful, thoughtful and bright star in our lives, just with a new name and some changes to his exterior self.

“Just with a brand spanking new dick.”

Randbot made an interesting point one time when I was on his show. He said there were studies that showed that all the hormonal treatments that they give these kids through “gender transitioning,” on average lowered the children’s IQ by about 10 points. It also caused them to start regressing in terms of basic athletic ability and coordination. I absolutely have to get my hands on that study and write up a piece on it, but what was relevant was the reactions of the parents who were all gung ho about their little rat “transitioning.” 

The understanding that they were going to get an unathletic little potato ruined their excitement. Because little Suzie Carl would be too stupid to get into a nice university, no matter how many freak points they awarded to him. 

And that really stuck in my mind, because it shows how narcissistic and disgusting these parents are. The ones who enthusiastically go along with this child abuse that is. They see their child purely as an object which they can show off, as opposed to a real person who deserves to be loved as they are. They’d probably counter that assertation with something like “nooooooo, me embracing little Sarah’s Craigs gender identity is me embracing who they are.” And yet, when confronted with their child being made dumber they get cold feet.

We know that this can be a lot to take in and may bring up many feelings and questions. We will do our best to answer the questions you may have.

Also know, we are not looking to change anyone’s opinions or views.

Didn’t she just say that she wants everyone to pretend with her that her daughter is now a boy, as opposed to a victim of abuse? And then go around referring to them with some male name, and using male pronouns? Well whatever, consistency has never been these people’s strong suit.

Ultimately what you feel is yours to explore or lean into and we honor that; however we do ask that any negative feelings be contained and not communicated to or in the presence of U. Transgender youth are far more prone to suicide, depression, and self-harm when they don’t have the support and love of their family and U’s mental health and happiness, long-term, are our ultimate focus in supporting him.

As always, they pull the suicide card. This is a common tactic used by people trying to abuse children. In fact, Wallace Wong, a child psychologist responsible for foster children in BC, tells them to fake suicidal thoughts to get what they want. To my knowledge, there isn’t any evidence that tranny surgeries, or any other part of this harmful agenda, lowers suicide rates among the victims.


The letter ends with some “helpful,” links. 


Let’s see what we find on that page.

It’s the BC Children’s Hospital. Who couldn’t love those people? They’re a bunch of people who really want to help children and definitely aren’t sick perverts who want them to be mutilated and abused for profit.

Turns out it’s a bunch of sick perverts who want the children to be mutilated for fun and profit. Who knew?

I clicked on QMUNITY and was shown this.


I don’t know what “I <3 my chest,” refers to. I guess the male to shemale trannies need fake tits grafted on, whereas the female to shemale ones need their breasts lopped off. I don’t know, maybe that’s what that is?

And Curalux is just a company that sells bras. Something about them is surgical? A part of me is glad that I don’t know what any of this means. Sadly, I’ll now have to spend about 10 hours, bare minimum, making sense of this website and doing a series on the BC Children’s Hospital.

As well you will find a PDF to help understand:
• Gender identity
• Gender expression
• Biological Sex.


Well let’s go check out that page.


It’s the Genderbread Person. Looks like it needs to go back into the oven, permanently. Do we have any gingerbread volunteers?

Thanks Reinhardt, I knew I could count on you.

With that, our window into the diseased mind of an I Support The Current Thing NPC is now over. Most parents have the will respond to their child being abused by moving heaven and earth to save them. Others, use this as an opportunity to signal, as their child is destroyed.

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  2. If I’m not mistaken, Randbot was quoting from “The Transgender Industrial Complex.” I’m currently reading through it and the stuff about puberty blockers making kids retarded is definitely in there (fairly early on too). Give me some time and I can dig up references.

    1. Here are all the papers cited by “The Transgender Industrial Complex” in regards to the impact of puberty blockers on IQ:

      Schneider, Mako A., et al., “Brain Maturation, Cognition and Voice Pattern in a Gender Dysphoria Case under Pubertal Suppression,” November 14, 2017. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

      Hayes, Peter, “Commentary: Cognitive, Emotional, and Psychosocial Functioning of Girls Treated with Pharmacological Puberty Blockage for Idiopathic Central Precocious Puberty,” January 23, 2017. Frontiers in Psychology, 8 (44).

      Mul, D., et al., “Psychological assessments before and after treatment of early puberty in adopted children,” September 2001. Acta Paediatrica, 90 (9).

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      Schuerger, J. M. and A.C. Witt, “The temporal stability of individuality tests intelligence,” March 1989.  Journal of Clinical Psychology 45 (2).

      1. Great find. Thanks Jimmy.

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