Guyz, the most important thing in the entire world just happened. Joel Davis, an Australian telegram guy, just RIPPED out Eric Striker’s eyeballs before gluing them to a wall.

Striker reaching insane new levels of delusion. Sad!

Do you see that? He literally made Striker wheel into a corner and cry while Joel had his way with Striker’s beloved 12 year old Guatemalan rentboy, Ernesto. Striker was seen shouting out his love for Ernesto, telling him to be strong while Joel had his way with him. Telling him to think of their mixed race baby growing inside Striker, who is also a tranny BTW.

I miss Thomas Manwise

There is literally nothing in this document which supports his conclusion. Does he not care about appearing credible or does he think his audience is just that stupid that they will believe anything he types?

Oh my God now he’s actually murdering Striker’s adorable half Asian toddler right in front of our eyes. He’s picking – HE’S FUCKING EATING THE CHILD’S HEART RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Who does this guy think he is, Steven “Turn Jews Into Powder” Crowder?

Joel Davis is a one man terrorism squad. And his weapons of choice are facts and logic.

It’s a real shame that he can’t figure out where his ideological bias ends and objective reality begins because it renders his analysis of topical events totally useless.

This is an absolute felting. This is an absolute e-murder. Eric Striker, who goes by PuertoRicanCommie83 on Grindr, will never recover from this. And what started it all? Striker’s post about the FBI, who are deeply afraid of serious TradTwink virgins like Nick Fuentes, and definitely don’t want serious White Nationalists to go down that path.

Above you can see the screencaps that our LEAST favourite disabled commie posted on telegram. Right at the end they say this.

Nonetheless, the current trend of RMVE [Racially Motivated Violent Extremist] interest in RTC [Radical Traditionalist Catholic] ideology provides new opportunities to mitigate the RVME threat through outreach to traditionalist Catholic parishes and the development of sources with the placement and access to report on RMVEs seeking to use RTC social media sites or places of worship as facilitation platforms to promote violence.

I’m a little bit confused here. It appears that they are clearly saying that pro-White advocates getting into the TradCath scene is something that they are really happy about, since it gives them opportunities to politically neuter them. Now, maybe that means that this is a deradicalization strategy. Maybe this means they can just spy and gay’op them easier. But what’s not up for debate is that they are happy about this. They explicitly say so.

I usually hate to click on chats, but this one had almost 1800 comments, indicating a content friendly flame war was brewing. Turns out even Striker popped in there for a while, trying to get Joel Davis to explain himself.

I was kind of amazed at how one-sided Davis’ chat was in opposing his attack on the tranny banger Eric Striker. Can’t believe that commie dooginist Third Worldism has infested the alt-right to this extent.

The pedophobe above quotes the same part of the document that I quoted. Again, there are multiple ways to look at this, but it seems the FBI is saying that they very much enjoy WN’s getting into trad cathery, since they can work with the church to deradicalize them. Not really seeing where the “new levels of delusion” part of Striker’s analysis comes in. But I’m sure Joel Davis will wow us with his 200 IQ take any minute now.

Cool story Joel. I’m more pro-Goyim by the day and I don’t pal around with tradtwinks like Juan Fuentes. But your personal experience trumps what the FBI actually says in their own document.

Luckily, he responds to Carson Kilgrey by insulting his intelligence while failing to hit that period button on his keyboard. Remember folx, always use improper punctuation while dismissing your opponents for being too stupid to get it. Don’t bother making a real argument.

Joel responds to Striker with an almost, but not quite, copy of his response to Carson. He was really enamored with his take here, to the point of him copying it again and putting it on his channel.

You might think that the third time would be the charm as far as basic punctuation would go. You’d be wrong.

Joel’s argument is so incoherent that it’s difficult to say if he’s cucking here. He started out by implying Striker was insane or delusional for believing that the FBI is happy White Advocates are getting into the TradCath LARP. Now he’s saying that they’re going to infiltrate tradcath organizations. You’d think that might make them happy to see more WN’s in tradcath orgs instead of secular ones, but you’re just too dumb to understand that this is wrong for some reason.

Again, I was surprised at how one sided the chat was in favour of the obviously correct take. Usually the chat is the home turf of whatever sperg is running the channel. But Mr. Davis’ take is monumentally stupid, so who knows?

Occasionally the tired narratives of “you’re not hardcore enough for da HuWhyte Race,” and “nooooo, Sam Smith is literally a satanist,” get trotted out. The conversation got partially derailed responding to this.

Some spergs in the chat were really pissed that Striker was downplaying Sam Smith’s “satanic,” Grammy’s performance. How dare he? Doesn’t Striker know that Sam Smith isn’t just an obese weirdo pretending to be edgy, but is literally sacrificing children to Moloch? Getting super butthurt about Sam Smith is totally not stepping on an easily avoidable rake.

It reminds me of seventy year old Madonna coming out of retirement to gyrate her hips back and forth “sexily.” In my piece on that I just made fun of her, but what I should have done is gotten really butthurt and called her a satanist who was leading young girls down the path to promiscuity. That’s the message that will resonate with normal people.

Remember, don’t get outraged at Blackrock pushing anti-White racial discrimination in hiring all across corporate America, that’s just bad optics WiGNaT shit. Same goes for White Children being murdered by Darrell Brooks. Do get angry at Madonna offending your delicate (fake) Catholic sensibilities. That’s the serious TradTwink take.


Joel continues to be call Striker and everybody else delusional.

I should make it very clear that I have nothing against Christians or Catholics. There is a reason why I called up the RCMP multiple times when antifas burned down a church in North Surrey, despite being completely irreligious myself. What I can’t stand are LARPing faggots like Nick “catboi cock pls” Fuentes and now Joel Davis who do Catholicism as an performative LARP to artificially divide an ostensibly pro-White community. I don’t know anyone in real life who is an insufferable faggot about religion like these e-boys. 

We don’t have all day, so here are some more posts.

Woah woah woah. Unless the CIA explicitly says “we are using Moldova for gay’ops and false flags,” it doesn’t mean anything if they say “Moldova presents unique opportunities to mitigate Russian expansion.” This is so obvious I don’t even need a period at the end of this sentence

You’ll have to excuse me for not getting much more than this. This is an e-fight happening in a telegram chat.

Anyway, Joel ends it by throwing the gauntlet down and demanding that the crippled dooginist debate him. 

This is quite ironic. Back when YeGate was happening Joel Davis was having a telegram group voice debate. His position on Kanye West – who has since dropped off the face of the earth – running for president was tedious over analysis. My position was “this is hilarious, and it’s good because it delegitimizes anti-White narratives about systemic power.” The latter bit worked especially well since Kyrie Irving was also being buck broken by Schlomo at the same time.

Davis’ position apparently takes an hour to explain.

On the voice chat he and some groypers who I’d never heard of were fellating Juan Fuentes, the mixed race Mexican tradtwink child saviour of the White Race, who was going to use Kanye to lead us all to the promised Judenfrei land of milk and honey. It got to me and I pointed out that little Juan has never accomplished anything politically in his entire life, and that this was the crux of the Jadengate/Kino Casino revelations. One middle aged zoomer told me that I would soon be “bowing down to Nick Fuentes as president.” After all, he got Joe Kent to tweet out “America First.”

Let’s see what else Joe Kent tweeted out.

Kent went on to explain in detail that he, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, basically had no idea who Nick Fuentes is when he did a brief and unrecorded call with him, and publicly denounced him when he found out. But apparently this was a success, because Fuentes had interns working for Joe Kent for free. I guess now that the Republican Party has explicitly denounced the Alt-Republicans pathetic attempts at infiltration the Groypers have moved on to their next grift, which may or may not involve working for their enemies for free again. We’ll have to wait and see. 

A glance at Fuentes’ telegram shows him pivoting to reasonable takes on the GOP, this last one coming just yesterday. I know it’s a reasonable take, because it’s what the normal sized heteros were saying six years ago when Allsup actually tried infiltrating the GOP and has his career holocausted. Little Fuentes spent the next half decade calling us “wignats” for not wanting to work (for free, LOL) for the GOP on his uncensored twatter, but now I guess he’s come around.

Weird how that keeps happening, where he adopts the correct opinion only after all opportunities for grifting have closed. After all, this is the guy who once said that if you care about Da HuWhyte Race you need to vote for Trump. The very same Trump that he’s turned on ever since being denounced after the Mar A Lago dinner.

That’s also the same Trump that Fuentes ostensibly did the Stop The Steal grift for. Remember when Ali Ackbar and Fuentes teamed up to raise money for their catboi addictions God Emperor Blormph?

Well it’s okay that, not even two years later, they’ve totally denounced Orange Faggot. It’s not like any Groypers got caught up thinking that Fuentes was genuine, only to have Trump judges sentence them to jail for years for being in the capitol and walking around. 

Christian Secor

Sort of odd how Striker and I are the only ones who have ever mentioned Christian Secor. Who can forget when Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP – that Kanye “good optics” West loves so much – never mentioned any of their martyrs who were murdered by the antifas of the day, or locked up in jail. Who can forget when Hitler kept flip flopping on his support for the conservatives of the time, and told his supporters to work for their campaigns for free. Who could forget when Hitler raised money for Kurt Von Schleicher when teh eebil commies stole elections from brave cuckservatives. You’re just not intelligent or serious enough to understand. 

Anyway, on this telegram voice channel debate I waited a few minutes to speak, got to talk for about 10 seconds before being muted by Davis. Then he proceeded to tell everyone that “I didn’t know what I was talking about,” again because of the “infiltration” of Joe Kent’s campaign by unpaid labourers. I was baffled by the stupidity, and assumed that I was going to be unmuted soon to respond, but nope. I was there for the better part of an hour waiting for my rebuttal before I eventually left the debate. 

Joel Davis is a thin skinned fragile little faggot who sees the constantly online incel audience that Fuentes has, or at least pretends to have, and wants in. Why be a serious person when that threatens monetization? After all, Alt-Hype got struggle sessioned off of Cozy for tepidly defending TRS. Who needs that interrupting the shekel flow.

But trust me, Davis is really interested in debates with people, assuming that they have much larger audiences than him and are disliked by the manlet cult. Those with smaller audiences? Not so much. This is purely a result of his intellectual honesty and unscrupulous rigour.

The thing about the Tradtwink LARP is that we don’t need the FBI to tell us that the (((Democracy Class))) views it as effective deradicalization, since that is so obviously true. That’s why you won’t get censored for LARPing about the communion on twatter, meanwhile WN’s all got holocausted years ago. But even with that, the document shows the FBI rubbing their hands together with glee at the “mitigation opportunities,” presented by the insertion of utterly harmless tradcath LARPing in place of real politics.

To engage with the premise that Striker’s take was “insane” is on some level to legitimize it. Davis is just an obsequious little fag who’s trying to curry favour with the catboi crowd.

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  1. > I can’t stand are LARPing faggots like Nick “catboi cock pls” Fuentes and now Joel Davis who do Catholicism as an performative LARP to artificially divide an ostensibly pro-White community.
    Definitely true about fuentes, but I think Davis and many like him are simply depressed millennials who needed something going on in their life and christianity is a easy way to find community and gives you an enemy to countersignal against, while staying away from the big taboo of NS.

    1. >I can’t stand are LARPing faggots like Nick “catboi cock pls” Fuentes and now Joel Davis who do Catholicism as an performative LARP to artificially divide an ostensibly pro-White community.
      >Definitely true about fuentes, but I think Davis and many like him are simply depressed millennials

      Depending on the way you look at it religion based on a persons interpretation of the teachings can sometimes de-radicalize them but it can also have the opposite effect if they see their beliefs in another way. Obviously Joel Davis in converting to Catholicism became even more White Nationalist under his converted faith and good for him if that’s so. Striker is correct in the fact that the FBI is using traditional Catholics as an target to radicalize so then they can be rounded up in a gayop after saying something off-hand but I really don’t understand Striker’s insult of Davis though that because he was born and baptized Catholic as a baby and Joel converted as an adult that it somehow makes him better and “more Catholic” then Davis. Hence why he claims he has the right to criticize the church while Davis somehow does not. What I have seen is that converts become some of the most informed and educated Catholics out of anyone because they know in their minds where they came from was “false” and now want to learn everything they can about what they feel is the “true” faith. Joel Davis undoubtedly knows more about the church as a recent convert then Striker does living as a supposed Catholic his entire life. This is not an insult to Striker but just my own observations.

      >while staying away from the big taboo of NS.

      Joel Davis is a National Socialist and he claims as much in his talks and blatantly during a podcast interview with the degenerate Ethan Ralph several years ago.

  2. Joel Davis is a degenerate homosexual.

  3. I don’t understand the hate boner people get for Striker.

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  5. More dumb drama.

    >mitigate the RVME threat

    This ‘threat’ does not exist (yet, anyway) — or rather, it exists only in the minds of fevered FBI fags.

    Violent black felons, whose crimes destroy many lives, fill America’ prisons, and Blacks lay waste to large sections of cities across the country, turning them into unlivable shitholes — it would be difficult to even begin to estimate the fiscal and societal cost of all that –but the FBI would never circulate a memo about how to ‘mitigate’ it.

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  7. Joel Davis talks like a jew.

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