I haven’t ported a piece from my old site in a long time. That’s not a knock against the site, which had its flaws but also a lot of gems, and is something I need to do more of. Anyway, I cruised by it for a minute and found #SuperStraight. A piece that documented one glorious subreddit that blazed with glory for three days in the last non-gay thing to ever happen on Reddit.

Below the line is the original article from March 7th, 2021. It is reproduced faithfully, minus a few touch ups.

The second non-gay thing to happen on Reddit this year – the first being Wall Street Bets – has just occured. Fed up with trannies shoving their tranny bullshit in everyone’s faces, specifically the “you’re a bigot if you won’t suck my female penis,” routine, some guy made a video calling himself “SuperStraight.” This means that he is only attracted to woman who were born with vaginas. This is his sexual identity, and criticism of this is literal violence.

I have to admit, this was a breath of fresh air, and it shows just how important it is to give people the vocabulary to defend themselves. I’d go into the actual text, but honestly, the pictures speak for themselves.

NOTE FROM TODAY: Knowing what we know about Log Cabin Republican George Washington this one may have aged poorly.

Normally I’d get mad at the kind of goy who posts this below, but let’s get real here, this guy knows. You don’t make everyone on the right a Jew by accident. 

As one fellow BANGer said, this is a subreddit burning as glorious as 10,000 suns as it careens towards the banhammer. Truly beautiful.

UPDATE: March 9th, 2021. Two days later it got banned. The message was:

“This community was banned for promoting hate towards a marginalized or vulnerable group. The community had become increasingly exclusionary with hateful content that is counter to its original satirical intent and was in violation of our policies.”

May the gods have mercy on their e-souls, press f to pay respects. They may have been redditors, but to me they were… friends.

#SuperStraight was the last fun and subversive thing to ever happen on Reddit. Hell, maybe the last cool thing to ever happen on the internet period. The golden age of the internet was obviously over by 2018 at the latest, and I was shocked even then that the rabbis of Zion allowed them to shitpost for as long as they did. YouTube is far more on the ball when it comes to protecting the precious tranny golems.

#SuperStraight satisfied people’s pent up demand to tell these privileged perverts to go fuck themselves over and over and over again. It’s the same reason that Russian guy’s jersey sold out after he refused to wear the AIDS decal for the Philadelphia Flyers warmup.

Meanwhile we’ve got (((Hollywood))) product getting AIDS at the box office left, right, and center. This is obviously what people want, which is why it’s never offered to us.

I didn’t even collect one tenth of all the best memes that they made, in part because half of that movement was just them collecting disgusting things that trannies were doing, and it was never quite worth screencapping. I did get this one that you see below. 

And of course, the subreddit lasted all of three days before being holocausted. Because we can’t let the Goyim have something that they like. That’s not how capitalism works.

I decided to look up SuperStraight, to see what became of it. I found this AIDS friendly site whining about it.

LGBTQ Pride Fandom:

Super Straight is a term for those who are only “attracted” to cisgender people of the opposite gender. The Super Straight craze was an act of trying to create an atmosphere of transphobes separate from straight people.j

No, I didn’t add the j at the end there. Nor did I add this upcoming one in the very next paragraph.

The issue with this term (Super Straight) isn’t that people don’t want to date trans people for sexual (differences in g*nitalia) reasons or differences, rather it was the prejudice towards transgender people. Claiming one is not simply straight to date a trans person (saying “super straights” don’t view trans people by their identified gender/s but rather by their assigned gender at birth/AGAB), but that “Super Straight” is the proper straight and/or straighter (as mentioned is a harmful and transphobic view)j

Xir even ends the piece with the same mystery letter style.

Reddit removed subreddits promoting the Super Straight craze as it was spreading hatred.z

Who knows what goes on in the mind of a troon.

About a year later they got trolled by some SuperStraights, and probably didn’t know how to censor their site comments. I say that because user “itz henka gacha” who is literally Wow, Just WOWing at them boasts about reverting the SuperStraight edits to the article.

And that’s where all internet movements die, the liver spotted hands of (((shut it down))). Was fun while it lasted though.

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  1. I’ll be the first to say that Reddit’s user base is overwhelmingly gay and retarded, but I do remember the time when spicier subreddits were allowed. I was astonished at just how many new racial slurs I discovered just by browsing CoonTown, and there were a handful of really good news aggregator subs.

    And no, I do not count r/The_Donald among the spicy subreddits. I’m proud of the fact that I got banned from there for antisemitism. And I didn’t even need to use the word jew to achieve it.

    I kinda wish I was there for SuperStraight. Oh well.

  2. Never saw this before. Love those super straight SS memes. More please!

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