NOTE: The particular child in the above image is not related to this story.

A week ago I had an hour long phone call with a mother of a “trans” child. I had been put in touch with her through a mutual acquaintance of ours. She asked for her name, and the names of the children involved to be changed. From now on the Mother will be named Gabriella. The eldest child will be named Rebecca, and the youngest child Matilda. The ex-husband will be named Chris. This is her story.

As is so often the case, we start off with dysfunctional family life. The two parents, Gabriella and Chris, were getting through a very nasty divorce. They lived in Panama from 2011-2017, split in 2017, and Gabriella had to get police protection against her ex-husband.

From then on they were separated, but were not legally divorced. They then get ordered by a court to leave Panama, and were sent to California. I’m not quite sure why they were sent to California, as they were all Canadians, but they lived there from January 30th, 2018 to September 2nd, 2018 whereupon they were ordered to move to Canada.

A decade prior to this, their eldest daughter, Rebecca, was clinically diagnosed with anxiety at six years old by Dr. Megan Smith in North Vancouver. The acrimonious divorce proceedings were quite difficult on this child, starting in Panama. This was especially the case since the father begins using the child as a pawn and playing her off against her mother. And not in some small ways, she has a recording she played for me where her ex-husband is claiming that she’s an alcoholic. She also has a recording where he’s condoning Rebecca, the eldest child, violently assaulting Gabriella.

The term for this behaviour on the part of the father is parental alienation. It’s where a child, and in this case one with a very fragile mental state to begin with, is manipulated by one parent against the other. We’ll see more of this in the future.

Still in Panama, Gabriella notices that her daughter is drinking around the house, and she privately calls the school counselor and gets Rebecca counseling. Unfortunately this stopped when they got to California.

There the child begins to experience suicidal thoughts, and tried committing suicide on February 10th, 2018. Gabriella calls the suicide prevention lifeline, and the police go to the fathers house and take Rebecca to the hospital in handcuffs. This enrages Rebecca even more, and the doctor orders her to go in for psychiatric screening. The father neglects to take her, probably using that as an opportunity to whisper into the child’s ear that her mother hates her and is abusing her in some way.

July 15th, 2018, and still in California Rebecca, aged sixteen, decides that she’s a boy.

In fall they move to Canada and Rebecca finds out about Foundry. I hadn’t heard of these creeps until Gabriella told me this story, but it’s exactly what you’d expect.

Which is to say it’s a slickly produced propaganda aimed at children, where they promote trannyism alongside vaguely anti-White stuff as well as legitimate issues like substance abuse. Although I’m far from convinced they actually care about children with substance abuse problems, other than seeing them as a vulnerable population to groom.

I found the below image when searching “gender,” on their site.

Foundry BC:

Gender and sexual orientation can be complicated subjects, especially if you feel like you’re different from your peers or you don’t fit into certain categories or labels.

Luckily, these days people are more aware that all of us are unique, and there are many different ways to express sexuality and gender. Our rights to express our gender and our sexual orientation are now protected by law in Canada.

The difference between sex, sexuality and gender can be confusing. They don’t always relate to each other the way people sometimes think. For example, somebody who considers themselves straight might also identify as non-binary. The Gender Unicorn can help explain the differences between these categories. IN general, gender identity is how someone feels on the inside, and gender expression is how they express themselves to others. Sexual orientation describes who someone is attracted to. Each of these is different than someone’s sex, which is assigned based on physical traits like genitals and chromosomes.

It’s also important to know that each of these categories has a range. For example, many people identify as neither straight or gay, but somewhere in the middle.

Yes, they break out the Gender Unicorn.

It might be hard for you to explore gender and sexuality because of your upbringing, religious beliefs, community or social group. You might want to reach out for help from a trusted adult or a supportive organization like Qmunity if you:

  • are unsure about your feelings
  • are being bullied by others
  • want to help a friend who is struggling

If you are or think you might be transgender and need services or support, visit Trans Care BC.

Remember that there is no one ‘right’ way to identify.  Everybody is different, and accepting yourself and others for who they are is an important part of sexual and mental well-being. The LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit movement is growing, and there are lots of places to seek support or connect with others in the community.

Tip:Join a Gender and Sexuality Alliance at your school or in your community (however you identify!). GSAs benefit not only those who identify as LGBTQIA or Two-Spirit, but they help create an environment that is accepting and safe for everybody.

This “join your local pervert club,” part is important. One of the ways they groom the children is by replacing their social circles with other children going through the same process. This creates lots of social pressure and reinforcement for the kids to go through with what the groomers want.

Foundry BC is also the originator of “Jay’s Story.” That was where the healthy at any size queer Filipinx with (he/she/they) pronouns went on and on about how mirrors can be used as a horribly unpoetic extended metaphors before admitting to having serious mental health problems.

Like I said, they’re exactly what you’d expect.

Rebecca found Foundry online, at the same time she starts hearing voices in her head. Worse, she started acting on these voices, hurting herself and others. As the father’s side of the family has a history of schizophrenia, Rebecca starts thinking that she has schizophrenia. Because of this they go to Foundry, which advertises itself as being for children, to see a psychiatrist.

Said Psychiatrist, Dr. Jordan Jacob Cohen –

– does the psychiatric evaluation. As is often the case, I can’t find an image of Dr. Jordan Cohen, and there’s another Dr. Jordan Cohen who is entirely unrelated to this one. Our Dr. Jordan Cohen is, as of April 1st, 2022, the new “Associate Head for Postgraduate Education & Continuing Professional Development,” according to UBC.


n anticipation of Dr. Paul Dagg’s retirement this summer, a formal announcement of which will be forthcoming, I am writing to share with you that Dr. Jordan Cohen has been appointed as the incoming Associate Head, Postgraduate Education & Continuing Professional Development, effective April 1, 2022.

In his new role as Associate Head, Dr. Cohen will be providing strategic oversight for the development and implementation of postgraduate psychiatry education and the Competence By Design curriculum, as well as leadership in the development of CPD initiatives for the Department. Importantly, he will continue the excellent work undertaken by Dr. Dagg in paving the way for the expansion of the residency program to the Southern Medical Program, as well as leading efforts to ensure PGE curricula meet cultural competencies and reflect the unique needs of Indigenous and other underrepresented communities.

It appears the child abusers only ever fail upwards, but back in early 2019 Jordan Cohen was working at Foundry, and diagnosed the child not as schizophrenic, but with Obsessive disorder, Anxiety, and ADD. That might be fine, but Gabriella never got to actually see his report. Cohen then recommended “transgender counseling,” done through BC Children’s Hospital, one of the biggest promoters of child mutilation around.

This took the form of Marion Rom, the counselor, telling her child that she should go take Lupron immediately, start taking testosterone as soon as possible, after guaranteeing that testosterone was 100% reversible (what???), and that Rebecca should have “top surgery,” as soon as possible. Her reasoning was that it looks better the younger the child is mutilated.

When they were still living in California, Gabriella had been required to take a co-parenting class. In that class they had gone into great detail as to the harmful effects of “parental alienation,” and had explicitly stated “gender dysphoria,” as one of the possible symptoms. Marion Rom, the malicious cunt, had never even heard of this, which prompted Gabriella to send her this letter in early 2019.

It’s a very long letter, with only a small portion of it screencapped above. I’m going to reproduce it in full, with the important parts bolded. Sorry if the formatting got a bit wonky.

To Marion,

I haven’t heard from you in regards to your letter.  I am curious to hear what you have to
I want to tell you that [REDACTED] and I are supposed to be in Con Joint therapy as [REDACTED]does not have a relationship with me because of past divorce trauma.  Has this been ruled out in regards to her gender dysphoria?  I am asking because I took the 6 hour co parenting class that they mention that this can be a reaction because of
emotional turmoil.  I was wondering what you would consider in regards to this?
I am going to send you the video that was in the course, but it will arrive as a Wetransfer as its too big to attach here.
Here are some notes I have clipped out of  he course outline:


In severe cases of parent alienation children have been successfully programmed to hate and reject a co-parent. The alienator is responsible for the child’s emotional abuse and for the child’s damaged critical thinking. Many other maladaptive behaviors may appear within the child including self-injuring behavior.
After an alienator succeeds in programming their child they become preoccupied with empowering the child to speak out, or speak up about their complaints with the target parent. Alienators then posture themselves to look like innocent
bystanders who then say things like, “Just listen to what my child is saying. I’m not telling him (or) her not to see their mom (or) dad. I try and encourage the child. I do everything I can to encourage a good relationship between the child
and their dad (or) mom. I am doing everything I can to help”.
Often times a lawyer representing an alienating parent will advise the alienating parent to stay in the background and let the child do the talking. The alienator’s lawyer will try to empower the child to talk to a judge (or to a lawyer representing the child), so that the child has an opportunity to voice their preference to live
with the alienator. Lawyers representing children are often taken in by these staged events and will advocate for the child’s expressed wishes. Some family law judges do not know for certain when a child has been alienated and they may accept at face value the child’s preference to live with an alienating parent during their private chamber interviews with an alienated child.
Clinical observations, case reviews and both qualitative and empirical studies all
indicate that alienated children may exhibit:
 co-dependence with the favored parent;
a lack of or a distorted sense of self;
 difficulties linked to self-respect;
 the emergence of arrogance;
a confused sense of identity, including sexual identity confusion;
 a lack of capacity to exhibit loyalty;
 a lack of trustworthiness;
 problems of manipulativeness and dishonesty;
 difficulties establishing and keeping friends;
 major depression;
 experiencing mood swings that are clinically mood disordered;
 the possible start of bipolar disorder;
 the full array of the conduct disorders including oppositional defiant disorder;
 alcohol and / or drug problems;
 a tendency towards addiction;
 the onset of anxiety and panic disorders;
 disordered sleeping;
 impulse control disorders including violence and acting out;
 emergence of personality disorders;
 increased risk of lifetime maladjustment.
Alienated children and adults alienated as children report that despite their protests otherwise, they secretly longed for more contact with their rejected parent and wished someone would have insisted they have contact (Clawar & Rivlin, 1991).
Children left with a severely alienating parent are likely to experience emotional trauma and also may eventually engage in self-harm. (Fidler and Bala, 2010)
 Dr. Richard Gardner (2006) suggested that children of parental alienation are likely to manifest the following mental disorders either during childhood or as adults: conduct disorder, psychopathy, separation anxiety disorder,
dissociative disorder, delusional disorder, narcissistic personality disorder
and gender identity problems. In the publication of Parental Alienation,
DSM-V, and ICD-11 the following statement was made on the effects of parental alienation: “In general, clinicians and researchers have said that
parental alienation harms the child in the following ways: the preferred parent encourages the child to be cruel and ungrateful; the preferred parent encourages black and white thinking; the experience of parental alienation undermines critical thinking skills and problem solving; by totally cutting off
unwanted people, parental alienation creates a negative self-image as the child comes to hate half of who he or she is; the process of parental
alienation encourages the child to cut off aspects of his or her own self that resemble the alienated parent; the child loses numerous secondary relationships, i.e. the family of the alienated parent; the experience of
parental alienation encourages dependency on the preferred parent and undermines the child’s sense of self sufficiency.”
 In a study by Baker who interviewed adults that experienced parental alienation as children, 50% of people involved in the study reported parental alienation from their own children and reliving the experience of parental alienation as targeted parents. This study indicates that parental alienation is multigenerational. Baker also reported in her study that many alienating parents seemed to have personality disorders; many alienating parents were also physically or sexually abusive; and alienating parents utilized techniques similar to those used by cult leaders.
More, there appears to be many different pathways to the realization that one has been manipulated by a parent to unnecessarily reject the other parent. In some situations it was because the alienating parent turned against them, for others it was becoming a parent and being the target of parental alienation. Some claimed it was a slow process and that time
eroded their long held belief system. To others it was independence and life experience that helped. All expressed that the truth was hard to accept and painful. The one’s that did attain this realization then had to manage the painful truth that the alienator did not have their best interest at heart, had betrayed them and they had also behaved very badly towards a parent that
did not deserve such treatment, also they all missed out on a relationship that may have had real value and benefit to them and the suffering from the loss of never getting back the time lost with a parent they rejected. (Baker,

I am not in the slightest surprised that serious familial problems are strongly correlated with “gender identity,” problems among the children. Rebecca, who has been manipulated by this borderline psychopathic father, is displaying textbook signs of parental alienation induced “gender identity problems,” which they explicitly state usually takes the form of identifying away from the alienated parent’s sex. When Gabriella brought this up to Marion Rom, as you can see in the letter, she’d never heard of it.

Because Marion’s job isn’t to actually give healthcare to these children. Marion’s job is to destroy as many children as possible. Her is what we’ve come to expect, based on the stories  of others, children and parents, who have gone through this nightmare.

At this point, the child starts going on testosterone, precisely on her seventeenth birthday. Three months into this, the child starts getting epileptic seizures. Gabriella’s doctor, unrelated to all of this, says that it’s probably from the testosterone. The nurses at Foundry say that there’s no possible way. Later, her doctor switches and says that she was born that way.

This might be a total aside, but Gabriella thinks that said doctor was bullied into changing his opinion sometime behind the scenes. The child has no history of seizures, and no new medical information appears to have been presented to him to get him to change his mind, he just changes it.

I don’t know what to make of that, but after this things deteriorate for the child. July, 2021, age 18 now, Rebecca finds a dead body while out hiking. This clearly traumatized her, and in addition to that she was smoking marijuana heavily. There may have been other drug use, nothing is confirmed. Despite all this, the child requests an evaluation for “top surgery.” That’s where the woman’s breasts are chopped off. 

And despite the child having suicidal ideations, an extremely fragile mental state, clinically diagnosed anxiety, and the recent exposure to a dead body, no counselling is offered to Rebecca. There was no psychological evaluation done of Rebecca at all. She was simply scheduled for the mutilation surgery.

Luckily, Rebecca still needed parental approval for the surgery. Unluckily, Chris, the psycho ex-husband, was more than happy to give Rebecca his approval to go and mutilate herself. At this point, Gabriella reaches out to Tanya Gaw’s Action Canada organization.

Tanya Gaw, left, Kari Simpson, right.

Eventually she gets lawyer Carey Linde advocating for her, who she was very impressed with. Linde is the lawyer who recently had the battle with the pervert Bolsheviks at the BC Law Society. I was supposed to transcribe for him, before being kicked out due to not being vaccinated. 

The trial starts off with Chris, the manipulative psycho, walking Rebecca to court and loudly proclaiming “your mother is taking you to court.” And as you might expect, Gabriella barely gets to talk over this two and a half day hearing. Instead, it turns into a trial of her and Carey Linde, with Team Child Abuse demanding that she and Carey get put under total publication bans, supposedly to protect the child. Again, this is the suicidal, mentally unstable child that is scheduled to be mutilated.

Very little time is spent talking about the child herself, and whether she is mentally fit to do such a horrifying thing to herself. Of course, we would say that by wanting to do this, she shows that she is mentally unwell, but in this case the serious mental problems that Rebecca was enduring ought to speak for themselves.

In the end, Gabriella and Carey Linde both get publication bans put on them. Rebecca is scheduled for breast mutilation surgery the very next day, and she goes through with it.

Lawyer Carey Linde

Gabriella sent me a link to this article, which is written about her case. 

Today in BC:

A B.C. Supreme Court judged has ruled against a mother wishing to stop her 18-year-old son from having gender affirming surgery.

Last month, the mother sought an injunction restraining the surgeon from performing a double mastectomy, or any surgery, on her son. The surgery had been scheduled for the day after the hearing.

The mother had argued that the 18-year-old, his father and the surgeon had failed to satisfy the requirements of Section 17 of the Infants Act, which requires a minor to give informed consent for any medical treatment. Further, the mother argued that Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms entitles her to the right to make decisions in the best interest for her child.

Justice Brenda Brown found that “foregoing surgery will have a significant impact on (the teen). As such, the balance of convenience favours the respondents and favours proceeding with the surgery.”

Yes, you read that correctly. “Justice” Brenda Brown argued that the surgery must proceed, because that’s in the best interest of the child. To not let the child be mutilated would be to cause it harm.

The son in question was diagnosed has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and has been receiving testosterone for multiple years. He said that by the age of seven, “he asked his mother if he could change his body into a boy’s body.” The mother was involved in the decision to let her son begin testosterone therapy in November 2019.

As you might suspect, this isn’t true. Gabriella sent me an email disputing this.

They lied about the conversation about [Redacted] and mine. They said she asked if he could change into a boys body?  That is not true. As a child she was a tom boy, a lot like I was as a child, and was an alpha female, had tons of boyfriends but was uncertain about how life works. She innocently asked me, when I grow up will I be a boy or a girl?

I said you are a girl honey, and she happily went back to playing.  He/She was such an actor since he/she was little that his acting coach said she had never meant a more talented child actor than [Redacted], that was at Universal City. As a medicine woman I have the intuition that children before puberty are quite both yin and yang, and they should be left to freely play with both energies.  They are coercing the children to either side and this is child abuse, children should be left to play and explore, if they want to do that shit after puberty fine, but let them be kids.

After this, Rebecca didn’t talk to Gabriella for about six weeks. When she did, she said “I have to admit, that surgery was really intense.” I would say at this point nothing more can be done but get revenge, and tell everyone her story, but unfortunately her story doesn’t really end there.

There’s more nastiness going on in the background with the divorce court proceedings the next year, what with Chris, who works in finance, telling the children that their mother, who is destitute, is the reason that he is poor. Except he’s not even poor, he just pretends to be in front of the easily manipulated children.

Rebecca’s surgery was September, 2021. The divorce court proceedings were late May, 2022. Backing up to earlier in the year, and Gabriella and Rebecca had been having arguments over getting the youngest child, Matilda, vaccinated. Rebecca, now literally on roid rage, starts raging at Gabriella to an extreme degree that scares her, as she realizes that the hormones are doing something extremely weird to her once daughter.

The childs roid rage episodes continue, escalating to Rebecca raging at Gabriella in the car one day. She says “the only reason I don’t have money for school is because you took Dad to court.” She then punches Gabriella in the face repeatedly, pulls her hair, and even manages to kick her.

At this point, shocked, she writes a letter to Foundry and Dr. Cohen, as well as some nurse named Kelly, asking for followup care for her child. This is when she learns that, in a twist that should be extremely familiar to those who have read about these Child Abusers before, they don’t do any followup care.

Nope. None. Not interested. The child has been mutilated and they have been paid. It’s on to the next product.

This wasn’t good enough for Gabriella, so she went to meet them in person. They absolutely refused to do anything. Well not quite. They did send her a nasty letter giving her resources for counselling. To be clear, they sent Gabriella counselling resources… for herself. Not for her child, for herself.

Instead of taking these cunts up on that, she went to the police and told them everything. While she was there, the police told her that whenever one of them interacts with a dead body, they are put through multiple steps of counselling. Rebecca was put through no counselling, aged 18, and then allowed to cut her breasts off.

Rebecca, probably fueled through roid rage, kept going more and more crazy in the meantime. The Police had told Gabriella that she can’t have Rebecca come over without another adult. Furthermore, the police had gone and talked to Rebecca, and she had made yet another threat to do harm to Gabriella. After this, they put her house on a safe watch, something I am unfamiliar with, but can guess as to the purpose.

Near the end of April, after months of this behaviour, and no contact with Rebecca, Gabriella gets a phone call from her, and she wants to come over. Gabriella explains that she can’t come over, so Rebecca asks if bringing her counsellor would satisfy the “other adult present,” criteria, and she agrees. They appear to make up at this point.

Unfortunately, things do not stay that way. The youngest child, Matilda, calls up Gabriella shortly thereafter, seemingly panicked, and asks if she and Rebecca can come over. Gabriella calls up Rebecca’s “Indigenous Counsellor,” at school, and asks her to contact Rebecca to see what’s going on. Meanwhile Gabriella texts Matilda the number for suicide distress, not knowing herself what’s going on.

As a very brief aside, the father, Chris, is White. The mother, Gabriella, has some small amount of admixture that, once pointed out, is easily seen. I believe she said it’s from her Grandmother. In any case, it’s not extremely important to the story.

That night, Rebecca ends up at Hope Center, part of Lionsgate hospital. They are used for addiction treatment. Rebecca is in for three days, then out, then back in for three weeks. When she finally gets out, she tells Gabriella that the doctors re-adjusted her medication, and now she needs to be on an anti-psychotic medicine.

From their website linked above.

Shortly thereafter Gabriella is taking her out to dinner. She admits that she was falling apart, and says that (he/she) can’t stand the sight of her sister anymore. At this point Gabriella notices a scab on her hand, which Rebecca explains is a burn mark. She then grabs her collar and opens it up, to show a serious divot in her flesh which she has burned with another cigarette. 

That was just a few months ago at the most. The relationship between the two of them appears to be decent these days, but Gabriella notices that Rebecca is no longer the same person as she was before, and not just referring to the roid rage episodes. She stares into space a lot, and her artwork has seriously changed. In my opinion, for the worse.

NOTE: The mother contacted me after writing this story, and was worried this artwork would be too identifying for Rebecca. So I removed both drawings.


I’ve never been the melodramatic type, and it’s difficult to convey someone’s suffering in a respectful way. All I’ll say is that telling me her story was extremely difficult for Gabriella, and understandably so. She has essentially had to deal with something quite close to the death of her child, and can now only hope that Rebecca can find happiness in her current state. A sentiment we can all share.

Rebecca should never have been exposed to this tranny propaganda, which is as ridiculous as it is harmful. She should never have been put in a situation where she could have “top surgery,” another term for the intentional mutilation of women.

That’s true for all children, but Rebecca was clearly suffering from serious mental health issues. She was diagnosed with anxiety, ADD, and Obsessive Disorder. That should have disqualified her immediately from being allowed to mutilate herself. And her mental state has obviously not improved, with her needing to go on anti-psychotic medication.

But to the Child Abusers running this operation, Rebecca’s vulnerability was a feature, not a bug. That she came from a broken home was great, since it meant less parental oversight. That she had serious mental health issues was great, since it made her an easier target for these malicious creeps.

She then gets told that testosterone is 100% reversible. It is not. And it turns out that she was told this by the Child Abusers who will tell you that they do what they do because they care so deeply about the children. But they didn’t bother doing any follow up care because they don’t give actually care about these kids, other than as dollar signs and walking symbols of the destruction of Western Civilization. 

The child now, while patching things up with the mother, is quite simply not doing well. The best that we can now hope for is the child to live an almost normal life, something that seems unlikely. 

Once again, thanks to Gabriella for sharing her story with me. I feel it’s important to see just how evil these people are. It’s one thing to see the viscerally repulsive and enraging site of child trannies. It’s another to see the process unfold in front of you, step by step.

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  1. After your previous trans child horror story, I’ve been chewing over in my mind as to why tranny doctors don’t bother with follow-up care. It was while I was reading this article that I think I finally arrived at an answer. These butchers see what they’re doing (which, to reiterate, is a combination of surgical and chemical castration) as nothing more serious than putting a band-aid on a boo-boo.

    These butchers don’t see these kids as patients. To them, they’re just another invoice, just another unit rolling down the perverse production line that is the Transgender Industrial Complex.

    1. It’s hard to come to any other conclusion.

  2. Psychology is a pseudoscience for retards. Might as well go to an astrologer or voodoo witch doctor for advice. It would probably be more helpful than going to a credentialed psych professional.

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