Fox Jews:

Iran proxy forces launched about seven rockets targeting a U.S. base in Northeast Syria on Friday in retaliation to the U.S., a defense official confirms to Fox News. 

In first assessments, there are no U.S. casualties and no damage to the base near the Al-Omar oil field.

The rocket attacks came after President Biden ordered a series of retaliatory strikes in response to a suspected Iranian-made drone that killed a U.S. contractor and wounded six other Americans on Thursday. The U.S. strikes reportedly killed eight Iranians. 

No US casualties, unlike that thing in the Middle East that no one has ever apologized for.

Care about our troops, Goy. But don’t care about them so much that you demand justice for all the ones that these very same propagandists who lied them to their deaths for Israel. 

The Department of Defense said Thursday that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps had crashed a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) into a building near Hasakah in northeast Syria at approximately 1:38 p.m. local time, leaving one U.S. contractor dead. The attack also wounded five U.S. service members and another U.S. contractor.

So they killed one US contractor, and wounded five soldiers. 

Don’t worry guys. They’ll get to live the rest of their lives without that foot. God gave you two, so you should be fine. And you don’t need any feet at all to die of an opiate overdose. Join the military, Goy.

The Observatory reported another American strike on a military post near the town of Boukamal, near the border with Iraq. Their report has not been independently verified. 

Also, why the hell is the US Military in Syria? Do we have some strategic interest in –


Oh right. Damn Communist Chinese dragging us into all these wars.

Revrum Novarum:

According to Iranian intelligence, more than 40 missiles hit American bases over the last 4 hours.

At least 20 rockets have exploded against the Conico military base and oil fields, held by the Americans, as well as the Al-Omari oil fields near Deir-Ez-Zor

Missile attacks in Syria today may have injured and possibility killed more American troops than reported

I take telegram channels with a giant grain of salt.

The Cradle:

The US occupation base in northeastern Syria’s Al-Omar oilfield was attacked with rockets on 24 March, just hours after the US army bombed several locations in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor on Thursday night.

But, for all the faults of the Ghost of Kiev Hallucinators, if they’re saying the same thing it means something. Normally ZOGs military does what it wants in The Middle East, with little repercussions. But the timeline here appears to be the US doing airstrikes in Syria, Iranian proxy forces hitting back at one of their Syrian bases, killing a contractor and injuring five soldiers, the US doing another airstrike, and the Iranians shelling the base. 

In the meantime, the Iranians have finally figured out some decent rhetoric. If ZOG is going to pretend their activated Kurd Commies are human rights freedom fighters, then Iran should hit back at them for actually oppressing the peasants of the countries they currently control. 

“Fiery, but mostly peaceful CIA coup attempt.”

All of which brings us to our next article.

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  1. Earlier articles on the Canadian military noted that recruitment is declining. The articles also suggested that the CAF will soon be mostly staffed with careerist/opportunists.

    Now that GAYTO is tangling with opponents with half-decent training and weapons, I predict that the opportunists will start jumping ship, rather than face real threats of disablement, mutilation, and death.

    Soon, perhaps, we will finally see peace in our time – when only leftover retards will fight and die for israel – but can’t because they have no idea how to run complex logistics, and/or figure out complicated gadgetry while under pressure.

  2. The US military is outwardly hostile towards White men. When I see White guys in uniform I just assume they are not very bright or the military is literally their only option. Similar to law enforcement they are struggling to get people enlisted. So the military and police are mainly staffed by idiots and niggers. Nobody with good moral values would be able to tolerate the homosexuality being glorified in the military.

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