It’s honestly pretty rare that I make this kind of piece, but in this case, I had to.


As the Coalition pushed for urgent action  to ban Nazi symbols in public Senator Henderson burst into tears, apparently prompted by a comment from the Labor benches.

Surely you jest.

Apparently not. Before us we see the proud senator, keeper of The Democracy, Upholder of Justice, Speaker for the Oligarchs People, full on breaking down in public. The article quotes her as saying the following:

“Senator [Murray] Watt said the most disgraceful thing, and he needs to withdraw it. I am disgusted in you!” she yelled through tears.

But it’s actually much more embarrassing, since she’s clearly still sobbing up a storm as the camera cuts away. This is the best transcript I could come up with.

Senator Sarah Henderson: Senator [Murray] Watt said the most disgraceful thing, and he needs to withdraw it. I am disgusted in you!

Sue Lines (Senate President): Uh, thank you Sen –


*Pregnant pause as Sue Lines wonders WTF is happening* 

Sue Lines: Senator Henderson. SENATOR HENDERSON. I did not hear the remark (she says to Watt), but in the interests of the senate, I’m gonna ask you to withdraw. 

*Sobbing clearly heard in the background. Seriously, it sounds like someone is getting beaten but it’s just this dumb bitch trying to scream while her mic is muted, so you kind of hear it on the other one.*

Senator Watt: Madam president, I would withdraw. I would –

*Background Henderson* DFlkj LJfkjl JLJDSL ljlkJSFJ SDFJLDSFJLDSFJ

Sue Lines: Thank you. THANK YOU. Order. ORDAH! Uh, I think we just need to take a moment.

I have never seen anything like this, save for African countries. Even then, it has a different vibe than this retard mentally breaking down over nothing. And I can’t stress enough just how much of a non-issue she’s getting worked up over.

From the SBS article. And sorry, their formatting gets super weird. 

The incident occurred as the Senate debated a Coalition push to ban Nazi symbols in public, after Neo-Nazis performed the Sieg Heil salute on the steps of Victorian parliament on Saturday.
It was revealed this week that Senator Henderson has been personally urging 

Victorian Liberal leader John Pessutto not to expel MP Moira Deeming, who helped organise a gender rally that she claims was “gatecrashed” by the neo-Nazi group.

First of all, based. 

You might be thinking that this is what she’s losing her shit over. That would sort of make sense, but be far too dignified. 

Senator Watt said he had simply asked the Liberals why they were not condemning their own senator for supporting a colleague who “recently stood with neo-Nazis”.

That was what caused her to explode. Some consubversative doing DemsRRealNatzees on her.

Having politicians who aren’t retards is authoritarian populism, and therefore NOT Democracy. Having retards who lose their shit over tepid, Finkled criticism while they strip away your freedoms on behalf of Schlomo is TVUE Democracy. Don’t expect Sarah Henderson to have a breakdown the next time some Zionist mass murder propagandist argues for wars for Israel. The Democracy Class is going to be surprisingly calm on that one.

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  1. The emotional state of useless public figureheads – Most of us had more rationality in kindergarten.
    This world would be strictly humorous if I could only get to the pure advaita state…actually I’m pretty much there.
    So while eating popcorn I fart in a southeasterly down under direction…”you’re name’s not Bruce then? Mind if we call you Bruce just to avoid confusion?…Bruce here teaches logical positivism and Bruce here is in charge of the sheep dip…” monty python’s great skit on the aussies.

  2. With the amount of antidepressant pills these types of people are on, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  3. Never underestimate the ability of a few well-timed salutes to create political chaos, make some startling political reveals, and cause a fully grown woman Senator to cry.

    So here’s how it worked:

    Aussie Liberal MP Moira Deeming spoke at an anti-trans “Let Women Speak” event. Men also attended the event, and gave some loud and proud Roman salutes. They also brawled with pro-trans activists. Police were involved. Good fun.

    From this, Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto concluded that the anti-trans rally had established links to neo-Nazis – and more shockingly, that Ms. Deeming also knew that the rally organizers had these links.

    So now Mr. Pesutto wants to kick Ms. Deeming out of the Liberal Party for sharing the stage with a group that has links to another group: “I will never, ever accept any member of the parliamentary Liberal Party under my leadership ever associating with anybody who shares a platform with people who peddle hate, division and attack people for who they are.”

    Subsequently, Liberal Senator Henderson, being a real wahmen, apparently lobbied Mr. Pesutto to keep Ms. Deeming, another real wahmen, in the Liberal party.

    During the Senate debate to expand legislation banning the Nazi swastika to also include the salute, Labour Senator Senator Watt asked why the Libs were not condemning their own senator (Henderson) for supporting a colleague (Deeming) who “recently stood with neo-Nazis”.

    That’s when Henderson broke down – and possibly seeing her political career about to come to an end – did the wah wah wah, poor me victim, wahmen thing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Henderson now throw Deeming under the bus.

    So a few salutes later, here’s what we now know: Anti-trans wahmen’s groups are equal to Nazism because they both “peddle hate, division and attack people for who they are.” And a political person who publicly stands with such Nazis must be expelled. And any politico exposed as trying to help a colleague who stood with such Nazis is going to shit their pants in fear, and cry on television.

    Wow. Not bad for a day’s worth of protest.

    1. It’s such a clusterfuck that I almost don’t believe it, but ClownWorld is ClownWorld after all.

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