Everyone’s favourite Benzos addict has once again thrust himself into the limelight with a truly spectacular tweet.

To put into perspective his comments, here’s the video of Humza Yousef, the Scottish “National” Party president, whining about White People. Transcript below.

99% of the meetings I go to I’m the only non-White person in the room. But why are we so surprised, when the most senior positions in Scotland are filled almost exclusively by those who are White.

Keep in mind that Steven Edginton’s comment was to point out that Scotland is 96% White. He didn’t even say “get this non-White faggot away from me,” he simply pointed out that this anti-White is seething that White People are not even more underrepresented in the Scottish Government, and Juden Peterson is seething right back on behalf of Humza Yousef. 

Take my portfolio alone. The Lord President, White. The Lord Justice Clark, White. Every high court judge, White. The Lord Advocate, White. The Solicitor General, White. The Chief Constable, White. Every deputy chief constable, White. Every Assistant Chief Constable, White. The Head of the Law Society, White. The Head of the Faculty of Advocates, White. Every person, governor, White.

I’d still suggest watching the video, if only to see the venom with which he says “White.” It is used as a racial slur by this anti-White.

And not just justice. The Chief Medical Officer, White. The Chief Nursing Officer, White. The Chief veterinary officer, White. The Chief Social Work Adviser, White. Almost every trade union in this country, headed by people who are White. And the Scottish Government every director general is White. Every chair of every public body is White.

That is not good enough.

In other words, we see a clear and obvious racial attack on White People. Cue the uncensored Juden Peterstein to say the following to the White Man tepidly pointing out the insanity and outrage of a creature like this being put into a position of power over White People. 

By what standards is he not “white”? Is he not white like Italians, Jews and Irishmen were once not “white”? – Juden Peterstein

Even on twatter the replies are on point.

First of all, Peterstein’s commentary is outrageously stupid, even for a consubversative. Italians and Irishmen were always considered White, and people like Humza Yousaf have always been considered non-White. This is such a dumb anti-White attack vector I’m actually glad he went with this.

Secondly, Mr. Peterstein rose to prominence because he refused to say that biological men are women. Well he really rose to prominence because he was never censored, and in fact promoted by the algorithm constantly, but the official story is him hitting back at the troon lobby.

See the above image? Note the view count.

I was so blown away by the “free speech warrior” being promoted on YouTube, even on totally unrelated videos, that I accidentally took two different screenshots a few months apart. Anyone who lived through this knows that this fraud has been heavily promoted for years.

Actually, we’re still not done with the trillion dollar multinationals promoting this fraud. I was recently celebrating my birthday with my family, and they found out that they had Amazon Prime. They had never watched anything on the app, but they logged in on the television and we scrolled through the recommended movies. Know what popped up as one of the very first videos recommended?

That’s right, a four year old puff piece masquerading as a documentary that got only a limited theatrical release. That’s the Juden Peterstein Experience, available on all the major platforms, because he’s never been censored, and never will be.

But anyway he’s gone from “men are men and women are women,” to “what even is a White Person white person?” Which is funny, because I recall writing a piece on this fraud just a few weeks ago, where he himself detailed all the racial discrimination that his White students go through, to the point where they can’t get hired in academia because they are White, and not literal faggots. Here’s a quote from Mr. Peterstein himself.

First, my qualified and supremely trained heterosexual white male graduate students (and I’ve had many others, by the way) face a negligible chance of being offered university research positions, despite stellar scientific dossiers. This is partly because of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity mandates (my preferred acronym: DIE). 

I’m confused. I thought we didn’t know what a White male is, Jordan. What do the people who are being discriminated look like? Help me out here bud. Do Irish and Italians qualify?

The answer to that last question is, yes, they do qualify. When it comes time to be racially discriminated against, those “Irish” and “Italians,” are considered White, because they are White. And whatever Humza Yousaf is will never be considered White, because it isn’t White. 

Circling all the way to the start, commenter Steven Edginton said “Scotland is 96% White as a reminder.” What would Humza Yousaf say in response? Probably something like “yes, and that’s a problem, Scotland is too White white. Also, I think it’s good to racially discriminate against Whitey, so I don’t care if Whitey is just proportionally represented, I should be privileged over White People because I am Brown.” 

Humza Yousaf is exactly the kind of person who has made Juden Peterstein’s White students unhireable. Or rather, exactly the kind of middle management that has been (((enabled))) by Juden’s handlers to push anti-White policies that harm White People, including Peterson’s own students. And Peterson’s response to a White Person getting uppity enough to respond to Yousaf is to viciously attack him for standing up for himself.

For a long time I wondered what to call the Not Quite Antifa types. I went with “Kosher-Left” for a long time, before BANG user TrophyHusband said “Butthole-Leftist,” and I realized that it is the absolutely perfect description for these people. Pro-bombs, pro-billionaires, pro-buttholes. It’s crude, but they deserve nothing more.

I was having the same problem describing the right side of the Finkle sandwich. The cuckservative meme had played itself out, because they’re not really cucks, they’re just employees. So I started calling them servatives, but that didn’t quite sting as much as I wanted. Then I started calling them Koshervatives, but that just didn’t quite work. But then finally I stumbled upon consubversatives, and the more I say it the more I like it. The consubversatives, just there to trip you up, take up space, and stab you in the back. Just there to make sure that you get nothing.

Pierre Poilievre, consubversative party leader

To that end, they often do a 5.5/10 job describing the problem. Occasionally they get real edgy, and do a 7.5/10 job of describing the problem. They will then proceed to never get you policy. When it looks like someone has arrived on the scene who is actually serious about getting policy, they swoop down upon them with the exact same anti-White rhetoric of the butthole-leftists. Because, ultimately, they are one and the same.

In Juden Peterstein’s case, that’s admitting, in great detail, that his White students are being racially discriminated against because they are White. Then he turns around and tells you to clean your room, while doing the “what’s a White Person” bit to any White Person who gets uppity and defends himself. Remember, he knows what a White Person is, they’re the students of his who can’t get hired because of their race.

Luckily, Peterson is a drug addict, so he does it so poorly it’s counterproductive. Some consubversatives are much better at their jobs.

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  1. Whenever I hear people like JP (or any other system expert or crony for that matter) talk, advise or opine, I just remember that these are just mere employees who really really REALLY need that paycheck. I then process their views accordingly.

  2. One day this faggot will take too many benzos and the world will be better for it.

    1. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to fatally overdose on benzos.
      Prolonged use/abuse has been known to cause brain damage, though.

  3. I have some colleagues at work that are Peterstein fanboys – pointing out this interaction may be the first step in making them realise that the guy’s a charlatan.

  4. […] about two weeks ago when Jordan “Lobster Dominance” Peterson claimed that the obviously not White leader of the Scottish National Party was secretly White? Today, […]

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