First things first, when researching this piece I came across another that I feel is highly relevant.

The Abbotsford News (2019):

The Rise of Jordan Peterson, a new documentary profiling the controversial psychology professor and Canadian author is getting a very limited release in select theatres, Oct. 6 – one of which is in Langley.

Peterson has sparked both outrage and support with opposition to the use of non-binary terms, opinions on political correctness, and the release of his 2018 bestseller 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

How’s that antidote working out for you Mr. Peterson? Your daughter is a divorced megawhore, you cry whenever you’re within thirty meters of a Jew, and you’re flying on Xanax.

The guy is a LOLcow, of that there is no doubt. To quote Aquila, he’s a “sophist who’s paid to argue any position,” and right now the people giving Mr. Peterson his bankroll have beady little eyes and big hooked noses.

Every time I think I’ve said what needs to be said about the guy he goes and does something incredibly whiny and gay. The guy is almost as addicted to taking L’s as benzos.

But no, let’s all sit down and listen to Mr. Peterson give us 12 rules as an antidote to chaos.

Director Patricia Marcoccia and producer Maziar Ghaderi began capturing Peterson’s life for a doc detailing his friendship and family bonds with Kwakwaka’wakw carver Charles Joseph.

Marcoccia said the project changed in 2016 when Peterson released a series of Youtube videos criticizing the use of gender-less pronouns.

“I had no idea these videos were coming,” Marcoccia said, “it came as a big surprise. We started filming but I had to switch gears and put what I was doing aside; circumstances became quite different.”

Even I didn’t know it was this bad. The hyper-narcissist Juden Peterstein had a guy following him around long before he was famous to document his friendship with some Aboriginal carver guy. Then, purely coincidentally, he just happened to blow up due to his low testosterone soy voice screaming out “you can’t make me,” at Trigglypuff and the rest. It was just the bestest of luck that they happened to already be doing the documentary on him over that thing that no one cares about.

The film is a longer version of Marcoccia’s documentary Shut Him Down, which aired on CBC in 2018. Since the Youtube videos, Maroccia said Peterson’s name has sparked protests, but more importantly, a public dialogue.

Like this, but not real.

Since completion however, the filmmakers gave struggled with finding a theatrical release for their work.

There are now 11 screenings across the country (half of which are in Ontario) slated for Oct. 6.

Colossus Langley is one of two theatres in all of B.C. to screen the film at 3:30 p.m. this Sunday; the only other one being Cineplex Odeon Park and Tilford in North Vancouver.

Colossus Langley! I used to work there for well over a year. Fun times, big place. 19 screens, plus an IMAX. I think they said it was the second biggest theater in BC. 

They had so many theaters that they would rent out the space for random stuff like churches who held Sunday services in there, or people who wanted to watch pro wrestling in public. They had a pretty low bar for minimum attendance required, so it’s not surprising that they were willing to show Peterson there. It’s just funny to me because most readers don’t understand that the Peterson documentary essentially got put into that tier of weird shit that the theater needs to pad out the roster.

“We just had premiere and it is gratifying to see three and a half years of work come together. The model is going well – places like Langley may have chosen it because they had a free slot.”

You’re filler Jordan. You always have been.

“It’s hard to know – he [Peterson] is being protested less and less. It really only draws more attention to the event,” Marcoccia explained. “The film was made in a way to reflect back the polarizing way Peterson has been covered – there is so much more perplexity. Nothing just fits one certain narrative.”

Peterson is protested less and less because it’s more and more obvious that he’s a total fraud, and that was true even back in 2018, when the above piece was written. And for the record, the kosher-left never protests his suckjob of jew nationalist racial cleansings. It’s only his made-to-be-impotent, ultra soy “pushback” against pervert stuff that they whine about.

Jordan Peterson: Man does not live on bread alone. And spiritual bread, that’s the story.

The guy dishing out this profound wisdom dresses himself like this.

And he’s taking the show on the road.

You see, he previously had twelve rules for life, as an antidote to chaos. Then he got fucked on Benzos, his daughter got divorced, and he can’t stop crying every time he sees a Rabbi, so he’s got 12 more to go BEYOND chaos. Even if you’re mastered the first 12, and are washing your penis like a madman, you can still worship at the altar of the low testosterone Kermit the Frog impersonator to really put that chaos in the rearview mirror.

The Abbotsford News:

Jordan B. Peterson is bringing his speaking tour to the Abbotsford Centre in the spring 

Peterson’s event, entitled Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life, is scheduled for the AC on Thursday, May 18.

Beyond order? Bit rich coming from a guy who had to go all the way to Russia because he was so fucked up that the stateside clinics couldn’t save him.

Or who claims to have not slept for 25 days because he drank a little bit of Apple Cider. 

Perhaps we should focus on the basics here, Mr. Peterstein. We can try reaching for the stars after we make sure you stop crying randomly.

Peterson was suspended from Twitter last year after it was determined that he violated that social media network’s policy on hateful conduct. He was re-instated following Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform in November.

They include this painfully long video.

I’m not going to analyze it, which is why I started from the very last part, where he cucks out at the “Woke Moralists.” It really is typical Peterson behaviour, only this time it spawned a few great memes.

This one is my favourite. I can’t explain why, it’s just so good. 

Anyway, back to our article. 

Tickets for the event go on-sale to the public starting on Friday (Jan. 13) at 10 a.m.

Members of the Abbotsford Centre Backstage Pass and the Abbotsford Canucks club member groups will have early access to tickets.

I’ll be there, I’ll be rallying the troops, and I’ll be writing a whole lot more about Mr. Peterson in the meantime. I’m not planning to buy tickets, but I want to hold a Steven Crowder “Change My Mind” shop out front.

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