Many of you won’t know who Jason Kessler is. He’s most famous for being the organizer of the Charlottesville Rally in 2017. He has always occupied a very weird Taylor-esque niche of people who are pro-White, but utterly refuse to name Der Juden. I’ve only written about the twice, first during the Charlottesville Trial. I was far from the only one utterly unimpressed with his performance. 

He kept attacking the TRS crew, despite them simply giving good advice. His lawyer kept trying to do the “my clients are evil retards, your honour, but look at this legal technicality,” bit. This wasn’t just bad strategy for him, but ran the risk of throwing the other defendants under the bus as well. It was also in direct contrast to Christopher Cantwell’s performance, which Kessler himself praised.

And the level to which he refused to name Der Schlomo, even when the lawyers gleefully lawfaring him referred to White People as “Amaleks,” and referred to themselves as “Chubby Dyke Kikes,” was almost parody-like. They might as well have had Stars of David carved into their foreheads, and this Goy was going on about how we were weird for quoting them.

“You’re just a bunch of weird freaks for focusing on the fact that your enemies are Jews instead of just being closing your eyes, covering your ears, stomping on the ground and saying “nuh uh,” over and over again.”

I have never understood this nonsense, especially coming from people who are already heavily censored, like Kessler. Not just censored, literally in court due to lawfare from zionist kikels. At that point, you just piss off everyone else with your obnoxious and bizarre cowardice. 

More recently Kessler had an almost great take on the Douglass Mackey/Ricky Vaughan verdict, then fucked it up at the last minute. 

All of the above is simply good sense. Douglass Mackey and the rest of the Alt-Republicans are jokes. I could somewhat understand the strategy back in 2017, although it was obviously wrong even then. Time has shown that voting Republican is just about the most laughable thing you can do if you actually want to get policy, since their one and only job is to get out in front of you and make sure you get nothing. However, up until the 2018 midterms they were still going on about building a wall and deporting them all. 

Then they proceeded to get less than zero policy on that front, and now they don’t even bother talking about immigration. They ran out the clock on that kind of populism, which is their real job, and now they’re back to business as usual. 

They’ve also explicitly condemned any attempt at infiltration. The Homosexual Republican Party Outsiders are so unserious that they never actually tried doing this, but just in case, Sheldon Adelson’s (((Republican Party))) has made sure they won’t ever be given a seat at the table. 

Frankly, even MILO ragequit the GOP, and Trump to boot. That’s how fake the GOP is. When you’ve lost MILO, you’ve lost Grifter-America.


But then Kessler says that Vaughan’s trial wasn’t an outrage. It was. He posted some memes as a joke, got a Brooklyn Jury, and was convicted through some obscure law. After that terrible take, Kessler is calling it quits. 

Jason Kessler Twatter:

This is goodbye. After 7 years as a political activist, journalist and commentator I am retiring from public life to focus on other hobbies.

That’s a bit of an odd way to phrase a political struggle. “I’m done with this life and death political struggle now, so I’ll try streaming Fortnite instead.” Such a mentality does not inspire confidence. Very Patrick Casey-esque. 

Over the better part of the last year, my baby has been working on the Happenings video program for you guys. I put as much effort into it as I have anything that I cared about from attending college, to starting a business, or writing a book. I hoped to use the platform as a way to move myself beyond the specter of Charlottesville and build a devoted following who could help me achieve political goals.

But when the computer I needed to broadcast my program crashed, I required help to defray the costs of purchasing a machine to continue my work. After almost a year, I felt I’d reached a sink or swim moment where I should no longer be expected to spend my own money for costs associating with working for the public. Objectively, Happenings, and I, sank. Only one person donated and, though I am heartbroken, this is an objective metric I cannot deny.

If I haven’t inspired your loyalty and devotion after all these years of sacrifices; if I can’t convince you that what I’m doing is worth even a dollar to you, then there is no hope of us accomplishing greater things in the future: things which will require real commitment to make a measurable difference in the world. And, to be honest, I am insulted enough that my pride would never allow me to go back to political commentary again.

It’s probably because people are sick of commentary. That may sound ironic, considering this site, but I’m trying to build up a base of support and a library of journalism to eventually support real political action. It’s not really enough to have the correct take on the GOP, you need to be working on a valid alternative. Most people have been “redpilled” for years. We don’t need any more convincing, only advocacy. 

That’s especially true when you fall back to “muh DEMONrats,” commentary, like the tweet above. No one cares, dude.

It would be like taking back an unfaithful woman. A humiliation. People say not to compare yourself to others but I can’t help looking at all the other commentators out there who are making 6 figures like Zman said he does at Amren, or becoming a millionaire like Nick Fuentes, or even charging $300 a ticket for a meetup like Richard Spencer did recently. Another guy recently needed money for rent and had to send out multiple emails telling people to stop donating because they’d sent too much already. And I have to actually go into debt buying equipment because I have a negative value apparently.

The point is not to hate on those guys’ success. Its to demonstrate that incentives are provided for content creators that the community cares about and I am just not one of them. It stings but the community doesn’t love me and never will.

I feel bad saying this, but that’s undoubtedly true, and also the fault of Kessler himself.  

People are tired of commentary, and more tired of boring commentary. But people are most tired of boring commentary that doesn’t just not name the Kikes, but goes out of their way to attack the normal people who point out all the Jews pushing anti-White hate propaganda/policies everywhere as “weirdos obsessed with Jews,” like he did during the Charlottesville trial. 

Kessler is simply not an intelligent man, nor a particularly brave one. He’s also not doing anything other than commentary. I don’t hate the guy, but when he says “I won’t be missed,” that’s undeniably true. 

Rather than wasting your time or mine I will move on to other pursuits. It is probably for the best as I have accumulated a lot of bitterness, resentment and anger about how little backup we had after Charlottesville from the right and even from the established White Nationalist community.

Jaime, can we see those telegram posts he made attacking the few people who were giving him backup at Charlottesville?

Thank you, Jaime. I guess we should have uncritically supported the guy who was attacking us for actually going after (((Roberta Kaplan))) and company. 

It also feels like I’ve been trapped in a sinking ship with people engaged in a constant circular firing squad. Everyone is a fed, etc. I’m tired of being angry all the time. And if I am angry, I want to inspect that and change it within myself rather than lashing out at an intractable and frustrating political landscape.

For those researching me in the future and judging me by my past, this is truly the end of this phase of my life. To the extent possible I wish to extend my spiritual development beyond the toxic world of politics, which from my vantage point, has absolutely corrupted nearly everyone, of all political affiliations, who engages in it. My social media and web presence will likely be deleted in the near future.

On one hand, I have a lot of sympathy with Kessler. Building real political change is hard. Frankly, it might even be impossible. And if you’re going to commit yourself to building a real political party, you need to go all the way.

You will probably not be able to colour within the lines, as we’ve seen with the recent Golden Dawn banning in Greece. There is a good chance of you being assassinated, and an even better chance of you ending up in a jail cell. If you’re not willing to dedicate your life to politics, then you have nothing to offer anyone. That’s doubly true if you’re boring, so you can’t even entertain people in the meantime.

That realization is what put my political plans on hold. Have I really accomplished what I want to with my life, that I would be okay with spending the rest of it in a jail cell? No, and if you have that mentality, there’s no point in starting. In the end, all you’ll do is drag down your supporters with you, something that is the point of consubversatives, but anathema to any decent person.

It’s the end of an era. The short lived Trump fake populism moment is over. The grift is over. The well has run dry. At this point you face the grueling and daunting task of starting your own political party, or you shut up and go away forever. I don’t dislike people who choose the latter. I just hate people who keep pushing secret option c: shill for Republicans/Conservatives.

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  1. Personally, I always thought Kessler was an asshole.
    Fuck him.

    1. Unlike you of course — you’re an all-round great guy. Or so I’ve heard.

      1. Oh hey look. Some crypto-yid is making comments. Interesting.

  2. I’ve never run into a Kessler fan.

    1. Your fans are no doubt legion.

      I’ve no reason to think ill of Kessler, someone I’ve never met. He seems sincere and has tried to do his part, albeit there have been missteps. But then missteps characterized the Alt-Right (good riddance), many of whom have proven to be, shall we say, less than sincere. Not to mention less than committed.

      But if you’re looking for someone to dump on, try Richard Spencer.

  3. AH was prepared to go all the way, and risk dying poor and living under a bridge. Which, come to think of it, was a step up from 4 years of living in the trenches. Which upon further reflection, was probably more exciting than living in a men’s homeless dormitory. Which in turn was probably better than living at home and fighting with his old man.

    Hmmm … , it seems that Whites need politicians who are smart, hard, sober, and unafraid of poverty – basically jew-proof.

  4. Rumor is that he is a closeted sodomite. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    1. Thanks for doing your part to spread the rumor.

  5. Kessler’s main complaint seems to be lack of help, perhaps even solidarity, with his lawsuit. I guess the NJP, Peinovich et al, were too busy holding those cringe rallies asking for ‘hate crime’ charges, too stupid to realize that ‘hate’ laws were invented to persecute Whites, and will NEVER, EVER be proportionately used to prosecute ‘hate’ against Whites, no matter how many goofy rallies are held.

    At least Kessler was doing *something* concrete, whereas Balogh et al spend their time holding the aforementioned dumb rallies, which the media and pretty much everyone else ignores, as well as producing overly long, barely listenable snarky podcasts.

    1. Jupiter Paulsen’s deranged nigger murderer received an actual criminal trial and conviction on REAL charges because of those “stupid rallies”. Antifa got booted from their business BECAUSE of those “stupid rallies”. Ethan Liming’s murderers would have gotten the same outcome had not the father been a TOTAL FAG. The “stupid rallies” in TN got a fag bar shut down. The “stupid rallies” show the cowed, broken, hopeless Normies that there IS hope, and you can act to defend yourself.

      What have YOU done for the benefit of the White Race, Schlomo?

      1. First, how could you possibly know what the outcome of that specific trial would have been without the NJP? — the answer is you cannot and do not — second, were you there to observe the trial? — do you know what evidence was presented? — the case against Kollie was obviously very strong: THE JURY DELIBERATED LESS THAN 2 HOURS (look it up) before finding him guilty of all charges.

        Finally, I mentioned ONLY the NJP’s efforts to get ‘hate crime’ enhancements added — THERE WAS NO HATE CRIME ENHANCEMENT IN THE JUPITER PAULSEN CASE. So obviously if that was their aim they were not successful.

        For the record: I don’t believe the NJP’s efforts in the Jupiter Paulsen case made any difference in the charges filed or the outcome of the case.

        If you want to give credit to someone for the Paulsen outcome, thank the people who found him fit to stand trial — he was evaluated for that.

        1. Are you KIDDING? The Kike puppets were going to let that nigger walk on “mentall illness charges”. Fuck you. Are you Kessler’s bubby?

    2. No shit hate crime laws won’t be applied for White People. Congratulations for that stunning insight. Know what else won’t go anywhere? Kessler’s lawsuit.

      1. I have no opinion about Kessler’s lawsuit. And I give no weight whatsoever to yours.

        So if you think ‘hate crime laws won’t be applied for White People’, then you obviously must agree with my criticism of the NJP for endorsing their existence and application, right?


        1. I don’t understand how you don’t get “force them to explicitly deny hate crime charges for White victims.” They didn’t need the NJP to endorse their existence to use these against White People, obviously.

  6. Kessler is a very, very, VERY Jewish name. There used to be info on the ‘Net regarding Kessler’s jewish maternal grandmother. Guess what that makes (((HIM))). I can’t find it now. So much is disappearing from the Web. I can’t prove it. I can’t show a link or a screen shot. But I remember it. Which is worth nothing, I know.

    How does he BEHAVE, though? Billy Roper warned about the “Destroy the White” rally, for weeks, on Stormfront. Has Kessler been good for White Activism – or not?

    1. >Kessler is a very, very, VERY Jewish name.

      Some say the same about Peinovich — why not mention him too?

      >Has Kessler been good for White Activism – or not?

      Many would say the results of his efforts and those of the others have been mixed — but I think they all deserve credit for raising awareness of the need for white racial identity; I certainly started paying more attention to the topic when I came to know about the Alt-Right (which, as it turned out, was made up of many flawed personalities, Richard Spencer being perhaps the best example) — unfortunately, there was also a lot of negative publicity, and Charlottesville had a lot to do with that — but the chaos there was largely the fault of authorities — without UTR, the balance would be more positive.

      Obviously the institutional opposition is immense; you have to keep that in mind — the power and influence of the media, which relentlessly demonizes white identity, no matter how principled the case made for it is, cannot be overstated.

      1. Kessler is a grifting subversive. Fuck off,

      2. “Some say the same about Peinovich — why not mention him too?”

        Only yids and their servants say that. To quote CandyCane: fuck off.

        “Has Kessler been good for White Activism – or not?”

        Not. As I’m sure you know.

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