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In 2016, Mackey had about 58,000 Twitter followers and was ranked by the MIT Media Lab as the 107th-most important influencer of the then-upcoming presidential election, prosecutors said. He had described himself as an “American nationalist” who regularly retweeted Trump and promoted conspiracy theories about voter fraud by Democrats.

Douglass Mackey, aka “Ricky Vaughn,” was a well known figure on the alt-right back in the day. He had a huge twatter account, and served as something of a Mr. Metokur type gateway between the alt-right and the average Trump supporter. MIT was right to call him influential, at least back before mass censorship of any uppity Goyim made online activism totally pointless.

NEW YORK — A self-styled far-right propagandist from Florida was convicted Friday of charges alleging that he conspired to deprive individuals of their right to vote in the 2016 presidential election.

Above is the meme that he posted, which apparently violates the right for People of Blackness to vote. This is absurd, but he got shipped off to a Bronx jury, where anything is possible.

His lawyer, Andrew Frisch, said in an email that the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan will have multiple reasons to choose from to vacate the conviction.

“We are optimistic about our chances on appeal,” Frisch said.

U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said in a release that the jury rejected Mackey’s cynical attempt to use the First Amendment free speech protections to shield himself from criminal liability for a voter suppression scheme.

Thank you for that editorializing, NBC. 


A pro-Trump Twitter troll who spread disinformation about how to vote in the 2016 election has been found guilty on Friday of Conspiracy Against Rights in federal court, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. And the verdict is already being denounced by prominent right-wing media figures.

Such as whom?

Appolonian Neo-liberal moron Richard Spencer is celebrating the verdict, because of course he is. Last time we wrote about him he was crying while being interviewed by Elle Reeve of VICE. Or maybe it was when he had another retarded novelty take on Juan Fuentes.

Today he’s back to pretend that Charlottesville was organized by anons on 4Chan, and not him. If only 4Chan was shut down Spencer wouldn’t be the uncensored LOLcow that he is. 

Mackey landed firmly on the other side of the “optics” debate. In fact, I even found an actual debate between Mike, Striker, and Ricky from 2018 on TRS. Nevertheless, I remember hearing Moike and Striker defend him numerous times on more Strike and Mike episodes, although I can’t seem to find the exact ones. 

What cannot be questioned though, is the strong, vigorous defense that he will get from the Manlet Cult. These guys were all about optics. You’ve never seen a group of people as pro-optics as these women hating spergs. There’s just a level of optics going on that shouldn’t even be possible. 

I headed on over to our favourite biological failure’s uncensored twitter page to see what he was saying. After all, I’m sure it’ll be wall to wall coverage of Ricky Vaughn’s legal oppression. This is it, this is the moment where you cash in those optics chips at the optics casino and rally all the normies for the big optics action.

Andrew this is sort of not really the time to be diving into your rape fantasies. Can we get to the defense of Ricky Vaughn now?

There’s no such thing as a happy marriage. It doesn’t exist, according to the weird alien-looking midget. This is factually untrue, but more importantly I’m not sure the relevance. Mr. Anglin, you just had one of your guys get thrown in jail for obviously satirical memes. Can we focus on that for a second please? You tweet about a billion times per day, how about two or three in defense of the oppressed guy.

Now Andrew Nostradamus is predicting that every single woman in the entire world will cheat on her husband. 

And here we learn that actual studies that show that men are more likely to cheat are now false. I think everyone in the world would have anticipated this, but Anglin is Wow, Just Wowing the idea that men cheat on their partners more often. This is true, because it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. No evidence is necessary. 

Andrew, you’re 40. I thought we were done with this phase. Even still, can we please move past this cringe-inducing “give me my child bride to rape,” posting, and get to the full throated defense of Mr. Mackey. 

No, I didn’t mean deepthroat the Kang of Israel. I’m talking about Douglass Mackey. You remember, the guy who the Good Optics Manlets sided with when you were doing Good Optics Slanders of the normal sized heterosexuals?

FFS, not him either. Please, Andrew, tell me you said something.

There we go. He retweeted someone else, Greg Price, and he did some unironic DR3.

And before that he hallucinated that Tucker Carlson got pressured by the Daily Stormer to invite Ricky Vaughn’s lawyer on.

Adn that’s it. That’s the entirety of the Andrew Anglin defense of Ricky Vaughn.

You couldn’t pay me to visit the Deadmeme Stormer, but it’s 50-50 if he even wrote one single piece on Mackey, despite having a “free Ricky” fundraising icon on the side of his site for years. 

All of which is drastically more than Gabriel “Zeiger” Chaput got, which was complete radio silence. 

Not coincidentally, this is the same treatment that America First Student Union founder Christian Secor got from Juan Fuentes and Andrew Anglin. “Bad optics” Eric Striker wrote about him, as did I. But I guess it’s just not good optics to talk about one of your footsoldiers getting oppressed by the state. Martyrs? Who needs ’em? This is an e-movement about livestreaming video games, attacking women, and then attacking normal men who actually do things as unserious wIGnAtS while unironically shilling for Kanye West. 

Made by one of our guys on telegram.

It is amazing what a bunch of catty, backstabbing faggots these grifters are, and it is amazing how little you get from supporting them. They differentiate themselves by telling their e-followers to vote Republican, and even go door to door as an alt-Republican salesman. But if you actually just became a Republican you’d have to deal with far less oppression, and might get a cushy gig out of it. So you still get massive oppression, just with literally zero upside, and your “leaders” conveniently forget about you the second the FBI pushes your head underwater to drown you.

And it’s amazing how these totally unserious e-boys flit from one fake political trend to another, and then believe it UBER STRONGLY, until they suddenly don’t. Remember how defending the Jew rapist Harvey Weinstein was the most important thing in the world, until some schizo Wakandian started talking about how all the Weinstein’s in the music industry fucked him over?

But then remember how that meme died, so now we’re doing Trump 2015 reruns and Christian Nationalism.

There’s a certain point where you just have to acknowledge that our opposition are content creators, with a very thin veneer of politics. Anyone who’s into that kind of thing might as well just go watch Fortnite streams, or whatever it is the kids are doing these days. Both are equally political, and you have much a lower chance of going to jail or being murdered attending Comic-Con than you do at these e-faggots retard rallies. 

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  1. No Andrew, just because you’ve been cucked by every woman you’ve been fortunate enough to know doesn’t mean that all women are unfaithful. It just means that you’re a worthless cuck.

  2. Is it unimaginable that someone with Anglin’s proclivities found himself on the wrong side of the law in, say, Thailand, for some reason and someone at the DOJ/Other-Letters made him an offer he couldn’t refuse?

    It would explain all of his behavior wouldn’t it?

    1. Honestly, just look at his face.

    2. It’s probably the Philippines. The were some old pictures of him hanging out in the Philippines with what seemed like hookers, so it’s probably that. I doubt he’s ever had sex without money involved.

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