Steven Crowder did a good thing yesterday. Shocking, but true.

So, now exists to begin with.

Not this thing though.

The good thing that Steven Crowder did was expose The Daily Wire, not this stupid project he’s doing on the side. This is not an endorsement of StopBigCon, and we’ll skip ahead to the point where he blows up the Benny Shapiro’s grift.

But for the first time, I have to say, that I believe many of those in charge in the right-leaning media, are actually at odds with what’s best for you the viewer, the customer. And more importantly the country.

I can’t even imagine Benny Shapiro not really having my best interests at heart. I hope Steven Crowder really brings the evidence here.

We thought we were genuinely taking it to Big Tech. But too many of those in charge of the big (((conservative platforms))) are verifiably in bed with them. Big Tech is in bed with Big Con. The people I thought, the people you thought were fighting for you – a lot of it has been a big con.

Are you honestly trying to tell me that Jordan Peterson – who works for Ben Shapiro – isn’t really fighting for me when I personally sat down with him and he explained his creed of “if it ain’t White, it ain’t right,” to our live audience? That’s a bold claim Mr. Crowder.

Well actually it isn’t. Cuckservatives love loudly whining about how unfair to cuckservatives (((Big Tech censorship))) is. You can find them whining on their uncensored YouTube channels, their uncensored Twitter accounts, and their uncensored Facebook groups.

The reality is that uppity White People, and uppity Goyim more broadly are the victims of censorship, not “right-wingers.” Back in May, 2021 when Israel decided that they were just going to outright steal some land from the Palestinian Goyim and murdered hundreds of them, did Twatter and YouTube shut down the Ben Shapiro’s who were defending the Jew Ethnostate? What about the Juden Peterstein’s? Of course not, they went and mass censored all the Arabs and others who were getting rightfully angered by this.

The biggest beneficiaries of (((censorship))) are conservatives. Ben Shapiro fled the internet entirely in 2016 because he was getting BTFO’d by the Goyim everywhere. He is a complete and utter fraud, who can only exist in a safe space where the Goys aren’t allowed, and the same is true for megashill Jordan Peterson. Also, Shapiro, a guy defended by the ADL, really picks and chooses when he’s for and against “cancel culture.”

DailyWire (from 2016):

In February and March 2016, as the so-called #NeverTrump movement took hold, self-styled Trump supporters from the alt-right attacked. (Alt-right is short for “alternative right, “ a range of people on the extreme right who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of forms that embrace implicit or explicit racism or white supremacy). This is when the Twitter attacks on Ben Shapiro, an originator of the #NeverTrump movement, began in earnest.

“It’s amazing what’s been unleashed,” Shapiro told the ADL. “I honestly didn’t realize they were out there. It’s every day, every single day.” Despite Shapiro’s efforts to shield his family from the abuse, his wife and baby were targeted as well. “When my child was born there were lots of anti-Semitic responses talking about cockroaches.”

Wait, I thought the ADL was a “far-left” political organization who occasionally promoted bloodthirsty Israeli war criminals by accident or something. Why is rock-ribbed Republican Benny Shapiro getting sympathetic coverage and support from them? Why is Judeo-Christian values Benny responding to them instead of telling them to fuck off? What is (((going on))) here? It’s a real mystery.

Anyway, back to Crowder’s video. Around 7:10 he says the following.

I went into free agency. I looked over the offers. And I saw the clause come out. And I don’t just mean unreasonable demands for control, but what I would argue are immoral terms that actually punish conservative content creators on behalf of Big Tech. And that’s something that I just couldn’t unsee. It’s not the exception, it’s the rule.

Crowder puts up this screencap of the contract.

This isn’t the most obnoxious or ridiculous part, but it is ridiculous that they wrote the following:

Additionally [the Daily Wire] will have the perpetual and exclusive right to create, own, manage, curate, and monetize any and all Social Media Accounts on any Social Media or similar platform as determined by [Israel] on the Crowder Content or Shows.

Work for Benny Shapiro for a month and he’ll own your social media until you die. Hope you read the fine print.

He then includes this screencap showing the absurd fees that Ben Shapiro feels entitled to charge his underlings for not hitting content goals.

By the way all these contracts came with three, four, five ad reads per show, which would fundamentally change what this show is. Gotta get those dolla dolla bills.

If let’s say we did everything per quarter, but annually missed something, let’s say we did a Change My Mind instead of a Daily Show, it’d be a separate one million dollar penalty for that, if you miss a single piece of content.

And the amount of content required is not in line with – frankly it’s worse than Disney. It’s worse than ABC, it’s worse than NBC, it’s worse than CBS. This is ownership of you and everything that you do.

This is the part of Crowder’s video that shills latched onto. Reportedly Daily Wire was offering him $50 million over four years. But first of all, they offered him that because he’s worth far more than that to them. Secondly, that’s for the entire production, not Crowder specifically. Thirdly, he turned it down due to what we’ll get to later.

Crowder is 90% a shill, but I sympathize with him saying that he can’t do real life content because of the extreme content creation demands put in place on him. Or at least I would if he was a real political actor.

The NJP guys take time off and go do protests. If they had this kind of contract on them they’d have to pay more than a months production budget in fees. And yet, real life content is often the most politically useful and least controlled and astroturfed, even when done by Steven Crowder. Hell, even I’ve done some real life stuff, and it’s impossible to put out as much content in the meantime. I’ve found this to be among the most productive uses of my time ever.

But the purpose of the Daily Wire is to insert Ben Shapiro between what the Goyim want and the paths to power while making lots of profit. So no real life stuff for you. Just get the Goys hooked online and stay there dutifully voting for (((Sheldon Adelson))) and (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP. Can’t have you accidentally doing stuff that we don’t have heavily scripted.

The left is less bad with their contracts. And here’s the worst part. Yeah, I think that’s terrible and I don’t think you should treat people like that.

But, this is where, in going through this and I needed to take some time because – look, I’ve always tried to be a Happy Warrior and I want to go back to that – I haven’t been happy for a while, to be really – I haven’t been happy for a while, because when you know what goes on behind these scenes and you see how many people are complicit, it creates an air of hopelessness. It really does. Where you think the people you’re supposed to be linking arms and fighting with you, fighting for you, want to punish you.

Do not, kids, under any circumstances sign a contract with people who claim to be conservative but will penalize you 25% for any demonetization or sponsor boycott. Look, I’ll read this to you. Let’s start with a demonetization.

He includes this screencap.

This is what cuckservatives “bravely fighting against Big Tech,” looks like: them punishing you for being censored by the J-Left.

So that’s saying “Hey. Hey Liberals. Boycotts work. They work on our guys. We’ll punish them for you.”

Let me go on, specifically YouTube demonetization.

“If any of the major platforms issue a content strike such that Crowder cannot be monetized on such platform, and the company is not able to resolve the issue by 90 days, than the Fee [pay] will be reduced by 25% from that point forward.

Now I thought this was a mistake because maybe these people didn’t know that we have been demonetized for three years. No, it was made very clear to me in no uncertain terms, this is what is sent out to everybody.

I hate to give it to him, but Crowder’s face says it all. This is what conservative shills are dealing with. They are the most obsequious to (((Big Tech))) and they are the biggest beneficiaries.

And then if you get a strike, meaning a suspension, another 20% reduction. And then another 20% if it happens on Apple. And then another 10% if it happens on Facebook. And then another 10% if it happens on Spotify.

Imagine you’re deplatformed, as we’ve seen in the past where all the major entities decide to remove you in one day, rather than have a conservative alternative, you would now be down to 5-15% of the revenue of your contract.

Yes, Ben Shapiro will pay you 1/20th of what it says on the contract if the Big Tech corporations that he pretends to be fighting against all collude together and censor you. This will undoubtedly push your revenue far below your cost, so your show will be cancelled, or reduced to a withered husk of its former self. Except that it won’t be, because he put enormous penalty clauses in the contract, so you pay him $100k for every show that you miss. In other words, you pay him to make your show.

This would be the equivalent of a General making it clear to the other team that he will never send supplies to a group of soldiers who are engaged with the enemy. Oh and he’ll charge you the cost plus extra for the medical treatment they’ll need if they manage to get back to base.

It also gives Ben Shapiro a way of flat out not paying the Goyim by colluding with (((Jonathan Greenblatt))) and getting you censored. Then he throws his hands up and says “but you signed the contract saying that we only need to pay you 5%, Goy. It’s just a free market, Goy.” 

Think about – think about this for a second. Those in charge, the Big Conservative, the Big Con, and it really is the biggest con going right now. They’re making it known in their contracts that they will enforce the guidlines of Big Tech and punish conservatives on their behalf.

“Hey don’t worry ((([Susan] Wojcicki))), trust me these conservatives will stay in line. If they get demonetized [from YouTube] we take away 25% of their operating budget, take another 20% away if they get a hard strike. Hey don’t worry (((Zuckerberg))), we’ve got your back. Hope to see you at the UFC Apex.”

Let me – let me ask – can you imagine if this show, not only was never permitted to take risks, per our contract as it relates to Big Tech guidelines like as far as the content guidelines, there’s content guidelines and then advertiser guidelines. Just imagine a show where we could never take risks [inserts gay cuckservative bullshit] but one step further, if this show had to be advertiser friendly on YouTube!? Those guidelines pretty much read “don’t say anything offensive ever.” Well what’s offensive? Well whatever is stuck in Susan Wojcicki’s craw that day.

I wish those at the top in Big Conservative, with a lot of the money, wanted to do better, but they don’t.

Since the censorship is entirely Zionist, Shapiro gets to pretend that he’s not pushing his politics, and is simply doing what’s in the best interest of the business. And after all, he might need to make some sacrifices, like being more anti-White or supporting tranny stuff, in order to really push those Judeo-Christian family values like opposing abortion for retarded mulatto rape babies that we all cherish so much.

Around (18:50).

I want you to think about this for a second. There’s a reason if you’ve felt this way. Let me put it this way, and I’ve heard feedback from you.

If you feel in your gut that a lot of conservative content out there feels homogenous, feels sanitized, feels like they’re missing some key points, there’s a reason for that. There’s a reason that you know, you often find yourself asking “hey, I wonder why x won’t talk about y.”

Yes Crowder, it does feel like Conservatives often miss some key points.

It also feels like you miss some key points every now and again, but I’ll keep my criticism of Crowder for later.

And I now know, any contract that I would have signed would have turned this into another softer radio show on video littered with live reads for every sponsor that could be crammed into every episode possible. Devoid of the sketches, the change my mind type content, the levity, the spontaneity that has made the show exactly what it is, and oh by the way the same show that I was told wouldn’t work by the same powers that be

Here’s the thing about Steven Crowder, he’s a tier 2 shill, but not quite a tier 1 shill.

I’ve only covered the guy once, maybe twice, and when he isn’t whining about how Hitler was supposedly a pedo or whatever, he’s attacking Kanye West for getting uppity. He’s not about to say truths that would get his YouTube channel taken away, but he is willing to not be such a faggot that he gets his YouTube channel demonetized. If we have Sammy Hyde at one end, and Ben Shapiro at the other, we have Steven Crowder somewhere around the middle. Probably closer to Shapiro, if we’re being honest.

So I can forgive people for not rushing to his defense. After all, Gorland Blormph was hated by certain types in the Republican Establishment. Now he’s an NFT salesman

The response to this video has been immense, and quite mixed. We’ll start with The Daily Wire.

They put out an hour long video. No one has time for that so I stitched together two short videos of their shill, Jeremy Boreing whining at Steven Crowder.

(1:08) Steven, the entire time I’ve known him has been paid by someone else. That doesn’t mean other people tell him what to say. He’s a very independent voice, and that’s good. So is Matt Walsh, so is Candace Owens, so is Ben Shapiro, so is Michael Knowles, so is Brett Cooper.

I may be at a loss for words here.

I typed something out in response but I deleted it. Just look at what he said and see if that describes the reality that you live in. Later on he describes the purpose of cuckservatism.

… until Tyler Cardan made it profitable. During all of that time Steven drove a ton of revenue. He’s incredibly valuable. I’m not suggesting that he wasn’t driving value, he was.

I’m only saying he didn’t have to build all of that. He didn’t have to think about it. And he didn’t necessarily have to be profitable, and he doesn’t know for a fact that he was profitable, because as he has said very publicly, none of those companies really shared all the information about what was happening with him.

So Steven feels very certain that his show was always profitable, but he doesn’t know that his show was profitable. And even if it was, what became of that profit? Most of that profit almost certainly was reinvested into growing the infrastructure, growing the technology, growing –

It’s borderline unparody-able. The premise that they sell you on for political media is that the point is politics. And then, when someone is mad that they are nakedly putting profits ahead of politics, they clap back and say “but, he might not have been as profitable as he thought.” 

This is the line of attack that the Daily Wire went with, since it’s the only one that they can go with. Certain shills on the conservative casting couch picked up and ran with it.

It’s possible that they just hate Steven Crowder personally, but doubtful. The Tier 2 shills appear to be rallying around Crowder.

Yes Mr. Pool, why would (((Noah Blum))) lie like that on behalf of (((Benny Shapiro)))?

I guess Benny Shapiro is demanding a level of obsequiousness that is too much, even for them. Maybe they really care, maybe it’s just harmful to their niche brand. I’ll let you be the judge.

Whatever the hell this thing is got in on the action.

There’s sort of a sliding scale of basedness to those sticking up for Crowder.

Until eventually we wrap around to people who are shitting on both of them because Crowder is also a shill.

Initially I thought Mark Dice was in the tier 1 shill category, but now I think he’s at the top end of tier 2, or even genuine.

I thought this because he had this to say about the situation starting around 1:50.

But first, Crowder went on to complain that the contract, which wasn’t even a contract it was an offer, or a term sheet, given to him by one of these Big Con companies, stipulated that if he got banned from any of these platforms his pay would also get cut.

Well, what a surprise. If you lose your reach, the advertisers lose their reach, so the network loses money and you’re gonna lose money.

Yes, and conservatives should be entirely willing to lose money and be censored. That’s what a real political movement does, it fights. It does not capitulate to its enemies and put profits over politics.

However, Dice is essentially just saying that this is a grifter-fight, so who cares. Around 8 minutes he says something pretty amazing. Credit to BANG user Tiberius for finding this.

Crowder: They don’t want a group of rebellious rabble rousers, who wanna learn, fight like hell, and laugh together. You’re no value if you can’t all be kept in line to some degree. I don’t mean some master plan to eliminate you, juuuuust subdue you a little bit, juuust soften your edges a little bit, juuuuust play ball a little more.

Mark Dice: That’s a good point Steven but just to be specific, because I never made friends with any of the phonies in our movement and I don’t have any dual loyalties, I think what you mean is “anyone who signs a contract with The Daily Wire, The Blaze, Fox News, Turning Point USA, or Prager U, won’t be allowed to criticize anything Israel does to the Palestinians. That’s ‘anti-semitic,’ or how the anti-BDS laws violate the first amendment, or how they won’t be allowed to talk about anti-Whiteism or black crime, especially using that term.

And won’t be allowed to denounce gay marriage with too strong of language, or say that gay men adopting children or buying them from fertility clinics and using surrogates, like Dave Rubin, is morally wrong.

JFC that’s the most based thing I’ve seen someone who still has a YouTube channel say in the past three years at least. That’s almost verbatim what I would say to Steven Crowder.

If Crowder were serious about starting his own network with Le Based Rebels, he would invite the TRS guys on it. If I were Moike Enoch I’d send an email to them asking to be on, just to put him in a tight spot where he has to admit that he’s really just trying to do shill-servatism with a thin veneer of edginess. And speaking of the TRS crew.

Eric Striker telegram

The Daily Wire offered Crowder 50 million, but with a clause in his contract that if the Anti-Defamation League has him deplatformed from social media he doesn’t get paid. What a clever way for these Jews to say they don’t control what their entertainers say while doing it anyway. Better yet, what a clever way to get him working for them and then conveniently not have to pay him at all.

Not a surprise that since being hired by the Daily Wire, Jordan Peterson started talking about how being confused for a Rabbi flattered him to tears.

He added this on BANG.

Conservative “political” commentators aren’t political, they are more like pro athletes or rappers, and Jews trying to buy them out use the same dirty tricks in their contracts. After this I doubt Crowder will ever get an offer from conservative media again. They may even start working to get him deplatformed from credit card processors.

Mike Peinovich Telegram:

At first I thought this video by Crowder was a grandstand play to self-promote. It probably is, but he reveals some interesting jewish media business practices in it nonetheless.

A clause was included that he would be docked pay every time content he produced was demonetized or struck by major social media companies including youtube.

All current Crowder content is demonetized on youtube, so basically signing on with Daily Wire would mean being contractually obligated to dial back his show to adhere to youtube content guidelines or else having to pay Ben Shapiro money for every show produced.

Ben Shapiro is literally enforcing youtube content guidelines, which are set by his fellow jewish activists at the ADL, on creators.

Steven Crowder dial it back?

I don’t think so. One time at a KKK meeting we held in Canada, Steven loudly proclaimed that he didn’t think that Jews were human, and thus it wasn’t cannibalism to eat their hearts. You can’t put a lid on White Power Hour with Steven Crowder. You can’t stop Say Nigger Louder With Crowder. He’s a force of nature.

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