Odysee is the clear choice for dissidents escaping the absurd censorship from YouTube. There are others out there. Poast.tv has potential, I’m somewhat familiar with Entropy, and even Rumble might have some utility. At the end of the day you have to pick one and hope for the best, largely because it’s just too much of a hassle to keep uploading your videos to all these different sites, unless you already have a very large audience. That’s why we recommend that you follow us on our Odysee channel.

However, all is not right with Odysee, as the Goyim Defense League was recently censored. 

GDL Telegram Channel


They include a screencap of an email that Odysee sent to them. 

Upon review, we’ve found that your channel contains repeated and sincere violations of Rule 8 of our community guidelines. Your channel will no longer be viewable from the Odysee platform, but may be accessible by other applications such as LBRY Desktop and Android.

What’s this Rule 8 that they are referring to?

Odysee Community Guidelines:

8. We don’t care about what you publish, livestream, comment, or include in channel descriptions for the most part. But we don’t allow the following:

  • Content or posts that incite hatred or violence towards a particular group or person(s) based on, but not limited to the following:
    • Ethnicity
    • Disability
    • Nationality
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Religion
    • Sexual orientation
    • Social class/caste
    • Gender identity/expression
  • Content or posts that promote terrorism, criminal activity, or credibly calls for violence (coordinated or otherwise), for example:
    • Sincere encouragement of others to go to a particular place to commit/perform violence, or to target groups or individuals with violence
    • Promotion of recruitment into terrorist and/or criminal groups
    • Sincere promotion of terrorist and/or criminal groups
    • Sincere promotion of terrorism and/or criminal activity
      • If posting content related to terrorism or crime for an educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purpose, be mindful to provide enough information in the video or audio itself so viewers understand the context.
  • Excessive bullying of persons not well known within the public sphere, for example:
    • Content that features prolonged name calling or malicious insults based on someone’s intrinsic attributes (e.g. Physical appearance, race, disability, etc.).
  • Content uploaded with the intent to shame, deceive or insult a minor
    • A minor is defined as an individual under the legal age of majority. This usually means anyone younger than 18 years old, but the age of a minor might vary by geography.
  • Pornographic material
  • Animal abuse
  • Torture, gore, or violence
    • Exceptions can be made for content that is deemed newsworthy
  • Self harm content
  • Copyright-infringing material

Any terms of service that includes “content that incites hatred,” is simply a license to censor you at any time. GDL have been getting a ton of heat from (((Ron DeSantis’ Camp))), and I’m sure there were talks behind the scenes asking for a favour, and Odysee completely caved. 

That doesn’t mean that Odysee is worthless. We’ll still be uploading quite often, as it serves a very valid purpose of letting us embed videos relevant to the articles. Unlike YouTube, there was never any ability to go viral on Odysee, but this is still disappointing. We’ll see how Poast.tv turns out, and start hedging our bets on there.

Odysee had previously refused to remove “natzee” content, but methinks they just recognized that it was in their business interest to be seen as a real free speech platform. They’d prefer not to have any populist content on their site, but for now it’s No Fash, No Cash. Once that is no longer true, expect the e-ovening pronto.


BRASILIA, April 26 (Reuters) – A Brazilian court on Wednesday ordered a temporary suspension in the country of the encrypted messaging app Telegram until it complies with an order to share information on extremist and neo-Nazi groups using the platform.

The decision, by Judge Wellington Lopes da Silva in a court in Espirito Santo state also increased a non-compliance fine to one million reais ($197,780) per day.

The federal police requested the suspension order after Telegram failed to comply with a previous court decision to handover data about two neo-Nazi groups on the app that were accused of inciting violence in schools.

On the other hand, Telegram continues to impress. I previously had to debunk claims that they were handing over people’s data, in that case to the German Feds. There appeared to be little evidence of that, and here we see them pushing back against a Federal Government, in this case Brazil, specifically to respect the rights of two neon-natzees who are probably being set up in some Kangaroo Courts.

Whatever one may think of social media, it’s Telegram or nothing.

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  1. I’m legitimately surprised Randbot hasn’t been banned for violating the same rule.

  2. I think it was GDL who distributed flyers in Florida — is that right?

    If so, they are the proximate cause of the new ‘hate’ law passed by the FL legislature (dominated by Republicans) and signed by DeSantis (also a Republican). I imagine the people at Odysee took note of that and acted because they do not want to invite the attention of authorities. So this is probably not the end of it, and content creators should take note.

    Who hosts Odysee? All of these platforms hosting dissident content need hosting, so they are always vulnerable there.

  3. >it’s Telegram or nothing

    Telegram must be hosted too. Who hosts Telegram?

    Any content platform that does not have its own data centers is vulnerable. Also they can be removed from DNS resolution services.

    In the above senses, Telegram is not safe, or invulnerable, either.

    It’s obvious that free speech is only a ‘thing’ as long as there is a commitment to it — and the spirit of this commitment is more important than the letter (law) of it — and free speech has always been a white, Western concept — as the political influence of white Westerners wanes, even in their own fucking countries, there will be less free speech — right now that looks inevitable — e.g. the 1A in the US is only worth whatever commitment there is on the part of the regime to uphold it — and that commitment is obviously waning.

  4. Any terms of service that includes “content that incites hatred,” is simply a license to censor you at any time.

    Correct. What ‘inciting hatred’ looks like is entirely subjective. AOC was gloating about Fox getting rid of Tucker Carlson, in large part because she believes he ‘incites hatred’.

    And the list of groups, including self-identified groups, protected from ‘hate’ is always expanding. But oddly enough if you’re white it never includes you.

  5. […] Odysee Bans Handsome Truth for “Inciting Hatred”, Telegram Refuses to Hand over Personal… […]

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