A few days ago I got dragged off to a high school graduation ceremony. One of our extended family members was in the graduating class, so we decided to go. For the record, the students still have final exams, so it’s entirely possible that some of them who were honoured will be denied their diplomas. However, I can see why they hold these things now, instead of trying to get everyone to come back at a later point.

That’s something of an apolitical critique. Not so for the “land acknowledgement,” that started off the event. For those of you who don’t know, basically they get some student, in this case the one Abo, to bloviate about how the school is on Mukamuk land. I can’t remember the three tribes she named who supposedly have a claim to the land, nor did she explain how three different tribes could own the same land. Instead, she whined about residential schools, of which both her parents were “survivors,” and the Gravocaust.
After that came the most embarrassing “artistic” arrangement of “Oh Canada,” that I’ve ever heard. They didn’t have nearly enough singers – just 4 and only one male – for the arrangement they had, so it sounded like some of the singers just decided to do their own thing or got really confused at times. 
At one point I could have sworn that I heard them say “in all our butts command.” Upon reflection, I think they said “in all our buds command.” The original lyric is “in all our sons command,” but that would have been deemed sexist by the fag bureaucracy, so they had to butcher the Goddamn song instead. 
Speaking of fags, I’d bet my left nut that the social studies teacher running the event was one. That was all but confirmed as he soyed out over “social justice classes,” which were apparently not an abstract concept but a real thing that was part of the school curriculum. 
The fag teacher passed the baton to the fag principle, who said “kindness,” about 100 times in his tedious speech, before pivoting to something about “racial equity, gender equity,” and some other buzzwords I forgot. Then he claimed that all the students would be alive 80 years from now, at 100 years old, before telling them to look back on their one hundred year long lives and understand it was loved with kindness. 

I don’t even know what he was going for with that bit, and I’m baffled again even writing about it. He was very insistent that all the kids would live until 100. He did not mention anything about medical advancements that would enable this to be so, nor did he justify his belief that no one in the graduating class of 2023 would die in accidents, homicides, or suicides before their 100th birthday. I’m remain mystified.

After sharing this experience with the telegram chat I got a few interesting responses. Other Goyim had their own experiences with graduation ceremonies in The Current Year.

The one I went to was: land acknowledgement, abbreviated O Canada, speech by principal mostly on “surviving the global pandemic”, then they dragged some retarded and crippled paki kid in a cap and gown on stage and there was a standing o, diplomas, then another hour of ‘special’ awards where basically the 10 or 20 non-white kids got called up and the speakers used the terms equity and diversity a dozen times. Fun times.

Speaking of diversity, there were 230 graduating students. Maybe 50 were White at most. The rest were some weird hodgepodge from all over the earth. Sure, there were tons of Indians and Chinese, but ZOG has pulled out all the stops, and is advertising Canada as free real estate around the globe.

It’s a gross country. Sadly, it’s the one we’re stuck with.

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  1. I see woke land acknowledgements, pride flags, DEI slogans, and other related woke-tard propaganda at work, in government, public schools, universities and libraries. Weird watching these institutions intellectually implode in real-time. I hope White kids can avoid the worst of this collapse, and remain standing amongst the ruins.

  2. Give it time. “In our butts command” will probably become the official lyric soon enough.

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  4. canada is so cucked, that the evolutionary pressures will create two races in the post jewpoclypse era.
    1- the northern albino troglodyte (+3 frost damage, at level 10 gains the ability Devour Consume corpses within 60 yards to restore 10 Essence per corpse.)
    2- the hyperborean snow nazi. savage wanderers who never flinch from close-quarters combat, attacks are primarily melee focused. (gains Hammer of the Ancients Call forth a massive hammer to smash enemies directly in front of you for 6,000,000% weapon damage.)
    3- Québécois

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