Residential school deniers tried to dig up suspected unmarked grave sites at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, not believing a May 2021 announcement from the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc that as many as 215 Indigenous children had been buried there, according to a new report.

“Denialists entered the site without permission. Some came in the middle of the night, carrying shovels; they said they wanted to ‘see for themselves’ if children are buried there,” said a Friday report from Kimberly Murray, the independent special interlocutor for missing children and unmarked graves and burial sites associated with Indian Residential Schools.

She did not say who the denialists were or when they came to the site.

First off, a reminder that the Residential School Gravocaust may be the fakest anti-White slander ever. I know, there’s plenty of competition. Jussie Smollett’s Gay Nigerian KKK Fiesta comes to mind, as does BikeGate, when a pregnant White Women walked up to a gang of Youth-Americans and tried to steal their bike. Of course, there’s always the classic Lampshadocaust.

But the Gravocaust is unique due to its combination of incoherence, ease of deboonking, and a full court press by the (((Democracy Class))). They claim that there are 215 children in unmarked graves on a Kamloops former residential school site. Originally they implied that they were murdered, although now they just pretend that the kids were deliberately infected with tuberculosis or something. You’d think that a genocide would involve, you know, actual murder, but apparently not.

They also told us within the month of the “discovery,” that they would be exhuming the apple tree roots bodies of the children as soon as possible.

NewsWeek: (June 1st, 2021)

The Canadian government has plans underway to bring in forensic teams to exhume and identify the remains of over 200 indigenous children found buried at a residential school in order to return them to their villages.

You hear that you fucking denialist bigots! They’ve got plans underway as of June, 2021. Those child bones are gonna be in our hands within a few months, maximum. It’s going to be pretty hard for you Genocide Enjoyers to deny the –

Oh, that’s weird. More than a year after the discovery of apple tree roots in a former orchard they have yet to exhume a single body. Well I’m sure they’re just grieving, and they’ll quickly get to showing us the bodies.

Globo News (May 2022):

The Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation is in the early stages of planning for the exhumation of the more than 200 remains believed to be on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School to return them to their home communities.

May 2022, plans to exhume the children. That means that by now they’ll be – 

Still totally without a single body, or even any serious plans to exhume the site. This is because they know damn well that this is slander, and they won’t find what they’re claiming to find.

The Toronto Star:

But. Where. Are. The. Bodies?

They are where they were buried — in those secret or official graves. At this point, nobody is going to be digging up those children to satisfy a bunch of white settlers’ points of view as to what we should be doing with our tragically deceased little ones.

Currently, we don’t have protocols in place yet (that I’m aware of) on how to sensitively deal with the graves. However, we are taking our cultural beliefs into consideration, which go against unsettling rest spaces. This call for bodies is nothing more than a racist rant bordering on genocide denial.

Uh, but… didn’t like… you guys claim that you’d be exhuming all the bodies?

They did but they won’t, because this is all slander. All of which leads back to that CBC piece from a few days ago, when these same anti-White libelers were seething and dilating about some fact-checker going to the site and trying to dig up the graves, allegedly.

But the unauthorized visits to the site are the work of a “core group” of Canadians who continue to deny, defend or minimize the physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse inflicted on Indigenous children in the Indian Residential School System “despite the indisputable evidence of survivors and their families,” Murray said at a Friday news conference.

And now, on top of the fact-free original accusations, we’re getting reports from these same slanderers that there are fact-checkers digging up the alleged grave sites. No evidence is provided, just like no evidence is provided for the original slander. To solve this, the slanderers are providing plenty of evidence for their claims of genocide. 

Just kidding, they’re doubling down on making it illegal to fact-check their lies.

CTV News:

Canada should give “urgent consideration” to legal mechanisms as a way to combat residential school denialism, says a new report from the independent special interlocutor on unmarked graves.

Justice Minister David Lametti said he is open to such a solution.

David Lametti

I’ll note that consubversives absolutely refuse to talk about this issue. For all their bloviation about “wokeness,” a laughably easy to debunk slander is not just given a pass, but supported by these subversive clowns.

In her interim report, Murray raised concerns about increasing attacks from “denialists” who challenge communities when they announce the discovery of possible unmarked graves.

“This violence is prolific,” the report said. “And takes place via email, telephone, social media, op-eds and, at times, through in-person confrontations.”

How the fuck am I supposed to satirize this?

Friendly reminder that when these anti-Whites were burning down our churches, the RCMP and Crown conspired to charge zero of them with hate crimes, despite this being the textbook definition of such.


For a look at what happens when they actually do go up and dig these “mass graves.”


Crews wrapped up the search for unmarked graves at the site of the former Camsell Hospital on Friday after no human remains were found.

The facility was used to treat Indigenous people with tuberculosis for decades and some believed former patients may have been buried on the grounds. The site located at 128th Street and 114th Avenue has been slated for the construction of residential properties.

No further searches of the site are planned.

Chief Calvin Bruneau of the Papaschase First Nation said he has mixed feelings about the results. He said there are lingering concerns given all the accounts of people being buried at the site.

“What happened to them? That’s something there that is a big question for me, if they were removed and reburied somewhere else.”

Bruneau said he’s also thinking about all the stories he’s heard over the years of Edmonton developments ignoring remains in decades previous.

“The problem is, nobody wants to talk — either past employees that are aware of this going on or past developers, builders, who know something and burials being impacted. 

“But it’s all hushed up.”

It’s not “hushed up,” it just never happened and this is all slander. What they find when they dig up the “mass grave” sites is dirt. That’s why they seethe so hard when you suggest actually exhuming the “bodies.” 

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  1. It’s a taxpayer supported fever dream, that allows the legal profession, politicians, and other hangers-on to loot Whites, a.k.a. the public treasury. I wish these greedy retards all the karma they so rightfully deserve.

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