In the last mammoth piece on the porn industry I focused on the exploitation of the porn whores. I was ready to segue into the E-Right’s attacks on these women that curiously absolved the (((pornographers))) of all blame. Then I went to YouTube, and was greeted with this.

Yes, the very first video recommended for me was “Eliza Ibarra’s First Anal Scene.” I have an anonymous account, and this is a two year old video. YouTube went out of their way to show me this. YouTube also has no idea how old I am, and often I can’t watch videos on this computer without logging in and proving my age. This is what I see when I click on the “inappropriate videos.”

However, not only can I see this filth, but it gets promoted to me. 

*Eliza Ibarra starts off by talking about how nervous she was for her first dick in ass scene.*

Holly Randall: Are you nervous because you’re afraid that there might be like, a little bit of a mess?

Eliza Ibarra: Yes! I’m afraid there’s going to be a mess. I’m afraid there’s like – one time – it’s like the dick might be too big and it might hurt or something. I heard one time someone said something to me like “when you’re in anal – when you do anal with a porn dick it’s like a plunger going in there and like pulling everything out.

And that scared me so bad. I’m like oh my gawd.

Her face vs my face. 

The Whore: But yeah. Like, I go through like a really strenuous prep process to make sure that everthing’s, uh, good down there.

Holly Randall: So tell us a little bit about your process cause not everybody knows that, like, pornstars have their own very specific way of preparing for an anal scene.

Ibarra: You know I’m still trying to find out the best way that works for me because I’ve heard a lot of different things from people like “oh, don’t eat the night before,” and then some people say “you can eat, just don’t eat anything crazy,” and like stuff like that.

The (((porn industry))) specializes in something that’s so unnatural and gross that they have to take serious precautions against having a shitplosion on camera. However, their method for avoiding the surprise diarrhea is to have each individual girl figure it out on her own, relying on contradictory bro science from other whores.

I don’t know what’s worse, that they do this at all, or that they do this in such an utterly bush league manner. I can’t imagine making a career out of putting things in my ass, but if I did, then I’d be absolutely on point with making sure a surprise bowel movement wasn’t on the menu.

I could understand the individual whores, oftentimes being drug addled headcases, not always being on top of this, but the porn industry should collectively have enough experience by now to have this down to a science. Instead, the crucial “here’s how you don’t surprise shit yourself and also on the male talent,” knowledge is passed down from one porn whore generation to another like the folk knowledge of days past.

So I’ve personally found that the best thing is when you’re able to use the bathroom right in the morning before the scene. Because then that way you like clean everything out before like you then you don’t have to worry about anything else coming out later.

And still like obviously enema and stuff like that. Uhm, with the water in it not with the enema solution cause I heard some people didn’t know that as well. You have to take out the water otherwise it’s like it’s the opposite of what you want to happen like it’s gonna be even more messy.

Porn whore finds One Weird Enema Trick to avoid Even More Mess! 

Look at the unbridled joy on her face as she explains the heelaryous shenanigans known as crapping yourself on camera. Again, the context is that some girls have a chocolate eruption while being filmed. This isn’t a theoretical thing, it’s downright common.

Holly Randall: Wait, wait hold on, explain that cause I actually didn’t know that. I know that a lot of times with the douche the girls take the water out, you know the solution out, just cause they do it so often that it throws their ph balance off. But with enemas I wasn’t aware that you’d switch the solution for water.

This woman is a porn producer with decades of experience. Despite this, she’s learning new anal hygiene tricks from an interview with this random ditzy whore.

How is it possible to turn doing something so gross into an industry, yet fail so hard at the basic hygenic precautions?

Ibarra: Yeah, I definitely do water instead. Cause it’s my understanding, maybe I’m wrong, that if you use the solution it makes you shit a bunch.

Holly Randall: It like stimulates your…

Ibarra: Yeah so I was like, uhm, yeah. I don’t want that to happen! *laughs uproariously*

What an absolutely hilarious situation we’d find ourselves in! We shoved a bunch of enema solution up our ass so we wouldn’t shit all over the male whore’s dick, and then we shit on it more. Absolute laugh riot!

MFW I shit on his dick to establish dominance.

This woman is sharing some of the grossest, most embarrassing things with the world, and she’s absolutely loving it! The smile never leaves her face as she explains that, in her line of work, there’s a very non-zero chance of crapping on someone’s dick. Not a little crap either, a full on shit tsunami.

It is an ever present workplace hazard, and she thinks that’s just wild.

Eliza Ibarra: I’ve heard some horror stories. Dude, I’ve heard some crazy things from people so I’m just like – I think that also scares me so much too. Being in the industry you hear so many stories on set about “oh that happened to this girl,” I don’t want to be that girl that people are telling stories about.

Holly Randall: Yeah every producer I know, including myself, has some kind of shit story.

How many shit stories do you need to hear before you stop shoving things up people’s asses? Furthermore, how many stories do you need to hear before you at least figure out the scientific best practices to minimize the accidental shitting, without leaving each new whore to figure it out for herself? Why do I need to even ask these questions and not people in the (((industry)))?

This is an industry where adults accidentally pooping on camera is just another day at the office, they’re unsure what the best way is to minimize this, but they think that letting the drug addled schizophrenic retards figure it out for themselves is the best approach. 

Holly Randall: But I mean to be honest, we’ve all – I mean we’ve been doing this a long time. We understand that we’re putting the human body through a lot doing these scenes. And it’s not something that really – I never get phazed by it. I’ve never been like “oh my god that’s so disgusting that girl can’t control her poop.”

Who hasn’t seen someone accidentally shit all over someone else so many times that it has become routine? Imagine being disgusted when the scent of surprise diarrhea hits your nostrils. Imagine being so insecure in your masculinity that you let a little bit of surprise feces ruin the mood.


You know I mean like come on. We’re asking you guys to do some really crazy shit, no pun intended.

*Whore laughs through entire monologue*

Uhm, so you know it’s – it’s understandable that sometimes like it doesn’t go exactly perfectly and it’s kind of like – I feel like a lot of the male pornstars feel the same too. Like, they’ve all be pooped on a little bit at some point. And they’re like, you just wipe up and keep going.

Eliza Ibarra: Yeaaahhhhhhhhhh.

Male porn whoring is a glamorous career where you get to inject your dick with a weird substance to make it hard. Then you get the pleasure of forced intimacy with a bunch of 5’s dressed up as 9’s who occasionally crap on your dick. When that happens you get to glamorously wipe it off and keep going.

By the way, I went back to YouTube to search for that short video of the black guy crying in despair. I almost clicked search, before noticing what JewTube was again recommending me as the very first video. 

It’s been forever since YouTube recommended me something worth watching. Although in this case, I’m still mad for the rest of society.


Monique “Big Whore Energy” Alexander: Like, the night before I clean my butthole out and I don’t use an enema with the actual stuff in it, I empty that out and put water in the enema and do that, and then I do it and stretch out my butt that night. And then on set you know they give us time to do that as well.

But I have – because not everybody likes to douche. And I know it’s not healthy to douche all the time, but sometimes you have to especially when it’s porn you have to because nobody wants to see all the cream. Tee hee.

And I’ve had some girls that have, you know, smelt pretty bad, but it’s all about tact.

Honey, ya ass smells. 

We’re gonna need more despair react gifs to get through this. This kind of stuff would make even Sam Hyde queasy. 

We’re skipping over the first anal disaster they talk about, and getting into the second. The girl, Monique Alexander, talks about how happy she was to do her first double penetration, meaning one dick in her vagina, another in her anus. Unfortunately, she… fudged the landing.

No but seriously, she shit on someone.

Monique Alexander: [male pornstar] Kieran’s on the bottom, and [male pornstar] Xander’s on the top. So uhm Xander’s my vagina, basically. Kieran’s my butt. So we’re doing it basically and uhm, I shit all over Kieran.

*Girls laugh.*

Absolutely holocausting my sides!

Comments under the video, this one from kirkengnath5501, are unreal. 

This is worth a ton of laugh’s. One thing that is interesting is that when porn actor’s get together it is almost like war veteran’s getting together and talking about the battle’s they were in. Both of these group’s are jaded to all the nasty thing’s that happened. This mean’s they are all really comfortable talking about the thing’s that would freak out a non veteran.
Imagine being one of those fascist rubes who looks down upon an exploitative industry where everyone involved gets PTSD and has internalized accidental surprise shitting to the point where it doesn’t phaze them anymore. 

Gawd, those people are as backwards as my prolapsed anus.

User defwind5374,

I’ve been chilli dogged. I jumped straight up and ran to the shower due to the smell. She acted like nothing happend and asked what was wrong with me…?

I can’t do it. My tummy does not agree with bad smells.

Hey, remember just a little while back, when I went to search for “cry meme,” and YouTube recommended me “anal disasters”? This time I searched for “Vomit Scene,” and the first result was a playlist made by one “Madison Malfoy.” 

I passed over it to get to the Captain America clip, but something about it stuck in my mind, and I went back and clicked on it. Daniela Ramirez, Bella Thorne? Is this a playlist of someone who has a fetish for seeing young women vomit? 

The answer is yes, yes it is. One hundred and fifty two videos in a row of starlets vomiting. 

Our favourite aging starlet, Starship Troopers Denise Richards, makes an appearance. Personally, I felt that the scene of her vomiting was the only part of that movie where she wasn’t sexy, but what do I know? I’m just a square who got banned from JewTube for being unwelcome in polite society.

I have no idea if this “Madison Malfoy” persona is real, but they claim to be a thirty three year old single mother with an eleven year old son. Their YouTube banner includes “cute” little images of women trying not to hurl. 

They even uploaded a video, ostensibly of them vomiting with food poisoning. I’m not even saying this as a joke, this shit is stomach churning. 

This is JewTube in 2023. We’re all censored, but people with vomit fetishes are the top search result, and “anal disasters,” is the number one video on the homepage, available without an age restriction.

To be clear, some of this stuff is age restricted. I found this out when I searched “Eliza Ibarra Holly Randall,” to re-find the video already covered. The “How to Prep for Anal” videos aren’t censored, but the “How to Get Into Porn,” videos are, occasionally. That they partially censor some of this is more damning than if they didn’t censor any of it. It shows that they know they should be censoring this, but couldn’t be bothered. 

We’re not done with the anal disasters. 

Holly Randall: So is there anything on your bucket list that you haven’t done yet?

Kazumi: I haven’t done a DP (Double Penetration). And I would like to do an airtight.

I don’t know what “airtight,” means, and I’m very proud of that. If I had to guess, I’d say it probably has something to do with choking. 

Update: Later on she clarifies that “airtight” means triple penetration.

Look, it’s all about female empowerment here. Sometimes you just have to choke a bitch to really empower her.

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to empowerliberated young woman.

But before I must walk I must crawl and do anal first. But I keep giving people poopdick and it makes me afraid and I just – I dunno I’m scared.

I keep shitting all over people.

What the fuck is even going on here. I’ve reached the end of my useful commentary. I can’t even begin with this shit. Someone help me.

Holly Randall: So like, do you clean out before anal?

Kazumi: So I’ve done anal like once before when I was in high school because I wanted to do the poophole loophole so I didn’t go to hell.

Holly Randall: Uh, oh right. So you didn’t want to lose your virginity.

God, when some whore tries the “poophole loophole.” 

No, her shitting over other people multiple times isn’t even the main anal disaster. We have yet to arrive at that.  

Kazumi: Yeah. I didn’t want to go to hell. I still am.

I’m not sure I believe in the afterlife, but I know that a decade from now this girl’s life is going to be her personal hell, so it’s spiritually true either way.

But yeah I definitely gave poopdick. And because it was high school I wasn’t prepared to clean my butthole.

I had to take a break from writing this article to deal with the nausea after the vomit videos. Then she says this and it came back with a vengeance.

Uhm, but this one time I went to a party and I was on my period and I was like “this is it. This is the day I’m going to get fucked in the butt. I want to get buttfucked.”

And I did an enema and I didn’t know that what happens during an enema is that you do like an assplosion of crap everywhere. And I was like – after the first five minutes I was like “I’m gonna buttplug it up and walk to the party.”

Holly Randall *quietly*: Oh no.

Shut up, Holly. I want to hear the end of this wholesome story without anymore of your needless interruptions.

Kazumi: Yeah. *laughs* 

Holly Randall: Keep going.

Kazumi: So I was on the bed, and I was like “I’ll let my boyfriend have some pussy sex first, get him in the mood.” And when I came I shat on the bed.



And I was like *covers face* and he was like “babe, you know…” And then like a whole crowd of people came and I was like “oh no, it looks like someone…”

MFW I learn that this story isn’t even half over.

Cause it looked like – it looked like period blood. So I was like “oh yeah my period…”

Holly Randall: Yeah, it would’ve been a lot of water.

Kazumi: Yeah, and someone was like “oh I have a tide pen.” And she like, you know she got the tide pen and started cleaning up my mess.

That was a gross story. She shit the bed and had to pretend it was period blood. Despicable, smelly, and unhygenic. But luckily, that’s the – 

And I was like “wait, but I’m still kind of horny.”

Honey, you have literally shit the bed. The party is officially over. I don’t care how horny you are, we’re leavin’.

Actually, I very much care how horny you are. You literally just shit the bed and you already came. There is no excuse for remaining horny in this situation, and there’s something wrong with your brain. 

Kazumi: So I got a bigger buttplug. 

This outside of the box thinking shows why we need diverse whores of colour in every major institution such as the military. 

Well I ran outside and Kitty Jaguar was outside. Do you know who Kitty Jaguar is? 

Holly Randall: Nuh uh.

Kazumi: She has like a giant spiderweb tattoo’d on her asshole. So she’s like a butt expert.

TFW you can’t find your butt expert friend at the fuckparty after crapping on the orgy bed.

The fucking level of whoredom we’re dealing with here. 

Holly Randall: Okay.

Kazumi: And I was like “hey if I put a buttplug in my butt, and I’m still shitting from the enema, will it plug me up?” And she was like “theoretically, yes, it’s a buttplug. But like, stop?”

Oh thank God.

Finally, that can be the end of –

Kazumi: And I was like “no.”

They say that spitters are quitters.

But did you know that shitters aren’t quitters, even though they really ought to be and everyone in the world would be better off for it?

Kazumi: So I put a buttplug up and like went down and kept partying. *Titters with laughter*

What? Problem solved.

TFW When you see the shitting girl coming back to the orgy bed. 

Look, she’s still horny. This is normal behaviour.

Holly Randall: But no more anal?

Kazumi: No more anal.

Holly Randall: No more anal attempt that night.

Kazumi: Yeah, I was like “oopsie.” 

“Carl, someone left a note in my bed that says ‘oopsie,’ and it smells like a sewer in here.”

An oopsie poopsie at the local fuckparty. Who hasn’t had one of those? I haven’t, but that just means that I’m missing out.

Kazumi: I have to – before I – there were so many people there. So I was like “I’m going to figure this out before I like, unleash this on unsuspecting victims.”

Would it have been possible to come to this conclusion before shitting the bed?

Words fail me.

Holly Randall: So did – did everyone just think that was period blood.

Kazumi: Yeah, yeah. It was pretty watery so I was like “okay.”

“That’s the woman, Bobby. The one who thinks that shitting in other people’s beds is okay if it’s watery.”

Fascism is when you don’t shit in other people’s beds before returning back to the party with a bigger buttplug to stem the tide. 

But it was still like not my bed, and other people were fucking on top of it

This isn’t even a gross anecdote. This isn’t even body horror. At this point, it’s Lovecraftian. 

and you know like the party continued

so I was like “uhmmm, let me never return.” *Tee hee*.

But you told us yourself that you returned, just with a bigger buttplug so you didn’t keep shitting everywhere.

This story is like the perfect embodiment of the “we should stop, but let’s not and see what happens.”

She’s on her period, so she circles that night as “penis in anus night,” on her calendar. A normal woman might just not be in the mood, and a normal man might understand. But this whore demanded dick in her butt, and to facilitate this she shoved an enema up her ass five minutes before leaving for the party. This went horribly, and she was still shitting. Did our brave protagonist call it quits?

No, she threw a buttplug in there and went on down to the grossest, smelliest sex party this side of the gay bar. However, at least there was no sex. I mean, come on. She’s in a precarious situation and surrounded by other people. One wrong move and she could shit the bed, literally. There’s no way anyone would be insane enough to  be horny with all this going on, let alone so horny that they’re willing to risk shitting the orgy bed. 

Okay, so she shit the bed. It happens. Well, it doesn’t usually happen to adults, but it has already happened so we have to make the best of it. Kazumi knew this, so she left the party immediately, never to return. 

Okay, she “was still a little horny,” so she threw in a bigger buttplug and came back to the party for more public sex, probably in the same room that she already shit in. At that point she called it quits, showing the good head she has on her shoulders. 

Every now and then an article takes me a very long time to write, even longer than usual. The subject matter forces me to take frequent breaks, because I get all worked up, and this piece was one of them. I was angry, baffled, and despairing at the fate of the universe, simultaneously too drained, yet too worked up to continue. 

I popped into the shower, and within a minute I started laughing at the absurdity, buckled over almost crying, unable to breathe. I popped out of the shower expecting the jubilant mood to continue. Then I started writing again and returned to that same shell shocked stupour. 

What we have seen today is far from an exhaustive list of the grossest porn garbage that you can find entirely uncensored on YouTube. Not only is this not age restricted, but it’s promoted by Jewgle on the front page of the site, right next to MIC bullshit and football garbage. Sure, it was my research for the previous piece that triggered this, but that’s irrelevant. It shouldn’t be there. 

Nor have we come close to exhausting the videos showing the exploitation of the whores themselves, not even with the previous 11k word piece. Here’s a video interview of Adriana “Megawhore” Chechik, who featured prominently in the last article. 

This is what she has to say not even one minute in.

Holly Randall: Let’s talk about how you grew up, and then how you got into adult…

Adriana Chechik: Okay, so I grew up in and out of foster care, mainly in Pennsylvania. Uhm, and it was a pretty crazy life. I think uh, I actually think everything I went through in my past really set me up for porn –

I’m glad that she has this level of self-awareness. It’d be – 

because I learned how to say no.

There is no evidence of that particular whore saying no to anything, but that’s a cope that she tells herself and the world. Later on she gives us the story of her first porn shoot. She was working as a stripper when this happens.

Adriana Chechik: And a gentleman came in and was like “hey, do you want to be in a movie?” And I don’t think I thought it was a porno. I was just like “sure, I’ll be in a movie,” thinking he was like lying or something. 

And I showed up to set and it was the uh Bang Bros uhm I think it was Cum Fiesta. Right, so they just like make you get tested the morning of, and they drive you to set. And they’re like “oh, you’re doing a porno.” 

The funniest part is that it was a three way.

Adriana is particularly stupid, and earlier detailed how she dropped out of college at 18 because math was too hard. As a result, even retelling the story she never realized why it was a threesome. It was booked that way so that if the girl they were grooming, in this case her, said no, they would still get to shoot a boy girl scene. Then, if the groomed girl, who is given just a few minutes to decide whether to do porn, says yes, they get a bonus threesome scene. 

Now, a decade later, she’s found that literally no guy wants to even hold her hand. Yes, she’s a dumb megawhore, but she could have been something better outside of Weimerica.

The best arguments against the porn industry come from the mouths of the whores themselves. So why exactly do mainstream servatives and the e-right refuse to talk about the issue, and when they do, focus on annoying Christian arguments that appeal to no one and nebulously scientific statements regarding the harm of pornography? 

What do you think is more of a sell, “pornography is outlawed in the bible,” or “look at the porn whores talk about shitting everywhere”? 

These comments are from the Kazumi video. There are some extreme weirdos who are into that kind of thing. Then there are the normal people who find it revolting, and blundered onto that channel. 

Why did anti-war leftists make easily deboonked and bloodless arguments about “war for oil,” when they could have shown pictures of dead US soldiers and Iraqi civilians while targeting zionist kikes?

Because that’s effective rhetoric and their job is to take up space and be worthless.

Why don’t (((servatives))) ever take quotes from the porn whores talking about shitting all over everything, mix them in with some other quotes from the porn whores talking about being ruthlessly exploited, making no money, and having their lives destroyed, and then demand that porn be banned? 

Because that would be effective rhetoric, and we can’t be having that. We’ve got to focus on the porn whores themselves and blame wahmens, except not wahmens like (((Anne Applebaum))), just random girls.

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  1. I went to high school from 2012-2016 and Youtube recommending that type of video reminds me of how the culture utterly changed in the middle of that period of my life. From 9th to 10th grade if people found out you watched porn you would be bullied and subject to ridicule. But by 11th and 12th it normalized and it wasn’t uncommon to talk about what you liked and who your favorite porn star was. It was so wild to see how the normies not even notice this change.

  2. From what I can tell, the possession of porn in the USA was legalized by the Supreme Court in 1969 (by the former Republican governor of California, no less) but the production of it never was. Any state can forbid it and it’s likely still on the books in some places, but widely ignored. In addition to the fraud/coercion these porn whores are facing (also illegal), the vast majority of these pornographers could be thrown in jail with existing laws if there was the political will.

  3. Not gonna lie, when I saw “anal disasters” in the title, I was expecting groyper-related content.
    Amazingly, it’s something a lot more sickening.

  4. It’s amazing how unappealing you make porn seem, you do a way better job than any of our fake opposition. Keep it up

  5. Glad I read this on the shitter, thanks Doc.

  6. Public Health departments run around chasing fake viruses. Meanwhile, people shitting on each other is a-ok. I hate clown world so much…..

  7. Here from TDS

  8. The Daily Rake is a very gratifying discovery for me and I think merits a lot of reading. Even on matters whose topicality makes their interest transient, both the storytelling and the analytical approach merits study in itself, which is of lasting value.

    As for your piece on Vox Day, I’ve been watching his blog from my own vantage point for years. When I say my vantage point I mean he is abrasive, but I am very Canadian in overlooking such foibles. He has produced a lot of interesting material:
    I mean, that’s good work.

    I haven’t read his fiction, which would probably teach me a lot about the man, but “SJWs Always Lie” is a worthwhile read for a young man who feels swamped when they are under a micro-political social swarm attack.

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